Toma mejores fotos con tu cel feat. Juanpa Zurita !! | CARE
Toma mejores fotos con tu cel feat. Juanpa Zurita !! | CARE

Hello guys! How are you? My name is Carlos Lang. Today’s a very special day because I’ll film a video with one of my best friends. He’s one of the persons that has motivated me the most to create this YouTube channel… Now I present you… Heeey!!! Juanpa Zurita! — First of all I want to tell you that… — How exciting!!! Your first YouTube video with me dude!!! — This is seeing you grow, this is so nice! — The great thing about this story is that some time ago I had a very cool job from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and one day I received a mail that said like “Hi, we need a photographer to make a photoshoot for this guy… but it can only be at this time because he’s a very busy guy” — Oh, that’s not true! — I swear! — Well, let me tell my part of the story! — In my part of the story, the photoshoot was for a sneakers brand, and they told me something like “Juanpa! We would like to have a shooting with you. We already have a photographer ready for it…” and in that moment I wasn’t starting with all this stuff, but it was one of the first times that a brand wanted me for a shooting, so it was like “Wow, this will be awesome!” — Hey and it’s true! I have a completely different story! they said to me “he’s very busy so the shooting has to be at this hour” — Bro they said like “at 9:00 am” and I was like “Noooo…” — I was very focus with my job. I was motivated and excited, but I was sleepless as well… And that day my camera was in Querétaro ( a place far away from where Carl-me- was )… So I told them that I didn’t had my camera to take professional pictures for a professional campaign, and they still said “please come with whatever you have”. — I remember the shirt you were wearing! — What did you think when you saw me getting my phone to make the shooting? — Well, first of all, the guys from the brand were like “Hey we have everything planned” and stuff, and then there’s Care telling me “Here I have my iPhone.” So… I had some expectations! It’s like if you were waiting for a glass of “agua de horchata” (rice water) and they gave you a glass of milk, dude. And yes, milk’s cool but you know… So it was like “dude, go with the flow” right? You have to stay positive, and at the time I hadn’t had a lot of shootings with professional cameras, so It was more excitement of “this will be with a nice camera!!!” — I think that it kind of let you down when you saw me geting my phone. — Yes, of course! I was waiting a huge camera, like this one right here, and… Common dude! I think it was like midday… And you need to know that midday is the WORST hour! — Can I explain why? can I? — Sure you can! — It’s just that I have learned a lot with Care. The sun at midday is just above you, so you’ll have shadows here, here… and the light, because of its direction, is super strong. So your skin doesn’t look smooth and you have a lot of shadows, it even hurts. It is an awful time. When the sun starts coming down the light doesn’t come from above you… you start glowing. And, some times with a cloud or a shadow you look nicer because it is not direct — Well I hope you have enjoyed our photo tips with Juanpa Zurita, we’ll see you next time! — Bye byeee!!! — We clicked. I knew how to direct you, and you said things like “it would be cool in that place” “here the light and the shadows are cool”… We improvised everything. — We improvised everything, we started to know each other while we were walking searching for cool places, and we both were of the thought of trying, making, and doing instead of overthinking. We were like “Okay we have this amount of time, we have this phone, let’s do it.” — This is perfect because this is exactly what I want to transmit with this video. Sometimes I get messages like “But you have your photographers, your professional camera, your lenses…” – … NOOOOO. — That day we didn’t have a camera, the light was awful, this guy didn’t know me and I didn’t know him… Care is a person that knows how to transmit things and I know how to listen. We clicked that day because a lot of times when you’re in a photoshoot you don’t need to know how to pose, but you need to be well directed. You’re not the one who’s watching the pictures but the photographer, so even if you think that you look good, maybe in the picture you don’t look awful but not as you want to look. Do what you do, there will always be moments of tension or stress because things are not perfect, but if you keep the good vibes and the good in the good, and the good, things will turn out fine. — It is to give the best of you with whatever you have. Right? — Exactly. — I’ll summarize it like that. — Perfect! — Great. I think that it would be fair to use an iPhone for our beautiful audience in our first session. — Sure, with an iPhone! — The one who catches it can keep it. — Oh heeey!!! — We’ll make it with an iPhone… — Dude wait, you’ll doing it just like that? — I’m sorry, this is the first time that I’m opening it. — Don’t you love taking off this plastic? — Yes, it’s so nice. — “Bellisimo.” — I have never taken pictures with this phone and the best thing is that it was sent with… — With a great picture! — Something very cool about the times we’ve met is that it has always been for experimenting and searching new places, right? — Right! — Sometimes in rooftops, sometimes here or there… and something very funny is that Juanpa lives far away from my house, so the other aim of this video is to show Juanpa new places that he didn’t know that existed in his city, so join us on this great adventure. I don’t have any idea of how the pictures will turn out, we only have a few outfits and what Juanpa is wearing, and the idea here is to experiment a lot with the lightning and to get creative when there are not a lot of options. Wooh! — … and I gained speed so I was gonna get ahead of you, so… —It would be super cool if you could explain… if you told what happened in that video — There’s a video we made once… — I’m bike-lover, and Care was giving me a tour on an aqua bike, and the eco-bikes are used a lot… so it would be easy to drive it I wanted to ride without hands. I know how to ride without hands… But when I let go the handlebars… The eco-bike… it didn’t… it didn’t helped me. — Before getting on the bikes I asked him if he knew how to ride a bike, and he told me “bikes are an extension of my body” — Of course! — What I learned that day… was nothing. I didn’t learn a thing. six… seven… ten… eleven… — See guys? He only had some videos on YouTube and now watch this… Care what did you do? this is awesome! — What? —What? — Wut? —What? —What? —What? — What? —What? —What? —What? —What? — Outfit? — The brand of a bro. — This is so cool. Move over there… A lot of people are used to search for the right exposure doing this… So, instead of focusing and searching for the right exposure like this, you need to find your character, wait until it blinks a little so the focus is set… because maybe if you move over here you’ll have to set it again since what you found will be out of focus. So, once you find your frame… you focus your target… and then you expose it as you want to. I always prefer that pictures turn out darker. The darker the picture, the more information of the picture to edit it. — In a less photographic language… — Sure, if you’re picture is a little bit darker then you can work on it a lot. You can do a lot of more things and than if you take it with too much light. If you take it with too much light… — It’ll burn. —It’ll be lost. — It’ll be gone. — All the information will be white. — Give me three quarters of body. Eyes over here. Turn your face over here. Exactly. Give me complete profile. Turn your face to the light. And now your face over here. Now look down. I want to try the portrait mode. — Hey and one with my back? – Oh right! I love it! Fine, now turn your face over here, perfect. Now come down the lights. — A lot of times is shooting, shooting, shooting and shooting, and then just using one out of a hundred, but that one captured a moment of authenticity in which you were not posing, but you were not avoiding it neither, it is an intermediate moment in which you look natural. If you don’t take a lot of pictures it’ll be very hard to find that moment, so whatever you do, always take a bunch of pictures. Then you can filter, select, and delete. — Sometimes at the beginning you can feel a little bit stiff, but then you start relaxing little by little, so maybe the first pictures won’t be too good. — Like everything in life. — Just over here with this vanishing point that the stairs create, and El Palacio de Bellas Artes behind a great great picture can be taken, with Juanpa flying, like if he was literally doing it. One, two three! Another one. One, two, three! Now from this one to that one… Okay okay, the same one! — Now, a different one… — Perfect! One, two, three… — Are you guys remodeling? — No no, not at all. — We’re saved! — What I love the most about this spot is that hardly anyone knows the rooftop of Sears, it’s like… why would I go to Sears to drink coffee or eat a sandwich? Testing, one, two… Guys we’re about to do something illegal because we cannot film here… — It’s true. — I’m not on the phone, I’m just pretending, like a spy. — Well, the thing is that we’re already at the restaurant, and we haven’t been able to go up to the rooftop, nor to film, thing that we’re doing… So… Jumps, now you’ll seat over here for a while, I’ll take some pictures, like bam bam bam!!! And that’s all. — Okay, fine. — Please do not fall down. I’ll tell you if somebody’s coming. And we already have pictures with that jacket… — Just a second, I’ll call you back later. – Thanks a lot! — Let me fix my lens… put the filter… — Okay… — Lend me your hat. Does the jacket look green? — Cool… cool. #IndianaJuan #JuanDiana — Go, I’ll tell you… — Oh f*ck!!! Some guy just threw himself Juanpa how are you? How’s everything bro? — I’m fine! — Do you see my right hand? That’s where you’ll have to sit because that’s where the support is. Just where I’m standing. — Fine… — Hands in your pockets, look to the right, then to the left, and finally to the front. — Okay, take care. — Over and out. — Turn to the left. Be discreet, be discreet, be discreet, be discreet… Turn your face over here. Are you ready? Hands down, lean on them… Turn your face over there… — It’s okay! — He made me do it! I told you it wasn’t funny! — Do you have good stuff? — Wow. — My son… Welcome to the great city! — He still has it… Have you checked your back? — I think that I love this wall… I love the detail, it is so so so mexican, and also this building has a very cool history. I love the wall, but just right here there’s a ray of sun… — It’ll be called “Shine shine” — There are pictures… There are good pictures… There are awesome pictures. But there are also incredible pictures. And this is an incredible picture. — The incredible picture is the greatest of them all. — Turn your face to the sun, to the light. They look as from a magazine… — I think we made use of this place… The sun is coming down so it would be worth it to use these last light reflections… because right now the light is not coming from up here but from here, and it would be worth it to make use of this golden tone the skin gets. It is what makes your skin look smoother and like golden, as if you just had gone to Acapulco… Or Tulum. — It looks old, like if it had a lot of history. – Exactly — I love that we can see Bellas Artes in the reflection. There’s something that I cannot stand that are like… I’m too careful with details, so this thing is is bothering me. It’s always important to clean the most you can because those kind of things can caught people’s attention and they can say like “what a cool picture! but what’s that white thing? It’ll be there on purpose or what? is it part of their artist’s conception?” Give me an adventurer vibe, my Jumps. Like Indiana Jones… You’re already an actor! I like that one, like that! Exactly, like that and your eyes over here. Cool, looking mysterious. Now turn your head over there Great. — And for example, I would never use this hat, but that changes for that picture and that place, so you’ll never know, just grab random stuff because maybe you’ll find the right place with the right vibe to use those things. (we couldn’t get in here) — Just peace… peace. but we don’t have a lot of time — Let’s do it so we can enjoy this view later. This will be the picture of the day dude. — I cannot believe this sun… — This was a very special day my bro. — It was. — Very very special. I think cops followed us a lot of times… We got kicked out a lot of times, but I think… — It’s true but I think that today was proved that you can find beautiful places, and you can say things like “today I went to all these places, I went for the first time to this rooftop…” — You learned more about your city, right? — I learned more about my city. — That’s super important as well, there are times when we say “Oh, I have nothing else to do… we always do the same thing” We kind of close our minds, and the idea of this is to open our minds, to stop planning things so much because there are times in which we are like “I want to make this project, I want this, and this, and this…” So you end up planning so much and waiting to have so much things to start that you never can do it. So it’s that. To improvise and to make the most use of the things that you already have. — 100%. — I thank you a lot my bro. — Bro! — It was a very special day. Now let’s enjoy the sunset, what do you think? — I think that is moment to… — Subscribe if you liked the video, follow Juanpa if you already don’t… — Thanks a lot for watching the video! — And thanks to Fer and Machin, my friend. Thanks a lot for everything and I’ll see you next time!

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