Tiny House Furniture, Gratitude, Perspective and Perseverance, Log Cabin Life, Braised Lamb Shanks
Tiny House Furniture, Gratitude, Perspective and Perseverance, Log Cabin Life, Braised Lamb Shanks

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  1. My Self Reliance says:

    Reading the comments every Friday is something I look forward to all week. The stories you share and positive community vibe here inspires me to keep going. So, THANK YOU!! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

  2. Bibici Daniel says:

    I love this live style

  3. Eli Ort says:

    U areincredible, i lke u so much. Thanks❤️🌹

  4. Alida Hall says:

    Just think this will last way longer than any furniture bought in the store and the pride that knowing you made it yourself by your own hands is the best achievement ever

  5. Jiggs Galenbeck says:

    Are you or have you ever served in the military .

  6. Houssem Farhi says:

    Because his wife did not beat

  7. Mike VS Mike says:

    What was your past business?

  8. I A says:

    The wood is the most noble element from earth

  9. Marcos Decezare says:

    I know each one like a thing , I live in Brazil and here we have a hard summer and weak winter , but , for me, this vídeos in the snow are the description of perfection . I don't like hot weather . I know the winter in Canada is not easy , but is amazing …

  10. Janet Withers says:

    That is one big king sized chair 🐱 I was thinking you needed a vise to hold the log while sawing, and you figured out a good brace. 😀 Thank you for sharing your very deep personal pain, loses and solutions you found. Wow. You overcame. 💞🐱

  11. Steven Baxter says:

    Loved the adjustment to your saw horse on the fly. Just when I started thinking you needed something to pin that wood down you did it. Really enjoy your work, keep them coming.

  12. Hello Hello 2019 says:

    Loving the King Chair….

  13. Me and Nature says:

    lovely dog

  14. sry says:

    A big hug for your moving words. From Italy, admiring you

  15. Bozena Masliczek says:

    You have a beautiful testimony of how life went for you. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.🧐🤗🤩🙏❤️

  16. Mistical Dreamz says:

    I grew up pretty close to off the grid.. Funny when I was younger I couldn't wait till become active in society… now that I am older I want to go back to off the grid again

  17. mandech Muse says:





  18. Patricia Barnes says:

    That chair is stellar. Awesome. Love it, can I have four of them please?

  19. NYCGirl Rdu says:

    Cali stealing hearts 😍 and the show! [6:00]

  20. Charles B says:

    It's called Tenacity.. a great masculine character trait.

  21. Yo says:

    Happy is the man who avoids hardship, but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance.

  22. edson rocha k says:

    uauu! boas palavras meu caro…poderias até ser um rabino judeo!!! gratidao pélo que se tem é o que nos falta. digo a mim e a muitos que o assistem, nos inconformamos com governos injustos, bancos que roubam legalmente , juizes e advogados corruptos, religioes de mentiras, e oque precisamos é de uma unidade familiar, superar juntos as dificuldades…. tua sorte é que tens uma bos esposa e filhas que pelo que tu dizes, o amam , se amam de fato,,, o que é privilegio de poucos…
    parabens !! que sejas bendito sempre.. abç.
    Agora toque seu banjo,,,rsssss

  23. รําเพย โรจนกิจวัฒนา says:

    ชายไทยมาดู ชั่งเขาแสดงธรรม เพื่อจะมีความคิดละเอียดอ่อน ความอ่อนโยน ความรอบครอบ ความมานะอดทน เนี่ยชั่งทำงานคนเดียว เมียลูกไม่ต้องช่วย ? เนี่ย ถ้าเป็นชายไทย ถีบตูดเมีย ออกทำงานทำมาหากินก่อนเลย (ชายไทยประเภท ที่กล่าวมามีจริง)ดูตอน เดินต่อส้ไตยๆ ผู้หญิงเด็ก กองหน้า ชายไทย บวชแต่ ความคิด หยาบการกระทำ หยาบๆ หลักคำสอน พุทธ ชายไทยไม่น้อยอาการ ออแนวๆแมงดา มาดูชั่งแสเงธรรมน่าจะได้ เยี่งอย่างไป สอนตนเองบ้าง

  24. Janine Aqui says:

    Thank you a thousand, thousand times, for genuinely inspiring us all to become the best version of ourselves, each and every day, in every way, in everything we do. So many wonderful and valuable life lessons packed into the way you work, your work ethic, your human and canine relationships, and your sincere and gentle words of your life story, the guidance…we are all most fortunate, and blessed by you, Sir! Success is truly about conquering your worst self, and converting yourself into a better person. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  25. D Lee says:

    💕 I have watched you a few times on tv, where I get Youtube through my Roku hookup. Which I bought (upgraded to next improved version but refuse to get their most expensive one. Don't need that! ) when I ousted cable from our household ! Have never been happier about that decision. Sorry for getting off track. Just wanted to share that with other "cord cutters. On tv's YouTube tho, it shows a sporadic mix of your shows from all over. It seems easier on my phone, but I like the tv screen better. Anyway, unfortunately I cannot comment or subscribe from tv, so I came to my phone to take care of those things.
    I love your content, you're a true inspiration for everyone. I'm wondering where & how you learned your carpentry skills ? And not only that, who taught you to cook ?? Wow ! The foods made on your show are classic !! Leave me hungry everytime ! I heard you mention your wife's braised lamb, but she wasn't there for other mouth watering dishes you made ? So you must have some experience with that ?🤔
    First show of yours I watched was the 2 years with your dog in the wilderness, building the cabin. It was fantastic !! That must be the one you mentioned going viral ?
    Finally, I love your inspirational speaking in the end ! I hope it helps many people who are in life's struggles of their own ! The only thing you don't mention is God. I have to add him in, because without him I would still be a drinking, smoking mess !! 😌♥️👍
    Thanks for your shows !! And "hello" & blessings to your beautiful wife & daughter. (And any other's you may have) 💕🙏👍
    God Bless !

  26. Raj Sanjay says:

    Your speech at the end of the video…normally it would have been boring…but i was engrossed. I had a story..though not really like yours…i had bought 80 acres of farm land near a isolated forest area…but in someone else's name…n got screwed. I wanted to do exactly what you doing. …..Just onething …the almighty comdr does everything for the good…

  27. Maxnme says:

    Great video! I just love Cali!!!

  28. Jeff Glover says:

    I recently found your channel and only saw this post yesterday. Your comments on gratitude are as inspiring as your builds. Thank you for sharing. BTW, I watch this while working out and your cooking is killing me! To heck with the builds! I want to come over for breakfast!! Keep it up!

  29. Rebok Fleetfoot says:

    your show has helped me more than six months of therapy, thanks very much 🙂

  30. TheExpendables4 says:

    Cali!!! <3

  31. Аманжол Мурзабеков says:

    золотые руки……(казахстан)

  32. Dot Crawford says:

    Iam older now my 6 kids are raising their familys now.I am looking to move up in the state of Maine to finaly get my dream!!! I love love love watching your videos on just about every thing you make and do !May you never stop making videos!

  33. Dot Crawford says:

    Not only are you good at crafting and building but you seam to be a great cook too!

  34. Sally Vernon says:

    I work in construction contracting in the US, FLA – In your business in Canada, didn't you carry Bonds for the projects?

  35. Marcos A. Catena says:

    end of the video.. last 10 minutes… I am so blessed that I am able to listen to your speech, muy buenas palabras !

  36. Kevin Behr says:

    Why not split some thin branches to make the seat base?

  37. Raven T says:

    You and your wife stood strong together in hard times; I salute your commitment to surviving the financial troubles together.

  38. Drewtazy says:

    You’re a wise man. I find that since watching your videos I’m more aware of the subtle sounds around me. The clink of a spoon tapping the side of my coffee cup, the cupboard door closing.

  39. ROBERT Maki says:

    Hi Shawn I see you building a sauna makes me wonder if you are a Finn

  40. milo dillio says:

    I'm curious. If this is off grid, how is the fan running?

  41. Linda Petersen says:

    Chair fit for a KING now the next one for a QUEEN You make great furniture keep it up saw something like if you had the cabin just a bit wider YOU and the MISSES could sleep in a double or Queen size bed on first floor then the loft for a daughter and future husband that YOU & THE MISSES WOULD LOVE TO HAVE!! OH TURN IT AROUND WITH THE Best person in life that is the way for all of US but first YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY IN YOURSELF!!!

  42. Internal Medicine says:

    You channel has brought me peace of mind. God bless

  43. Jacques B says:

    Très beau merci

  44. Romano Collatz says:

    God bless you and your Family and thanks for your nice Videos

  45. Woodsquat FoX says:

    You got me crying ,spechless, i will be homeless soon so i understand. Iwount sleep to night i will be thinking. thx.

  46. Denise O says:

    Change how you look at things and the things you look at change.

  47. Denise O says:

    Your thoughts on life at the end were very inspiring. One day at time, do something that you'll feel good about at the end of the day. So true

  48. Beckywild9 says:

    I know this is an old video, but may I please have the recipe for the Braised Lamb Shanks??? They look scrumptious! 🙂

  49. Paulo Pinheiro says:

    Parabéns pelo canal..

  50. Beegee L says:

    Cali loves that snow . Smart , beautiful , highly intelligent dog . Couldn’t ask for better company .

  51. Andrzej Janas says:

    nie znam twojej histori do konca jej nie rozumiem ale dobrze ze wybrnoles z tego balaganu pracuj dalej pozdrawiam

  52. Ecklectic Gal says:

    Thank you for all you do. You are a wise, knowledgeable person. We all know people who are very knowledgeable but are not very wise. Because you know the difference, I am willing to listen to your observations and advice. You have learned from the setbacks in your life; they have not defeated you.

  53. L Mercan says:

    Shawn: "spoiled dog" …Cali: "thank you, dad"😀 Remember, you have 3 beautiful daughters …2 human & 1 canine …Cali is the daughter that's also grown & yet will never leave home!!!💕🐶💕 BTW, why is your beautiful wife camera shy? She shouldn't be you know? Oh yeah, where you are canning is the key. Especially since winter months can often be lean …just a thought. Both g'ma's grew their own veggies and canned for the winter incl. jams & jellies …1 g'pa made elderberry wine & dandelion wine😀

  54. Daddy Crab says:

    Sometimes the worst enemy is self. It takes time to mature and learn from old mistakes. Hopefully it doesn't take a lifetime. Life is short. When we were young we thought 40 was old. Then we are 40. And realize in 20 years we are 60. I'm 58, retired as a firefighter a few years ago, and in 20 years I'll be 78. Look Shawn you took risks. You put it out there. And things happened. But look now. You are blessed sir. No one else could have done it for you. Enjoy every minute you have on this earth.

  55. Wady Afriadi says:

    It's not self reliance apparently, because you are with someone else in the cabin.

  56. A Nanihjh says:

    What are you doing now Mr James….. you are so hard working all your work are so good and well done all are amazing, nice and 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  57. Simple Faith-Simple Life with Greg Beel says:

    I just watched your video. Really enjoyed it. Also your commentary at the end was very good. I am not sure if you realize it or not but the advice you were giving was actually advice found in scripture. Being grateful and thankful with your mindset is the beginning we each need. I've found that my relationship with God, through surrendering my life to Christ and what He did on the Cross is the only thing that has brought me true satisfaction internally. Nothing else brought lasting satisfaction and out of relationship with Him is when everything changed for me. Thank you for your videos and many blessings to you.

  58. John Campbell says:

    Thanks Shawn, exactly what I needed to hear in my life. 👍👍

  59. Brenda Andres says:

    Let this man's words be a wakeup call when you say your marriage vows in sickness and in health fir better or for worse and for richer and poorer how many people say these vows and don't mean them as my grandparents use to say when poverty comes or when the money goes love flies out the window we live in a throw away society and this mindset Is wrong it does not build strong character there are some things are meant to be treasured and held on to that is what is important be thankful for what you have and those in your life and always be respectful and live in humility that is what believe in

  60. Patricia Powell says:

    Cali is just the sweetest,thanks for
    Sharing your adventures with us.
    You are a very creative person.

  61. Gil Blue says:

    You are very ahead . keep doing what you do. you can keep fighting or you can keep going forward. always be you.

  62. 98 KZEW-DALLAS FT WORTH says:

    Great video again sir.-Thanks.Scott/Texas

  63. Matt Burrows says:

    Wise words

  64. Cristina Robinson says:

    Que Buenas lecciones de vida nos das….ademas de tus excelentes videos.¡¡¡¡GRACIAS !!!!!

  65. Michelle Hauser says:

    He looks like Kevin Costner from The Body Guard

  66. Silvia Taylor says:

    What a great testimony of encouragement. God bless you

  67. Global Places, Activities & Events by MjF says:

    Just love your videos 😍 watching you from Sultanate of Oman. Keep it up👍👍👍

  68. Michele Harris says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts at the end..

  69. primos ferreras Ferreira says:


  70. Nick Clarke says:

    Little did u know, it was Cali holding the pan at 30:25

  71. Silvia Taylor says:

    Those are good encouragement words, Many times a think about just not traying any more.  I do all the housework I cook, we are a empty nest , now with 2 grandchildren , one lives at campus , other 18 almost going to college.  I have no encouragement not thanks from my grandchildren , less from my spouse , I still work I provide and contribute with the expenses, I clean , I would say I am a very good cook,. I do it from scratch , I clean all by myself , there was a time that my grandson was at home , that I got up at 3 am to prepare fresh food to leave for them when they get out from school,Many times they did not even eat it. THEN TAKE THE PAK AND RIDE EXPRESS BUS , go downtown  and take the train , walk 3 blocks to my building, rain or shine , I carry a weekend suitcase with my lunch , pump, and change before I get to my floor  ..  I decided to bring my grandchildren back to USA , because they left with parents to another country , and they have much better opportunity here in the USA.   You are so right , regardless of no thanks, no consideration from my husband , he has more detail with my 18 years old beautiful granddaughter.  Many times I wish he will just had some details for me .  I have been taken for granted more than 40 years , I met my husband when I was 18 ,  Many times I feel like running , I provide and help more than he himself .  I have no right to complain , he even let the grandchildren look to him like a friend , He has cause a division, even do I am the one who provides for there ever need.  I could go  on and go on . Here I have the liberty to express , because I am not at home , They are so use for me to provide ,  I use to bring my grandchildren twice a year from SA , no other one help me with expenses.  I always did ,  now I am doing it from home , they have a nice comfortable place , I take care of it , I got them every possible need , change there lap top, by tire for there Lexus that my daughter gave them cause she got another car , by the way she lives in MN , the car came from Canada ,  This is long and I know it , I am doing as you mentioned , I get up every morning, and keep on doing what I suppose to do, I already have the turkey for thanksgiving , I never get a thanks, beside I even have to clean the kitchen .  I feel many times like running . but to wear?   I took in my grandchildren, and they are the same ingratitude , beside they have a nice friendship my husband , He is teaching her to drive , he open a bank account for her , and that , made the trick , he talk more to her than me , Let us just leave everything like that , Many times I will be grateful if someone would just let me know they appreciate , something !!!!    I KNOW SOMETHING IS MISSING IN MY LIFE !!!           thanks , you relaxes me ,

  72. Pili Seoane says:

    Nothing for nothing beautiful more that's lovely.,🍀😇💌👌♥️

  73. Diosa montero says:

    My self reliance love you guy cali.

  74. Diosa montero says:

    Cali is sweet love her

  75. Diana Monteith Monteith says:

    I see this is l yr ago, so winter upon you now!?
    It's getting warm in Australia, sadly lots of bushfires in NSW and Queensland.
    People have lost their homes, and so many of our wild life killed.
    Many people rescuing rescueing our Koalas…
    So it good to be grateful for what we have. 🙏
    Interesting about why the bark is taken off the logs..
    So much work, how spoilt we are in this day and age.
    Love Cali playing outside!
    How cold does it get in winter?
    Love your music too Shawn.🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🎅🎅😁
    Merry Christmas from Australia 👍🏻🎄🦘🐨🇦🇺🦎🏝🏖🌞🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️

  76. gardenia73 Mccready says:

    For me watching your daily activities with Cali, is such a delightful sight one can see why a dog is truly mans best friend & you have certainly picked a gorgeous animal for your best friend, she would certainly make one smile.

  77. Huixian Huang says:


  78. Cliff Ferguson says:

    I can’t wait till she moves up.

  79. Marta Graczyk says:

    How did you build your out house? where do you sleep?

  80. Jeffrey White says:

    Have you ever gotten lost when you’re out in the woods? (Without Callie? Without seeing your footprints and trees all look the same how do you navigate (without using a compass?) have you ever bypassed your cabin coming back to it? Can Callie lead you back when you’re together? And have you made a bed yet? When you can we see it and the bedroom? .

  81. Brett Olson says:

    Cali behaves exactly like my dog Cali

  82. Musharraf Aziz says:

    How pure and beautiful! I love your self-reliance! The cabin is so lovely.

  83. Jean Bermingham says:

    I love to watching videos and your real connected naturel world and I love Cali 🐕 your brilliant will watch your videos God Bless You 🙏🌍🎄best wishes healthy new year!!!!

  84. Vivian Deschenes says:

    These videos soothes the soul! How I love these videos and his take on living a simply life! So inspiring to say the least!

  85. Hazel Galbraith says:


  86. Juanita Virts says:

    U have to write a book! I have been so interested in watching anything except football….no realty stuff other than your videos. I wonder how Cali is going to adjust to being with U so much and outside vs three in the home because she adores you with a warm heart. That time outside with you has been so very special especially chasing her toy 😀Stay warm and safe enjoy your special life style… God bless

  87. Juanita Virts says:

    I have to clarify a statement I missed in editing. I am a football person and don't find much else on the TV until I started watching your videos..Thank you so much

  88. Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro Gomes says:

    Continuo assistindo esses Vídeos e com muito interesse e curiosidade.Deixei de assistir tudo mais aqui no YouTube, até a Política! Acho a garra com que esse homem jovem, trabalha é digna de admiração e respeito. Por não saber falar nada de Inglês, não sei se ele se propôs a viver dessa maneira por não querer mais viver em uma Cidade, cansou da Civilização, ou seja lá o que for, eu estou muito curiosa para ver até onde ele vai viver assim. Mas, de qualquer forma ele é incrível! Sòmente Eu, falando português e sem entender nada do que ele fala? Não importa, estou vendo o que ele faz, como ele cria o que pode facilitar sua vida nesse local.Simples assim!

  89. The Amateur Adventurer Project says:

    Really enjoy the reflections section of your videos

  90. Troll Smasher says:

    Shawn, I love your videos, I watch them every night when I go to bed. I've lost everything I had 3 times in my life, (mostly from a couple of bad divorces), so I know where you're coming from. You're living the dream I always had as a young man, but I could never get away from 'life' and the responsibilities of having a family to actually do it. And now that I'm single I'm also too old, and disabled, along with being financially unable to do it. So, I find some small solace is watching you live that dream for me. You're an inspiration for us all. Keep the faith brother we're all pulling for you. Also, I applaud your wife for sticking with you and supporting you through all this. She's your greatest asset and your most valuable resource, never forget that. Believe me, you're a very blessed man. I would know.

  91. wes cadmore says:

    thankyou inspiring words

  92. Teja Lee says:

    Cali is so adorable

  93. Anselmo Soares Lobato says:

    Parabéns pela vitória! Eu também estou passando por uma tormenta em minha vida profissional; e ao acessar esse seu vídeo, foi como se me mostrasse o caminho que devo seguir. Muito obrigado pela honestidade com que aborda o assunto! Tudo de bom sempre. Abraço daqui de Belo Horizonte, Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil.

  94. Lisa Disch says:

    Thank you so much for these videos. I have watched so many of them during the last days on both of your channels.

    It's so interesting watching you work with so much skill and so much determination. It's a joy to see how respectful you are towards nature.

    I like the 'silent videos' just keeping on doing what needs be done but I also appreciate how honest and very open you talk about your life. There are sequences that I watched several times over because your words are worth listening closely.

    This video is one of those that touched me. I have a friend who pretty much hit rockbottom.and can't get himself going. He's drowning his fears and disappointment, his 'shame' in alcohol, deep in depression he won't listen, won't talk, least of all he wants to get his ass in gear. He's given up himself, talks a lot of dying – as if that was so easy.

    I wish he'd watch this video, I sent him the link hoping he'd listen and hear what you said and find hope and motivation. Your way can't be his, he doesn't have your skills but he does have skills nontheless if only he could get himself to set a goal and start the first step.

    I take it there are many out there watching your videos and feel encouraged, comforted, touched… Thank you for all this. Social Media can be devastating, cruel and dangerous but it also can bring back meaning in a life, give support and shows there are plenty who're also in a bad place but there are ways out of it.

    All the best for you and your loved ones (2 and 4legged), greetings from the Bavarian alpine region,

    Lisa 🌹

  95. Michael Dettrey says:

    Hey.. nice come back, too!

    We feel we have achieved many of our life goals. We also had some ups and downs (bankruptcy, separation and tragic family losses & lifetime illnesses).

    We came back together healing as much we can.

    We built our credit and whittled down the dept.
    I think we are all secretly just holding on..

    Thank you for sharing!

  96. Chris Arvizu says:

    Was gonna say nice chair blueprint or should i say "wood print" 👍

  97. CaptKundalini says:

    Congratulations are in order. I told my cousin Jeff about what you've been doing since 2017, what you do and how you do it. He just told me that you sound like "a modern Jeremiah Johnson". I also told him that you bear a strong resemblance to Kevin Costner.

  98. Grace Mabrey says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words.

  99. Stuart Sullenbarger says:

    Love what your doing,we all could be so lucky,it takes a lot of hard work,but life is what you make..,,,love to see callie…

  100. haydeh abdolahian says:

    Md isn’t this social media ? It is like live tv ( I hate those ) but love this one because it is simple and natural living , but it is still in U Tube 😏

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