Toppling furniture safety – anchor it and protect a child
Toppling furniture safety – anchor it and protect a child

Toppling furniture kills one child every
year in Australia. Furniture retailers may provide customers with angle braces, anchors or furniture straps, as well as instructions on securing furniture to brick walls, studs or floors. Locking devices can also prevent children using drawers as steps. Retailers or hardware stores can supply
suitable devices to their customers. Over the last 15 years, 14 children under
the age of nine died after household furniture fell on them. Retailers can offer advice to customers
about purchasing stable furniture. It’s important for consumers to get this
information at the point of sale. Be aware of furniture items and televisions that could easily crush children. A TV or piece of furniture might look stable but could topple if pushed or grabbed by a child. Avoid placing heavy objects or items
attractive to children on top of furniture. You can secure TVs to the wall or the entertainment unit. Be sure to prevent children from climbing furniture. Identifying the risks is key to their safety. Visit the ACCC product safety website or contact your state or territory consumer
protection agency for more information.

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