Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : How to Grout Countertop Tile
Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : How to Grout Countertop Tile

I’m Lee, I have a degree in architecture
and about ten years experience in the construction field. Today we have been installing a designer
counter top and we’re ready to grout it. You just want to buy the grout color of your
choice- we’re going to use charcoal. Now, you have to remember something about charcoal;
it’s going to get over everything. I have white tiles- it’s going to be hard to get
off the white tiles, there’s just no way around that. Going to pour some into a bowl.
Now, since we’re on a countertop we want to make this- not runny- but not exactly real
thick, either because we want it to flow down around the tile real well, seal it up pretty
well. And add some more to that. Should be about like a cake or brownie mix. Maybe a
little bit runnier. Now if you were doing a floor, you wouldn’t want it this runny
because then it’s just going to get everywhere and you are going to have a lot of cleanup.
That’s about right; this will just run through the cracks. So we’re going to take this
inside and grout all of the tile. And once you get your grout inside, it’s going to
be a little bit thicker than it was. And just take a grout trowel which is just a hard,
rubber trowel. It’s bendable, it’s flexible. And you just tap some in, and you just rake
it across. Now since I have white tiles- you don’t want to avoid the tile completely-
but you don’t want to get the whole entire tile covered with charcoal covered grout.
And just tap it into the seam and what have you. And you don’t have to worry about it
being exactly level and even, because until it’s sealed, you can dissolve it in water-
well, not completely dissolve it but the top layer will be dissolvable in water, so you
can smooth it out later. And if you already have some that you did before, make sure that
you go over the top of it, because even though it’s the same color, it might not actually
be the same color. And that is how you would grout your tile on your designer countertop.

6 thoughts on “Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : How to Grout Countertop Tile”

  1. Rankin says:

    Need to make it thicker if your doing the floor.

  2. Rankin says:

    If you grouting tile of the same color, spread the groute over all the tile, this will stain the tile. That way you don't have streaks.

  3. Nipajim says:

    Title should be "How not to Do it"

  4. Bob Sanchez says:

    you are such an idiot you could not carry my trowel FOOL

  5. imusbcraz says:

    Good Grief. Did he just mix grout in his dogs bowl? 🙂

  6. Radiation Network says:

    OMG!!! What and idiot. Don't listen to this clown. I can't find a thing he actually did right. Here's a better video

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