Trim a door so it opens over a rug or bathmat
Trim a door so it opens over a rug or bathmat

…and I’m now bleeding. I’m here today at my mom’s house doing a few different projects, and one of them is this door, at
the bottom, does not have enough space between that and the tile to be able to
open it up over a bath mat. So I am gonna take this door off, and try to trim down the bottom a little bit to make some more space. This door is hollow, but it also has a frame around the bottom and the sides
and the top, as well as in the middle, some bracing pieces that are MDF, which
is medium density fiberboard, which cuts very easily. But I’m a little
bit worried about the paneling. I don’t want to split it, so I have a few
different methods I’m gonna try. I’m just gonna measure this to see…
I think I just need 3/16. I don’t even think I need to take a quarter off. Yep! 3/16 it is! Seriously? All right, I’m going to try to spray this with a little bit of cooking oil and see if I can loosen up those pegs a little bit, because they are not budging at all! I’m just gonna take it down. Alright, I give up. I’m just gonna unscrew this from here. Yes, I know this is not the best way to do this. I can’t get those pins out. I’m just going to clamp this down. This isn’t the best table to use necessarily, but it’s what I got available. so I’ve never actually done this before
and I’m a little bit nervous about it so I researched a few different ways to do
it. My first thought was maybe sand it down with my palm sander and some really coarse sandpaper. That is going to take a LONG time. My second thought was to use a planer. It would work, but it’s still gonna take a really long time, and I’m a little nervous about it being even. So, I guess it’s gonna have to be: a circular saw! If you’re gonna cut through thin paneling
like what’s on the outside of that door, then you really do want to get a special
saw blade that’s made for that. This has tinier little tines on it, or little
blades on it, that will do less damage to the door when you saw it. My friend and fellow ChickFixer, Laura Suggested, I use what’s called a rip cut on this. And she sent me a little video. Check out this little nugget of badassery: I decided to go with something else. This
is actually a lot cheaper, and it also can be used on both my jig saw and on
this circular saw. Sorry Laura! Love ya! And I’m now bleeding. All right, I’m all patched up. I would really like to have words with the person who invented this crap. Really? Airplane. Of course it’s got to be an airplane. And you now this is happening. Great! Garbage truck. Filming outside, I tell you. Today I’m here filming at my mom house. Huh huh. That makes sense. “Mom house.” Derrrr. Love ya! Mean it!

2 thoughts on “Trim a door so it opens over a rug or bathmat”

  1. Icey Tigeress says:

    Can you do that to a door that leads outside?

  2. MeowsTheTime says:

    I used my jigsaw and cut off like 1/4" off of 6 doors when I had tile installed. They failed to tell me this would happen! ha! They did however, replace the doors closed so when I went to open one….ah….it would not open. Cruel joke.

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