Tray Garden : How to make DIY Fairy Garden or DIY miniature garden
Tray Garden : How to make DIY Fairy Garden or DIY miniature garden

hey guys, welcome to Hungry Vacations my name is priya, We will talk about Valentines day special gift ideas so friends you can gift your partner allot of expensive and different gifts but you still stay confused if he/she likes your gift or not some of us likes handmade, customised or nature friendly gifts instead of giving a bouquet of flowers i made for you really cute fairy garden you can involve or include a lot of cute things in it it has a mini flower garden, chocolates, ring if you want to gift a ring to your partner or a cute little teddy or any small gift that you want to gift your friend just decorate in this hamper this gift will be super special and perfect for valentines day if you like this idea then do share, like and comment on this video and don’t forget to subscribe Hungry Vacations lets get started so friends our fairy garden is ready you can see how beautiful it is you have chocolates, ring and flowers in it it is a perfect gift to propose or surprise your partner instead of gifting a bouquet of flowers that dies off after few days this live plant bouquet, flowering plants basket will be special for you and your partner as your relationship grows, these plants will grow and produce flowers this feeling and your personal touch to this gift will make you super special on this valentines day i arranged it color combination that my partner love you can add colors, flowering plants as per your partners choice this flower basket is compact, perfect for gifting you can carry it anywhere and surprise your partner this is another option you can purchase these mini planters i have decorated them with these cute cute flowers these are live plants, they are winter season plants winter season offers great varieties of flowering plants these winter season flowering plants are great for gifting flowers are pretty, beautiful and comes in almost every color huge varieties such as pansy, zinnia etc i planted them in these cute little planters i got these from tiny tray garden you can watch the video, i will put a link on end screen do watch the detailed video of what other gifts i got from tiny tray garden i have these pretty flowering plants in these mini table top planters and i am super happy with them you can gift them to a good friend of yours its a great way to grow your friendship to prep your skin its important to give it a special glow for that i am recommending you wow skin science brightening vitamin c foaming face wash this face wash comes with built in face brush made with soft silicon that gently exfoliates your skin and clears dead skin cells this product is free from paraben, sulfate and silicon and suitable for all skin types you can use it as much as you can and your skin is ready to flaunt if you liked my planting gift ideas then please please share this video with your friends i keep bringing these amazing videos for you if you want to share anything with me then comment in the comment box below so friends keep watching Hungry Vacations till then good bye and take care

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