Tile Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen or Bath using Tile Dots
Tile Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen or Bath using Tile Dots

Hello and welcome, I’m Autumn Wenger with
Mary Sherwood Lake Living and I’m presenting ceramic backsplash tiles called Tile Dots
by artist Kim McGinnis. These backsplash tiles are a completely custom
ceramic tile that the artist has envisioned. She has created a very unique custom arrangement
where you can pick from this array of colors and make basically any arrangements you’d
like for your kitchen or bathroom. Tile Dots is the name as she originally started
with the dots. There’s a variety of different sizes, and
she stamps the ceramic tiles with an array of different textures as you can see in the
different examples, this one even has a sand dollar on it. She has expanded her tile stamps to include
fish, leaves and squares, and then as you saw over here, the crabs and sea creatures. What we’ve done for our kitchen backsplash
is design a custom mix of colors called the Mary Mix, and what she did from the array
of different colors we’ve picked the five different colors we liked. [pause] And then she laid out the arrangement to get
an even layout of the different colors. [pause] Whats really interesting about the application
of these ceramic tile dots is that it instead of a mesh back on the back of the tile like
most mosaic tiles, it has a plastic kind of like a contact paper, so that you can peel
it off and customize the tiles further for what ever your needs are. This also eliminates the need for cuts in
the tile because you can peel off tiles and then place them back in place so you don’t
have to cut that one in half. There are so many options for your kitchen
backsplash, bathroom or shower, with so many different colors, we’re happy to help you
pick it out for you. Call us at Mary Sherwood Lake Living (252)

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