Thread Painting with Fibre Artist Bridget O’Flaherty
Thread Painting with Fibre Artist Bridget O’Flaherty

Thread Painted art is really a
culmination of a lot of work that I’ve done over the years for creating art by
using threads. So I use a sewing machine the needle goes up and down and I use it
like a stationary pencil. You’re holding a pencil in one spot and you move the
fabric around underneath to create the images and the details, filling it in
that way. So that’s the type of art that I’m doing with,
now I’m really having a sustainability focus. I really want to be able to bring
that narrative into the work that I’m doing. Knowing where my fabric comes,
from knowing what type of chemicals and dyes are being used in the fabrics and
in threads. It’s really really important to me that I know where that’s all
coming from and exploring that process. So this is some goldenrod that I’m going to be harvesting and we should probably end up getting a full batch here. Then put them all into a bath, into a vat of water,
let it brew. I’ve been doing Avacado pits and avocado skins, I’ve been doing doing
some pomegranate and doing the typical dyes as well. I had never picked up a pencil until I
was 20 and I’d never really known that I had any art skills, any art background
until I was at this community and they said “sure why not go for it” ,making my
art an actual business and exploring that… and I did and and was shocked to
find out how much I loved it! Being able to connect with people
through my art is a really great experience. A lot of people have that
connection as a historical for the historical perspective, they’ve got an aunt or a grandmother or their mother who participated in quilting and so they
can relate to the work that I do on that level. The thread painting is new and is
a much more contemporary fiber art and it helps bridge that gap of
understanding. Being able to have them experience it through the
traditions of quilting and the, it’s really neat to see people process what
it is that I’ve done and what I’ve created in the medium that I’ve used
because it’s not obvious from the very, the onset but having them being able to
experience that and then connect with me on a level through the images of nature,
but also through that historic context, it’s pretty neat to be a part of that and to be able to to engage with people on that level.

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