Tonic & Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat with 40+ tips, techniques and ideas
Tonic & Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat with 40+ tips, techniques and ideas

hi I’m welcome to Hedgehog Holloe I’m
here today to tell you all about the Tim Holtz glass mat from tonic studios you
may have seen me unbox mine yesterday and I played around with it yesterday
evening and I found so many different uses for it so grab a cup of tea and a
biscuit and let’s take a look so first of all let’s have a look at the mat
itself and all the different things that we can do with it and some of the
different things that are on there too so I’m also going to try and answer some
of the questions you left me yesterday on the video this piece here is 12 by 14
inches on this gridded panel the whole thing is flat so there’s no grooves or
anything so if you had a larger piece of paper you’re going to be absolutely fine
too and then you have some feet on the bottom which keep it nice and stable
there’s eight feet on the bottom there so this piece of says 12 are 14 inches
it also has centimeter markings along the top there for those of you who work
in metric and you have lots of different grid options on here as well so this is
your main workspace you can put inks on here and you’re gonna see some of the
mediums I’ve already tried out and some ideas that I’ve got for you on the right
hand side you have this white area so this is one of the tonic easy clean mats
and you can pretty much put anything on here the only thing I wouldn’t recommend
as something like alcohols because they do seem to sort of steep in between the
gaps and you’ll get sand staining there’s no reason why you can’t but I
just I wouldn’t want to stay in mine now this is a double-sided mat on the other
side it’s glossy and it kind of you’ll feel is some friction as you move your
hand across and this is designed that it goes on here and it holds down nice and
flat now I actually used to use my larger one of these mats that you can
get this way up so I was actually using it the wrong way it functioned just fine
you just might get a little bit more staining because there’s some more
texture on this side but ideally you want to have that glossy side down but
if you make the mistake don’t worry about it at all underneath that you have
this pallet area so this is white your transfers are all on the bottom of the
mat so you can clean this quite aggressively there’s going to be a
scraper to clean this it’s coming out in April there’s also going to be a ruler
that clips on the side or on the top so you can have straight lines as well and
you can also use a razor blade on this top surface you’re not gonna harm it at
all it’s tempered glass and we can throw lots of things at it that you’ll see in
this video but you have these grids here that are perfect for your ink cubes so
that’s what they’ve been designed size wise but we’re going to put paint on
there we’re going to put power dinners and glitters and all sorts of things
that you can put on here and you also have this open area at the bottom that
you can do all sorts with so let’s grab some ink pads and start getting inky and
I can show you some of the fun things we can do so now I have some major stress oxides
here and you could do this with either distressing so I’m going to show you a
couple of unique things about the oxides you can either work directly on your
maps or on your easy cleanup caution I’m going to work directly on the glass just
because it’s nice and easy so I’m going to grab some colors I’m
going to go with some twisted Citroen and what you’ll notice when I put the
distress oxides down they’re different to a regular ink pad this is a ink that
has a dye and pigment fusion and so what that means is it also shows up on basi
card stock you can emboss with it and you can do some really fun techniques
with it as well plus it has this amazing a chalky finish to it too so I put a
couple of colors down and we’re now going to spritz this with our new
respirator and they will react as soon as you spritz them I’m now going to lay
my paper down this is a piece of Bristol smooth and you can see I’ve picked up
some gorgeous colors on there as well we’ll just make sure we pick up all of
that ink and I’ve chosen some complimentary colors so they’re not
going to get muddy at all and then what we can do is we can grab our Ranger heat
it all and we can heat directly on the surface so I’m going to apply this heat
to dry these colors and then I’m going to show you how with oxides we can build
up the layers of color something we couldn’t do with regular distress inks
almost died ink pads because you would get a muddy effect by choosing colors
that mix together to make brown so you’ll see as I dry up my paper smoothes
out if yours curls up you can also just heat the other side that will help you
straighten it out too or when you’re done and run it through your die cutter
with no dyes and you’ll find that you get a really nice piece of card stock
that I’m just going to wipe away some of that excess pink and now I’m going to
add some pinks and purples as I say not colors I would typically use with greens
because you’re going to end up with those muddy colors but with the oxides
we can build up those layers that are going to work so again I’m going to
spritz this this Nouveau mister is a really nice light lift so it gives you
lots of control and now I’m going to start picking up some of the
color so I’m going to go on this side this side and I’m just going to now
press this down so you can see on the top there I’ve got some great layers of
pinks and purples and I haven’t got any of those muddy colors again I’m going to
just dry this off so I’ve got nomads in there I’ve just got
lovely different shades that are layered on top of each other I’m just gonna give
this a wipe off it’s super easy to clean this map which is really nice I’m just
gonna dump off those couple of areas that weren’t dry and the next I’m going
to show you is micro glaze so this is micro glaze distress mic relays to come
to this little pot and it was designed to fit our little sponge foamies in
there I mean Tim really does think of everything that we have an applicator
I’m also going to grab a stencil now micro glaze means it’s going to resist
the ink that’s there so it seals in anything and what it also does when you
put it over the distress oxides as it brings back that wonderful shine you
have when you’ll just dress oxides a wet so once they dry you get a bit of a
chalky finish but once there have my crib layers over you’ll come back to
that vibrant so just touch it in maybe if you’re putting something in the mail
or you want to hang it on the wall you can use this over your distress oxide
you can use it with the ink sprays distressing all sorts of things is going
to seal it and make it waterproof now by putting it through a stencil our glossy
areas are actually going to be textured so we’re going to have some this
triangles and then other chalky areas that don’t have that as well now let me
show you what I mean by this one out resist water I’m going to grab an ink
spray I happen to have a yellow one here this is the vanilla custard while the
new colors from delusions I know spritz over the top so once I do that let me
grab a piece of kitchen towel I’m gonna lay that just over the top gently and
what you can see is if I bring this closer up to you you can see you’ve got
those wonderful lines in there of the geometric stencil so some really fun
techniques we can do with that and I’m going to show you how we can build up
some layer colors using our regular distress inks with the micro glaze and
using this wonderful new glass matte so now I have that selection of
distressing so I’m going to show you the difference between them and I’m going to
show you some other ideas with the dim micro glaze too so the first thing I’m
going to do is grab some of my colors I’m the first thing you’ll notice when I
put them down is it’s darker color so this is a blueprint sketch which when I
put those up thighs down they were a pigment fusion meant they sat on the top
and distress oxides work really well on dark cardstocks or your regular distress
inks are just going to sink in you can also mix a match so I could add some
distress oxides into this or I can just keep with one or the other but they’re
completely interchangeable now I’m going to spritz and I’m now going to pick up
my card stock and I’m going to pick up those gorgeous colors I love how these
colors blend together you can see there I’m going to see if I can pick up a
little bit more on this end and you can keep going back Tim will tell you that
to use all the ink that’s on your surface we’ve got some great colors
there again I’m going to use that Ranger q-tip tool to dry it off now I’m just
gonna give this a wife just with a baby wipe distressing it’s really easy to
clear up get rid of some of those colors on that and you can see there’s some of
those beautiful tones we’ve catching it if I’d have patted some of it with a
kitchen towel or a cloth you’d have ended up with some lighter and darker
areas on there but let me show you how I mean about mixing in some distress oxide
so let’s choose a couple of colors off of that pile I’m going to go with these
and we’re going to add some more of that micro glaze in so let’s pick out an area
this is a great fun stencil it circles and squares or links together and I am
going to just rub it in this center area and then I’m going to now peel this off
now micro glaze dries really quickly the only thing is if you do heat it once
you’ve had micro glaze on there do be careful just for a couple of seconds
it’ll be like a hot wax or Jam but it again will dry really quickly for you so
I’m going to put some of this distress oxide down so you can see that
difference how vibrant that is and how that pigment sits on the surface and
again I’m going to be adding a spray of water I’m going to pick up different
areas so I’m going to pick up some focal over here I’m using Bristol smooth paper
here so you can see that I started to pick up some really fun pieces with the
oxide are you going to add a little bit more of that purple down and again I’m
just going to rub that over the area that we stenciled grab some kitchen
towel and give it a light Pat and what you can see here is how its resisted the
areas that didn’t have that micro glaze on there now another thing that you can
also do with distress inks is you can spritz them so if i spritz in this
corner you’ll see that i’m going to get some oxidization on the areas that have
the discipline the distress oxide and you’re also going to end up some really
great spots of where the regular distress ink and they pull in different
ways wanna include some close-up shots of this but there’s some really fun
things going on in this corner again I’m going to dry that off and the one thing
you will notice with distress oxides once they dry far more than the regular
distressing is that they go into this kind of chalky finish maybe you love
that chalky finish that might be the right thing for your project but you do
have an alternative as well so I’m just going to dry this off and then I’m going
to show you something really fun that we can do once that way to stress oxides a
wet like they are here on my map they’re really glossy and they have a great glow
to them I’m going to wipe those up so I don’t smear them everywhere but I’m
gonna grab my distress I’m just give me a couple of seconds to
dry in this area where I had the glaze previously but I’m going to load up
mindfully blendy with Sun just dab it in and now I’m going to polish and that
really is the best way to think about and what that does is it gives you a
really fun velocity pop so I’m just going to do a strip so that when we take
the photos you can see the difference between the two areas
I’m going to hold this up so this area here has the distress clays on it and
this area here doesn’t so this one is far more chalky and this one is far more
glossy over here so if I turn this I think you can just see that light
catching onto those glossy areas but we’ll make sure to give you some
close-ups on there as well now there’s lots of mediums we can use with this
media map so let’s take a look at some of the other fun things we can do so here we have a selection of
alcoholics and I’m gonna show you a really cool technique that I found last
night when I was playing around with my new mat I’m going to start taking some
droplets of water now you could use this area absolutely as an alcohol ink
palette but this is the limeade I’m also going to be adding some flamingos now
these are not colors I would typically put together but it did work out really
nicely when I did this before I’m also going to add in some turquoise I’m just
putting drops of color down and it’s really fun to watch how they react with
the glass mat you are going to want to what recently picked quickly because it
is possible for it to stay on the mat and to dry super easy to clean up though
you use a drop of hand sanitizer or an alcohol wipe that you might use to clean
and wound or you can just use some of the alcohol blending solution now I also
have this dropper bottle full of alcohol blending solution and I’m going to start
putting some drops down on here which will start that reaction happening and
each time you do this you’re going to get a different print every single time
but this is almost like an alcohol in de-stressing kind of fusion background
I’m just going to press this down on here you’ll see that ink starts seeping
out the sides you’ll see some really fun ring bows starting to occur then I’m
going to pick this up and you can see there how you get those wonderful things
I’ll also make sure I edit in some pictures of another piece I made using
the same technique that looks completely different to this really a very
different idea so I’ll actually leave that I love all of these stripes in here
and this marbling one thing I do want to do is just on this area here you can add
in just a drop or two alcohol blending solution having in a dropper mix I find
a little bit more manageable just to be able to get those smaller drops but you
can see there how it’s starting to mix in and make some fun techniques now
whenever you work with alcohol inks this is on you poke paper you can also use
glossy cardstock some people use photo paper I’ve know how to sit
that’s with that but I know some people do but the you pay paper is very unique
it’s a plastic or acrylic paper but the fun thing when you use alcohol inks is
places like here that a much darker these take a little bit longer to dry
than most I’m just going to make sure the majority of this has dried off
doesn’t look like I’m gonna give it a little helping hand with my heat tool a
little bit more gingerly probably than I normally would just because of that
alcohol on there but I love this pastel panel on the side they’re looking
forward to popping this on a card now there’s areas that don’t usually
drive so quickly can often middle bit troublesome and you can smear project
but my friend Jessica Frost Palace if you follow her channel with super
talented lady she came up with this really cool idea of being able to get
rid of those but also have a really fun technique so she took a piece of foil
this is the Rebecca Meyer coil and I’m going to lay this down on
this half she then put a piece of printer paper over the top and then she
took her brayer so I’m going to just Brea over the top and she has a full
video on how to do this do check that out on her channel too and then once
you’ve done that lift off your printer paper lift off your foil and what you
will see if I lift this up is those areas where you have thicker ink you
actually get the foil so it gives you that really fun kind of a gate or marble
look to it and he in that corner you can see I’ve got that rose gold foil now
normally I would also go all over so at the top here there’s some ink that
hasn’t dried but I will do that and make sure I post some finish pictures for you
so that you can see how they come out now there’s plenty more things we can do
with our map I’m going to put a little bit of hand sanitizer on this panel here
and then a little clean right off as so I want to talk to you a little bit
more about this pallet area and why it is so useful though it’s absolutely
interchangeable between whether you do this on the mat or whether you do it on
the pallet directly and we drop the pipe directly because I want to show you a
couple of cool features about it so as I mentioned before they’re the perfect
size for just dress cubes so when I put my cube down you can see there that it
starts adding the colors in there this makes a perfect pallet so I can go
across with my cubes I can also put my larger ink pads down they take up four
cubes let me just grab one and I can show you this is the tumbler oops
tumbled glass and you can put that on there as well you can also take things
like your app Buffalo pens and pop those down on here you squeeze for a bit more
ink to come out so I can use that as a palette to either mix or to paint maybe
they’re newer pens and you just want this four different shades you can see I
can also scribble down here and add some really fun colors in that maybe you’d
like to mix in some of your glitter and you could add a little droplet of your
glitter pen into here and make your shelf a shimmery red paint something
else that you can do is add your calligraphy colors or liquid watercolors
so again you can just open these up and create yourself a pallet you could use a
dry erase marker to mark on there what different colors are if you’re using
multiple shades you can also use your reinkers on here like this and just add
a droplet on there and then it’s really easy to add some water to it I have
another one of those droplet bottles full of water here and so I can just
water these down and then I could grab my paintbrush and then I could pick up
some of this color and I could start creating a watercolor wash background so
that’s another really fun way you can do it you can also use it for your
distressed crayon so I have a pack of those here and again you can create
pallets for yourself so you can scribble some crayon down in multiple colors and
this is a great way if you want to apply it through a stencil maybe you pop these
down like this I could grab a clean piece of paper and
one of the stencils we used earlier and then if I use my finger I can start
picking these colors up I could also dive my finger in some water and water
these down and start picking them up this way I could make custom colors all
sorts of fun things that we could then put through our stencils so that palette
area is really handy it’s great that it’s white and you as I said before your
transfers on the reverse side because I can see all of these colors so much
clearer than I could on the black work surface but then when I have my white
cardstock on the back again it’s great because it has that contrast and I can
line it up with different areas as well now I also want to show you some other
mediums that you can use on this mat and what happens when we throw heat at it so the night is also great for dry
working as well this map is really cool this is the EZ
clean map that I’ve got down and it’s great with adhesives because I left some
glue on here overnight last night and it literally disappeared away so something
that I tried out was adding a drop of Nouveau adhesive this is the deluxe ADIZ
tip one of my favorites here and I always find that adding glitter or
adding sequins can be a little bit tricky but not with this matte so you
can take your glitter this is the distressed glitter and the nouveau spoon
is absolutely perfect for this but I can pick some up I could pop it down I could
mix that straight in to my glue so I can make my own glitter glues I could also
just pick up small amount and add it to droplets on a card it also works really
well with a silk micro fine glitter really easy to clean up as well so I
could add some of this in and mix this into and you can see that it sits on the
surface and it’s just really easy to work with once you’ve got it there the
other thing that’s free is when you work with sequins so again these are my
little sequin packets I tend to use a teaspoon or you could use the flat part
your spatula you could take a spoonful and pop them down here onto your mat and
these are my favorite little long-nosed tweezers on here and I grab one of my
little micro brushes and if I dab that into my glue here and put that on the
back of my sequin and stick that straight down onto my project makes it
really easy to have everything in this little workspace top tip for you when
you’re done with your sequins if you grab your little sequin hop back again
hope your pop here use one of the flat spatulas with the the larger area and
you can just scoop them back up so I can just almost like a dustpan and brush I
can just scoop them straight back in which is a really great way to go then
when you’re done with this this will just wipe clean this is water-based
adhesive and the glitter I tend to just kind of hold it over
trashcan and wipe it straight in so when it really does work with a variety of
things but notice I’m going to show you is heat embossing on the mat and how you
really can throw lots of things at it so let’s do it some heat embossing so
I’m going to powder my piece of cardstock I have a heart stamp here from
one of the tonic steps so I’m going to be using their Nouveau clear mark
embossing pad I’m going to stop that down onto here you can absolutely stamp
on this surface you could also put a piece of foam underneath or use one of
your stamp platforms on here now I’m going to add some of this purple haze
Nouveau embossing powder such a pretty purple color excess so this is the tidy
tray or tiny tray that you’ve seen we used lots of not so now white mine it’s
very old but it works so well with that little funnel on the side that I love
these brightly colored embossing powders from Nouveau plus all the little jewels
on top and how they sparkle away as you’re crafting I’m going to use my
magnet heat tool to heat this and set it let’s just grab that so that’s technique involved amounts
leave it to cool down for a second I should really mention why I have two
different heat tools as well so this is the vogner heat tool that I just used
and it’s perfect for heat embossing it’s got a high airflow rate so if you use
this on your watercolor it will dry it but it is going to blow around your
watercolors or your distress inks that are on your page the heat it toward is
exactly the same temperature but with a lower airflow so it doesn’t blow as hard
it’s going to dry your wet things like your watercolors or just dressing
background but it’s not going to blow them around in any way so we’ve done our
heat embossing and I’m just going to put my tool directly onto my mat just for a
second so that was much closer and also for
much longer than I would need to eat in box I can put my hand straight down you
can see there it’s not burning or anything like that you can apply a lot
of heat to this you can use a mini irons and things on here
and you’re not going to do any damage at all and our embossing came out really
nicely you know I also want to show you just a couple more ideas I’ve got some
ink sprays and some Nouveau drops just a few more things that I think your map
would be really handy for so here I have a couple of the new
delusions from Diane Reeve these colors this is the new shimmer spray in I’m
going to UM check Calypso teal and this is vanilla custard in the regular ink
sprays now of course you can just apply them directly to your paper but you can
also apply into your surface the same way we did with distress inks and get
some fun techniques now these new shimmer sprays have some great Mikey and
then they should be stored on the side so when I have them in my tray
I normally have them on the side there but also when you shake so that you
don’t get any clogs or anything in there she also recommends that you go in
circles so don’t shake backwards and forwards you want to shake in the circle
you’ll also start to hear that ball going as I start turning it round and
you’ll probably want to do this I know 2025 seconds you’ll see when the my coat
starts to disperse in the bottom there do you think it sprays you don’t need to
do anything with but this because it has that mic retic by going in circles run
up and down you don’t clog up your little straw that’s in there so I’m
going to actually spray this directly onto myself it’s it’s a little bit stiff
so I’m just going to good once you get going you’re fine just but first one
takes a little bit more and I going to add some of this vanilla custard in as
well so we’ll get some greens and all sorts of fun things you can’t really see
those colors too much on there they shine a little bit through you can of
course do it on the white area if you really wanted to be able to see them but
I’m gonna go with the surprised and I’m just going to move this around and I’m
going to pick it up and you can see there how beautiful that looks
now these schewe sprays also look absolutely amazing when you put them on
black cardstock so again you could spray some of this shimmer spray down and go
over with a piece of black cardstock and you’d get a different effect again but
here I’ve got some beautiful blues and greens I’m going to fill in those two
empty spaces as much as I can and just pick different bits of color up it’s
also some yellow over here that I’m going to do just try and fill them out
so I don’t have any white spaces because I really like to make something out of
these cards these will also react with water so you can spray over the top but
you can see all those gorgeous colors that are in
there again dry that off with your Ranger heat it tall or leave it to dry
naturally if you want to you if it buckles too much and remember to dry the
reverse side it will start straightening out you can see now how that’s going as
it dries and then also if you have too much of that you can still put it
through your die cutting machine just pop it between your Big Shot plates you
Gemini or tangerine plates and it will just straighten out even more for you so
you can see how now it’s curling up if I turn this over it will start curling
back down again so I’ve got a bit more of a flat piece of card stock plus look
at all of that beautiful mica powder that is in there you can see around here
and how much that is shimmering as well so the night is also perfect for mixed
media artists or maybe you like something a little bit more inky and
messy so I’ve got some tools and supplies here that I’m going to show you
how to use on the mat and how easy it is to clear all of these things up which
can sometimes be a little bit more tricky so first of all let’s take some
acrylic paint so this is the art alchemy paint that I have here so we can just
screw off the lid this gorgeous colors in there look at all that metallics well
now you can either tip it out which was not what I meant to do but you can also
just take your spatula and add some on to the mat maybe you want to mix colors
maybe you’re going to add it in with your finger lots and lots of options
with that you can also let me just wipe off my spatula so I can use it again you
can also do the same you can track the delusions paints rather than having to
take your paintbrush in you can use this as a palette to mix colors or as I found
out that using your fingers seems to be some of the best tools sometimes so we
could put this on here like this and then I could take my paintbrush and I
could maybe mix the two together if I wanted a nice shimmery green color so
really easy to do things like that something else you can do is with heavy
body acrylic paints I really want to try this a credit paint pouring but again
you can just pop a dot onto here that you can mix with other colors and you
could do the same with things like your modeling paste that even things that are
thick textured will be really easy to clean off of here so again I can just
put some down I can pick it up and rub it into my project I can pick it up and
start putting it through stencil off putting pieces on my piece of paper like
this it’s a really nice easy way to work and quite often with modeling paste I
want to mix things into those mica powders or maybe some gesso and I can do
all of that so easily on this palette it’s also great for some of the more dry
materials that we use so this is her Lex which we often use for various things
and again I can do the same I can just pull off my lid
grab my lovely little ton experience perfect for things like this you can pop
a drop down there we could maybe mix in some other colors and then again I could
pick up my paintbrush this add in that water and then I could start to use it
on my piece like this so you can see that how easy that is it’s also really
easy to clean these things off we just clear away to purl X because a little
bit of water with that really goes a long way and I’m going to again the
first thing I always do is just spritz with water I find that this makes life
so much easier then you can take a piece of just regular kitchen towel and start
wiping so that’s white backwards and forwards fold it up
same again and then I always just grab a baby wipe you can again use just a piece
of wet kitchen towel and give that a wipe so all of those things that quite
often dry on are a little bit difficult to clear up you can see how easy they
are to get off I also left some of these mediums on here overnight last night
they did set on here so I just again spritz of water rub this I also had a
little scraper which is from my vinyl and it came straight off so it really
does clean up really nicely there really is so much you can do with
this map but the final thing I want to show you is how to make your own enamel
dots now I know this is something we must have been doing for a while but
some of you also comment in our recent video I did as to how do you make these
custom drops so these are the nouveau drops they come in crystal they come in
glitter they come in sort of translucent colors they also come in
glow-in-the-dark and they’re perfect for making custom dots you can make them of
any size or shape and this map that is on here this easy clean matte is perfect
for making them too so all you do is take off the lid and you can see I’ve
been my own dots that actually go on the lid of my nouveau drops so I know
exactly how that color is going to come out but you just want to turn it and
then start piping now the longer you pipe of course the bigger the dot you’re
going to get they do level out a little bit so there is a limit to the size
that’s kind of as big as you generally can get you can also do much smaller
ones you can apply this directly to your card of course as well you can do really
cool ideas with making spooky eyes do check out our Halloween video we did
glow-in-the-dark spooky eyes with these dots but it’s really good fun to make
some of your own and what I tend to do is do a whole sheet with a color and pop
those in a baggie or in one of my sequin organizers and then I take them out when
I want to add dots to my surface now the one final thing I really wanted to cover
with you is us lefties so lots of us are left-handed now you’ve seen me use this
the entire time I’m very left-handed I do cut
right-handed but definitely craft and draw it left-handed and I have no issue
reaching across of course the other option you’ve got is to be able to just
turn your mat around that would work for you too so your tonic here would be
upside down to you but then your panel will be on this side so if you prefer
doing that then absolutely that would work as well thanks so much for enjoying a cup of tea
here today at Hedgehog Hollow I’ve had so much fun showing you some great
techniques with this new mat we’ve learned how to foil on alcohol inks and
do direct to paper techniques something we’ve never done before we’ve worked
with shimmer sprays and mixing those together we’ve learnt all about microg
layers and different techniques there plus how you can use different sprays on
black as well you can be sure we’ll be showing you lots more techniques and I
will be using this map very regularly with my creations and I’ll be bringing
you tips and tricks and of course as soon as those accessories are launched
I’ll be showing you those as well do you hit the subscribe button or stamp it if
you prefer we’d love to have you back here at Hedgehog Hollow
don’t forget to give us a thumbs up we’d really appreciate it if you enjoyed this
video or maybe you learned something too don’t forget to stop by very soon for
some more videos and check out those links in the description below I’ve
added a coupon code and everything I’ve used here today including the mat and
all the supplies so you can check all of those out too I’ll see you again very
very soon happy something bye

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