Tilted Towers (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial
Tilted Towers (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

100 thoughts on “Tilted Towers (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial”

  1. mafer hidalgo says:

    To do el el mapa porfa

  2. the Gaming Army says:

    It’s sad

  3. gh says:

    Who is here after the event?

  4. karton gameing says:

    Rip tilted=lava event.!!

  5. karton gameing says:


  6. karton gameing says:

    Lava vs tilted=1%tilted=rip tilted

  7. Squishy Squashy says:


  8. Frozzjeck says:

    now, make destroy tilted towers hahaha

  9. Ben and Izzy Productions says:

    Update tilted

  10. Gary VLOGS And Films says:

    Try to make another version of tillted towers but it’s destroyed (by the volcano)

  11. CDB says:

    F in the chat for tilted

  12. psychoscorpio says:

    Guess your gonna have to destroy it

  13. Walmart says:

    Welp time to destroy it

  14. Mikhail Alexandrovich Bykov says:

    ClayClaim, please change Tilted Towers, they just got destroyed yesterday ;C, and to say goodbye, can you please promise you will the WHOLE ( literally ) fortnite island.

  15. Leon Hissler says:

    Please make the new version

  16. jules Janssen says:

    Build full fortnite map

  17. wudl Juanjo says:

    RIP Tilted Towers
    Season 2 – Season 8

  18. Treez Pls says:

    Well you have to destroy it cause it gone😖😢😫

  19. Water Bucket says:

    Im sorry but you have to destroy it. RIP tilted towers season 2 -season 8

  20. SawKiller 1O1 says:

    now, when the event happed, can you make the drum gun or destroy tilted

  21. Gaming With Chris says:

    IN class my friend asked me a question and I answer Your Addicted 😂

  22. matttricks101 boom says:

    Make The Destroyed Tilted Towers From The Unvaulting Event In Season 8 PLS

  23. Raghav Kenchannavar says:

    make ionik

  24. TMG Aron L games says:

    He forgot the wall near the garsge

  25. The Squid King says:


  26. roblox thanoscar says:

    Please please PLEASE DO tilted towers destroyed form in clay

    Rip tilted

  27. Clement Carl says:

    press f for tilted towers

  28. fortnite 9 says:

    RIP 🏠🏤🏣🏢🏬

  29. Tomato Head says:


  30. S4vage_ Drago ツ says:

    Who is here after nexus event

    Just me,k

  31. MaVideos says:

    Either you edit or just really good at doing clay

  32. nereida solis says:

    The hole map

  33. nereida solis says:

    Leave a like for hole map

  34. nereida solis says:


  35. ESA AMJAD says:

    RIP tilted towers

  36. Joana Ortiz says:


  37. Kolton Hanks says:

    Rip tilted

  38. Malte Rotter says:

    Only OG's remember Tilted Towers….

  39. steam y says:

    Tilted towers is destroyed

  40. Mikhail Alexandrovich Bykov says:

    ClayClaim, im so sorry and so happy to tell you that in season 9 Epic Games brought back Tilted towers ( NEO TILTED ), so can you please create either a 3rd version to Tilted or recreate it from the last one that was destroyed by the Volcano. We all want to say "WELCOME BACK TILTED" & you can help. Please create NEO TILTED. Thank you

  41. Katie Kamphuis says:

    Make neo tilded

  42. Cai Brayley says:

    play starlink

  43. Krzysztof Markowski says:

    Tilted is now diffrent and called neo tilted

  44. Pug Gamer says:

    Make neo tilted

  45. DipMyChip64 // AngieParty says:

    I love these little maps, so cute and tiny, especially the cars

  46. Tomi Newton says:

    This guy a time traveler look at the date it was made the volcano was not even in fortnite yet

  47. Kenridge_Koala says:

    make the raptor skin

  48. TJ’s Aviation says:

    It god yeeted

  49. Andrea Bergmann says:

    Make pressure plant
    Like if u agree

  50. YHZ YHZ says:

    Make the whole fortinte map

  51. Oliver Reyes says:

    There’s too many things you get to make you get some make Neil tilted in season nine and a mega mall

  52. Elliot Gu11 says:


  53. Bodhi Jai Mermis-Cava says:

    Hi clay claim I love your videos and I got inspiration from your tilted video and I made my own. A shout out would be amazing. The picture is down below. Go to this link to find the picture.

  54. Gamerpro64 says:

    Who’s here when new tilted is a thing

    One dislike = One respect 😭😭

  55. Savage alien says:

    Do yonder yard

  56. - Aless - says:

    Who’s here after Neo Tilted Tutorial?

  57. ElectroTiger75210 says:

    Neo Tilted

  58. ElectroTiger75210 says:

    Neo Slanted

  59. LowerCase YT says:

    Nostalgia RIP Tilted

  60. Dezpe 1432 says:

    You should make the whole map in fortnight

  61. diaztwins says:

    Make the whole fortnite map

  62. Yoshi Paul nene says:

    I would love if he build the whole map and put them together and he should build all the skins to put them on the map

  63. Michelle Suitor says:

    Do one on mea

  64. Trever Anderson says:

    Sad for the boy 3:30

  65. Siraquablade 6894 says:

    Now do Neo tilted

  66. Sniper_ God142 says:

    You are so good at clay and do you have any social media

  67. Sniper_ God142 says:

    You for got down below

  68. Dragonator556 2 says:

    Memories of old tilted

  69. Amiel Singo says:

    Nope, its ded

  70. Warren Hardnett says:

    DO NOT MAKE THE WHOLE MAP IT will take like 3 hours

  71. Luna la gameuse says:

    Neo tilted

  72. George Turner says:

    U forgot a traffic light in fornite please make please park

  73. Jacob rocks01 says:

    You forgot the pawn shop in the bottom left of the map

    Edit: nevermind facepalm

  74. JohnRBX YT says:

    I Subscribe 😂😂 It looks epic!..

  75. BreAnimates :00 says:

    I don't like fortnitw at all but I like watching amazing clay makers

  76. TheSuperSlime Sisters says:

    Make beach bomber

  77. alkareem barry says:

    damn this looks crazy i might take one whole week to do this and still it will be more ugly than urs

  78. clumsy ninja says:


  79. TBNRwars_Champ says:

    Who else is here when tilted is gone and now is replaced with Neo Tilted?

  80. Alex TG says:

    He's a legend

  81. Leobardo Martinez says:

    Do happy hamblet

  82. Joogly Woogly says:

    I have to say I LOVE your accent and your work is amazing big keep it up dude

  83. F.B.I says:

    Do neo tilted

  84. Pamet MA says:

    Un verdadero fanático de Fortnite

  85. Spacken 5000000 says:


  86. Epic Gamer says:

    I don't like the 1.2k people who disliked the vid, he is a great artist.

  87. Revenge Of IckyBod Clay says:

    Can you please make the Clayfighter characters?

  88. XD _ Skully says:

    Do the new tilted town

  89. THE ROLOX MASTER 2000 In youtube says:


  90. The_Fortnite_bosses YT says:

    That’s so COOL!! Like if you missed tilted

  91. Jenson Amos says:

    seaon x is here in fornt

  92. Kyle McMaster says:

    RIP tilted and neo tilted

  93. Every Thing says:

    Seeing this was making me emotional

  94. Ann Reeves says:

    Connect all your fortnite build together and you can make the whole entire map 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  95. Ann Reeves says:

    Play play my love you videos bro!!

  96. Mr Squeaky says:

    What glue do you use

  97. Elite Fangs says:

    Do neo tilted or tilted town

  98. Chacha Danish says:

    Can you make tilted town

  99. Giffic The Bear says:

    0:22 cut it out with the smallest pair of scissors you could find

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