Titan Tiny Homes – Tiny House For Sale tiny house ideas home design minimalist tiny house nation
Titan Tiny Homes – Tiny House For Sale tiny house ideas home design minimalist tiny house nation

hi this is Bob with Titan tiny homes and
today I want to show you a 28-foot Everest model that we’ve recently
completed this unit has our signature two-tone siding which is a combination
of natural cedar which has then been sealed with a polyurethane and our
exposed fastener of metal siding now this really gives a nice contrast and
really breaks up the exterior of the house also these white vinyl windows
they really pop on the exterior as well now as we move to the front of this
house all of our units are gonna come with an adjustable front hitch and like
you’ve probably seen in our other videos they’re also going to have pipe mount
stabilizers on all four corners of the trailer one of the things that I really
like to mention is the fact that all of our trailers are you’re gonna find an RV
eye a seal of approval this is going to ensure that your unit is built to the
proper standards to ensure that you can get insurance and also the proper
financing now one of the things that really been dying to show you is the
inside of this house so let’s go take a look now before we go inside I really
want to show you this large six-foot French door now the customer requested
this because they’re actually gonna build a deck out here and they wanted to
really bring the outside in look enough for that let’s check out this kitchen so
one of the first things you’ll notice much similar to our other videos is the
butcher block countertops match with this giant farmhouse sink we’ve also
added a full size refrigerator and in custom shelves and something that’s
rather unique and unlike any other unit we’ve ever built is we installed this
Peninsula and we’re able to incorporate a built-in range right into the center
and on this side we install the decent overhang so that you can actually sit
here and do your homework or eat or whatever you might need it for but it’s
a nice place to sit as we move into the living room you’ll notice that we put our signature
two windows in the corner which really helped bring the outside in and make the
space feel a lot bigger than it actually is and most people will put a couch here
you’ll have your TV on the wall would be a really nice area to relax but by
putting the kitchen this way it really opens up this area as well now as we
head into the law this is our standard size loft and there’s a lot of space up
here and we also have a nice five foot depth loft on the other side which is
above the bathroom now let’s go check out that bathroom so one of the first
things you’ll notice is you come into this bathroom is that we’ve installed a
separate composting toilet we also have a large vanity but the really cool thing
you’ll notice about this bathroom is this giant five foot tub that we’ve
installed that really adds a lot of width to the bathroom it doesn’t even
feel like a tiny house well I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of this 28 foot
Everest model remember to Like comment and share this video and be sure to
follow us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube and once again this is Bob with
tighten tiny homes thank you so much for watching

3 thoughts on “Titan Tiny Homes – Tiny House For Sale tiny house ideas home design minimalist tiny house nation”

  1. Bronson Rodriguez says:

    I'm currently saving up to get a down payment together. I can't wait! It might take me a bit but I'm invested in you and your homes!

  2. PariNicole says:

    According to your website this model 'starts at' $46,000? I am assuming that's for the bare minimums and not all that we see in the video. It is a very nice build but one of the reasons for going tiny is for affordability and being debt free, $46,000 is not reasonable 'to me personally' for a tiny home. I've seen tiny houses built just as wonderfully (some even more lovely) for less than $20,000. I guess one has to build for themselves and not hire a company to do it for them if they want to keep the costs reasonable. If I'm going to 'save up for the down payment' on a house it will be a big one, no less then 1000 sq ft.

  3. Anna says:

    How long does it usually take you to finish the home? Do you start from scratch after you have a client? How much does it cost to get solar panels?

  4. Melanie & Jazz says:

    Closets? Laundry? Storage?

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