Top Rug Time Books for Preschool | NO SMALL MATTER  a film about early education
Top Rug Time Books for Preschool | NO SMALL MATTER a film about early education

When a story time is going great nothing is better than 20 quiet preschoolers staring at you. However, when a rug time is going bad and we’ve all been there it can be really frustrating. So here are ten books that will guarantee a successful rug time. Number ten: Not A Box It’s amazing. It’s funny. It’s interactive. And go ahead and put a box in your classroom and you will be amazed at what the children decide to do. Number nine: Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom It’s a great way to teach literacy and it’s a lot of fun. And warning: those rhymes will get stuck in your head. It’s not really a bad thing. Number eight: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop This is a hidden gem. Go ahead and seek it out, go to the library, order it off Amazon, but the real key is if you can get the audio book it’s even better. By far the most requested book in the yellow room. Number seven: Knuffle Bunny I’m going to make a blanket statement and just say anything by Mo Willems. So Elephant and Piggie, Knuffle Bunny Don’t let the Pigeon Drive a Bus Any of them. They’re hilarious. Number six: The Napping House If you read this before rug and you whisper it becomes the most quiet classroom ever. So make sure in part of your library cause you’re going to want to use it often. Number five: Duck! Rabbit. Rabbit Duck It’s your call. Go ahead, read the book and ask the kids. It’s actually a lot of fun. Number four: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and there’s no cover because it’s that loved you will never walk down the halls the same way again because can’t go over it can’t go under it. Got to go through it. Number Three: Pete the Cat Pretty much any Pete the Cat is great but Pete the Cat school shoes is probably a personal favorite, because to this day I can’t get my shoes on without telling you or singing maybe what color shoes I have on. I’ve got my gray shoes… Number two: Press here this book is amazing and also there’s enough interaction that you can have 20 kids participate so go ahead pick it up and watch them wait patiently for their turn. And the number one best book for rug time according to most is: The Very Hungry Caterpillar because a classic is a classic for a reason so I know I left out your favorite book and frankly I left out mine and if you want to know my favorite book is you’re going to have to go ahead and check out the blog and put in the comments in your favorite book because if we all share our favorite books crummy rug times are a thing of the past the end

8 thoughts on “Top Rug Time Books for Preschool | NO SMALL MATTER a film about early education”

  1. Penny Krabel says:

    I just found your channel!!! Love it!!!!

  2. Kassi D says:

    omg love your channel, I'm currently a teaching assistant pursuing my ECE degree and wanted to know more about how to look more professional in the work place I have lots of tattoos and stretched lobes help! lol

  3. Adam Henry says:

    Corduroy bear!!!

  4. rahel weldeyesus says:

    Thank you for sharing! I'm binge watching your videos and found helpful tips and lessons.

  5. CJacques says:

    Don’t Wake The Bear!! Best book ever!!

  6. Bees 100 says:

    Duck Cat

  7. April King says:

    I’m a first year teacher and first year PreK teacher. I just found your channel, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  8. Lis Frizzo says:

    I’m still an assistant teacher but my kids love it when I tell them The Little Red Hen, because we made up different voices for each of the animals, so I voice the hen while some of the kids voice the duck, some voice the dog, and some voice the cat. They love to participate in the storytelling!!

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