Tutorial costruire un Barbecue e Forno a Legna fai da te(How to build a diy barbecue and pizza oven)
Tutorial costruire un Barbecue e Forno a Legna fai da te(How to build a diy barbecue and pizza oven)

Hi friends and welcome back today I wanted
show you the project that maybe is more me busy and my new barbecue e
I built the wood-burning oven because the previous cause frost and weather
thaw has collapsed has decomposed practically and I built a basement
of cement or mortar ready and while dried I kept wetting it in
so that no cracks were created on the surface to make barbecue like
material used the gasbeton because a material that is easily workable
and you can simply work with one normal wood saw I started at
taking the measurements well so as to optimize the use of the blocks for
have the least possible waste we start with preparing the gasbeton glue e
then we begin to position the blocks in their position to create the
combustion chamber or oven where we will burn wood and where we will
will form the embers for the oven when will be used for baking and for
the barbecue for when we will use to cook the meat on
Stone once the adhesive has dried
let’s pass a scraper in order to level and remove all
imperfections so that the blocks that we will go on to put in remain
floor perfectly straight now we prepare the plan where then
we will place the stone where to cook and we verify with the level that i
blocks are perfectly in line so that the structure
stay upright waiting for the whole structure to dry
let’s start by preparing a roof to repair the hob from
weatherproof for the frame I used all reclaimed wood I had
simply bought some OSB panel for sloping
of the roof now let’s put the roof on with these nails well at this point we can dedicate ourselves
to the oven or combustion chamber
I bought some tiles refractory that
now I’ll introduce you to take the measurement then I will cut them
I will go to cover all the interior in these tiles in the edges you see that
I left some spacers that I will provide once pasted the
tiles to remove and to put sand so as to make a kind of
shock absorber that compensates dilatation of the tiles when yes
heat that yes they will dilate and when they cool down that
they will shrink I recommend for this job
always use safety glasses and masks so as not to suck up
rubbish of what you already breathe very important thing before hanging out
the refractory mortar gets very wet very well
the surface on which we will lay it down now that we have finished the
lining of the oven with the refractory tiles waiting for you
dry the mortar let’s proceed with the
finish of the structure you will see that in the finish I will drown a net
this is useful for conferring more stability to the structure by tying one with
the other all GASBETON blocks now we also move on to finishing
at the top after finishing the whole structure
we just have to wait for it to dry all last refractory tiles to finish
the hob as you can see where I placed the
stone is that the meat will be cooked and with of the tiles advanced by a
previous job i did a coating so that it can be cleaned
easily from all fat and grease due to the cooking of the meat itself once the laying is finished
tiles all over the top all that remains is to finish all the ways
of escape then friends hello to everyone this is here
finally the result practically final of my most barbecue I had
started last year as you can see I have finished tiling it
I didn’t use the cementine made by me because they were a little too fragile and
then I recovered some others he has strings from a game by a retailer
that left me practically free used those and how you see that
composed of the part below and used of refractory tiles
to play the part where I will light fire which will also be used as in the case
as a pizza oven for bread that what you see down there I don’t know if yes
can see is the probe of thermometer
as you see, all covered in stone refractory of refractory tiles
I made it a sand edge so that absorbs expansions all around
and soon I will make the first ignition gradually to avoid yes yes
yes, crepino bread see instead above
removing this part here that will be used when I use it
like oven removing it get up I will be able to use it with barbecue that
will be used with his own stone to make grilled meat
all around I even covered it here of tiles I had advanced from
from a floor so you can clean easily once with fat
all flesh this is how long after
now I’ll let you see the first one ignition soon
this is the thermometer of course purchased on amazon what it cost
the less we will now see how it works composed of its probe that enters
inside it goes down and is positioned down there well that’s all and we meet again at
first ignition hello here we are ready for it
first ignition I am a little excited let’s see how it goes and if I can well before turning on the oven
they will leave until the wood ends then we will let it switch off so that it does not go too high of temperature and with this it is all friends I thank you
again for following me in this long video but it really was
difficult to make it shorter and I hope there is liked I recommend you keep on
follow me leave a like sign up for the mi channel
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I thank you for my videos and you hug and the next hello to all

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