Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates
Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates

100 thoughts on “Tween Bedroom on a Budget *emotional* | Mr. Kate Decorates”

  1. Mr. Kate says:

    You guys, I got so emotional in this video! …Understandably considering the circumstances. Leave a comment here wishing Bennett and her fam all the love and joy going forward! I hope you all enjoyed this video! It was a special one for us to make. Love you all, my precious Creative Weirdos!!! xx, Mr. Kate

  2. l a z y t o o n s says:

    I wish you could do my room but I live in England.. 🙁

  3. Pastel_ Aesthetics says:

    25:42 is the finally❤️

  4. Courtney Gunderman says:

    I love how she has a 100 dollar bill just casually

  5. Amara Palmer says:

    3:14 and i oop

  6. Brooklynn Wutka says:

    Anyone else see that $100 bill in her pocket in the intro???

  7. Yo Mama says:

    Good job. You had me tearing up talking about that tree pic. I lost my youngest sister 8 yrs ago.

  8. Shivereen_ Cacklefur says:

    i love the rooms u make can u plz come to lebanon to make me a room? XD lol

  9. Shivereen_ Cacklefur says:

    i hope benette's sister goes to heave pwp

  10. Shivereen_ Cacklefur says:


  11. Shivereen_ Cacklefur says:

    this is so sad i can't even imagine if my sister died


  12. Llama_Art 123 says:


  13. Llama_Art 123 says:

    Where’s the tv???

  14. Llama_Art 123 says:

    Ahhh I seee it

  15. Sadbh Marie says:


  16. Victoria Johnson says:

    # creative weirdo 👇

  17. Lani Pilcher says:

    Why is it Mr kate

  18. Tramain Jarocki says:

    Mr Kate pls do my room

  19. Niamh Keough says:

    If u guys could come to me my theme would be marble, I am so jealous of these transformations u guys are so creative!!!! Plz like if u think the same!!

  20. Julá says:

    Why shes mr.kate.. i am new to d channel

  21. Nepali from Nepal says:

    lucky i found you both in youtube, i just love this episode…being happy by making someone happy is the best job.
    both of you,Stay bless like this…
    lots of love & blessing
    ❤️from Nepal(Land of buddha)

  22. Eleanor Bock says:

    Nobody's going to talk about the $100 in her room at 0:32

  23. kira8390 kira8390 says:

    The cat looks so much like my cat

  24. Delilah Campos says:

    Can you decorate my room

  25. Halo Server says:

    Tour starts 25:44 just if you wanted to know!

  26. CobraDove says:

    Not a winner, this one

  27. CobraDove says:

    Not a winner, this one

  28. Glam club says:

    Can you come any where around the world 🌎

  29. CookieDino135 says:

    My backyard has hella branches if anybody needs one. I just cut down a tree too, so if you need firewood hmu XD

  30. Kendyl Heyer says:

    I love your videos so so much!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Dariana Encinas says:

    Do you know how to make a playhouse

  32. loo legaspi says:

    looks very clean as usual! but i dont like the wires for the bed side lamp hmmm. overall really amazing. how do you refurbish an old vinyl dining table??? i really like white furnitures. i love DIY and refurbishing my moms old furniture (going to my loft hahahahaa)

  33. Olivia Mason says:

    I can’t believe she can do this with only $300🤯

  34. Annsley Farr says:

    32:11 did y’all hear that 😂

  35. Guzide Taskin says:

    Can you do more tween bedrooms please

  36. Hannah Hiatt says:

    00:35 i see that $100 bill in your pocket gurl.

  37. Paige Baker says:

    Hi I’m Paige I love u is it possible if u can change my room plz

  38. lara says:

    Could you do a makeover in my room❤

  39. 。Gloss Cacti 。 says:

    So.. I updated ruby rose's comment so here it goes..!

    Joey, is the builder
    Kate, is the light

    Joey bulit the room
    Kate lights the room

  40. L &G says:

    Can I plz have mine done mine is old and wrecked plz I am begging

  41. Carlie Taylor says:

    @40 seconds in the video is it just me or do you see a hundred dollar bill?

  42. Sirenity Blue says:

    Almost all of the campuses and the Online program shut down and now I have to find a new college 🙁

  43. Danielle Nesmith says:


  44. Cookie Monster 101 says:

    This is an amazing redesigned bedroom!!! I wish my room could look that nice!!

  45. Sayna says:

    Basically Mr. Kate’s biggest ingredient is love

  46. Htx Estrada says:

    Where did they get the blanket set I'm really digging it! 😣💗

  47. Sks says:

    I started crying from the beginning. You could see it in Kate.

  48. Skylaar Animates says:

    What was the budget anyway? THIS IS SO CUTE! I would die for a bedroom like that

  49. Amy Crosher says:

    I think the Swedish warehouse is called 'IKEA' 😄

  50. Haley Pierson says:

    How can you send a submission video?

  51. Kiyana Hammett says:

    If I could change my room…it would be to move into a new room first so I actually have my own room 😂 being a girl and sharing a room with a boy sucks…especially when they r disgusting and weird

  52. Patricia H. says:

    Is it even the same room

  53. Ismerai Rebollar Bustos says:

    You should guys come and transform my room I have to share it with my brother sooo 😭it’s always a mess I tried to get creative but I cant

  54. Rheya Edwards says:

    hey just a note if you guys ever go to colorado there is this plase by the dump were you can take paint for free. like so mr. kate can see

  55. Grace Greaves says:

    Please makeover my room

  56. Dissgirldoes YEAH says:

    umm i just wanna ask how I can get Mr.Kate to come to my house becuz my room doesn't feel like mine right now and my only other option is to keep it clean for a year straight and i'm not even sure if that means fully decorating it 🙁 Plz tell me how!!!! I need Kate and Joey to make my room my own That's all I have to say..

  57. lol hi says:

    help me 😂 i need a beachy room and my budget depends on how much money I get from selling stuff to get new stuff. I currently have a hundred dollars!! And a whole room of stuff to sell <3

  58. Kyla Vaughan says:

    This kind of reminds me of nickelodeon get out of my room series…😂😂😂 like if you feel the same

  59. Kate Galasso says:

    If I lost my sister I would be so sad 😭

  60. _LAZY SQUAD_ says:

    This makes me realise how lucky I am
    I’m 13 and my room is massive,
    I’ve never lost anyone I’ve loved
    I have basically everything I need
    I’m so sorry that Bennett lost her sister

  61. Regal Peter's says:

    The cats Eyes are so beautiful

  62. Susanne Hodgson says:

    my house in United States you do my bedroom ❤

  63. Makenzie Leach says:

    Dang i want you to fo my room

  64. Fun with francesca Toys and vlog says:

    Plz make my bedroom 😢😘

  65. liv and soph are awesome says:

    she is so nice

  66. not my videos my brother's says:

    If you see there is $100 dollar bill in her pocket in the intro

  67. Netta's Gymnastics says:

    3:26 she sounds like Miranda sings

  68. Niomi Oliphant says:

    I wish you did this to my room 😢😢

  69. Breanne Peters says:

    I love that she just has a couple hundreds in her pocket

  70. Moly Brook says:

    that moss soccer ball was so ugly i’m sorry i’m sorry😂

  71. Vania Orozco says:

    The intro is cringe! The dress was one of the only things I cared about staying and she said she wanted to get rid of it🙄 the flower detail on there is super cute! The lamp they got kind of resembles a soccer ball too!

  72. Raimi Huggins says:

    I love you guys! All my life I've been wanting to be an interior designer and you guys are such an inspiration on me and everyone💖😘

  73. Jamie Syphers says:

    Can u redo my room mines not looking so good

  74. volgs and activities with TT says:

    At 0:11 the money in her pocket 🤣🤣

  75. SylviaChang 21 says:

    gosh you guys are so cool!!!

  76. ChromoGnome says:

    I have that same duvet cover o:

  77. Miriam Ballard says:

    My gosh I saw this video and the subscribe button was too tempting. you just seem like an amazing person and an an amazing personality

  78. Lexi Bennett says:

    My last name is bennett xx

  79. Ayla’s world your just Living in it says:

    Is anyone watching this in 2019

  80. Brooke McAlister says:

    Anyone else noticed the hundred dollar bill in her pocket from the into lmao

  81. Alivia Anderson says:

    Anyone see a $100 in her pocket in the intro

  82. uraverageteenagegurl says:

    no one:

    literally no one:

    joey: does handstand to prove that they match
    also joey: got the wall dirty

  83. Priya Senthil says:

    I wish u can come to my house

  84. Peppa Tea says:

    How much profit did they make???

  85. Z & J says:

    My room needs a makeover and it used to be my brothers so umm can you fly to england😂😂

  86. Kally Haines says:

    I also lost my sister love and support from me 💕💕💕I also suffer from seizures, ptsd, depression, blood pressure problems, kidney diasese and severe anxiety but that's chill

  87. Adrianna Brandoli says:

    U had 100 dollars in ur pocket

  88. random name says:

    What was above the bed that you can’t show it?

  89. Kas Breanne says:

    Is there a price sticker in the popcorn still??

  90. Micah Lingard says:


  91. Micah Lingard says:

    why is her name Mr. kate???? she's a girl, right?

  92. Catalina Celis says:

    Can you please decorate my room please please i beg you

  93. Keslie Paul says:

    I love the handshake at 16:03

  94. Orla Jackson says:

    I want a room makeover but I cant cause I live on the other side of the world in Aotearoa aka New Zealand

  95. Rachelle Villeneuve says:

    When you don't live in the United States and you want Mr. Kate to transform your room but you specifically know why you can't:

  96. you dont need to know says:

    why does she call her self Mr Kate not Mrs Kate

  97. Janeth Williams says:

    oops 2019! I'm so late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Tarina Bullard says:

    Girl:🤨🤔soccer ballllllllllllll ????

  99. ALYSON SPENDER says:

    Does anyone notice the money in Kate’s pocket

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