Tile Outlet Commercial,  Chicago, Il
Tile Outlet Commercial, Chicago, Il

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6 thoughts on “Tile Outlet Commercial, Chicago, Il”

  1. Rico campbell says:

    was this a 90s commercial?

  2. Mat James says:

    I think so

  3. TestTubeBabySpy says:

    2014! it seems like ive been watching this since i was a kid! And are that many ppl rushing out to buy glass tile? Hate that lady and this dumb commercial! sorry

  4. Cody Carpenter says:

    this isn't 2016 lol

  5. franko6677 says:

    They used the same script like 20 years earlier haha. Just posted one from 1991.

  6. Terrance Griffin says:

    Isn't she like on the walking dead as Beth?

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