Tyler School of Art Continuing Education: Textile Surface Design
Tyler School of Art Continuing Education: Textile Surface Design

okay my name is Gary Spilka and I’m from
South Philly and I’m taking Conquering Compliments. It’s a fabric screen
printing course. Well, I work with fabric. I’m a full time studio artist and I know that the teacher Diane Hricko is a master when it comes to fabric dyeing so I
wanted to study with her again and really learned some things particularly
around layering which is something I’m not very good at. You know I really I’ve
never been in the building, I haven’t been in a continuing ed program
and I was really excited actually I was excited to get out of the studio and be
exposed to some new ideas and also hopefully some new people as well and I
just I knew I’d learned a lot more about color and technique particularly this
deconstructed screen printing process which would round out my vocabulary
of my own work, so yeah I was real I was really excited to check out the
facilities too Well I’m only here for one week and
it’s really been great we’ve had a really good balance of some conversation
and, you know, discussion the teacher Diane has presented some basic chemistry
information which is important in this work as well as technical mostly it’s
just working with the materials and silkscreening so so we have learned a
completely new technique for me it’s a deconstructed screen printing so it’s
been great I wish I could be here longer you guys have a fabulous facility here
and you know I don’t think anybody that I know has such an amazing array of
equipment that kind of space that you have here. You have wet facilities, dry facilities, you have access to water wash ups. The
facilities are fabulous and you know it’s also really great it’s very
convenient to where I live I’ve taken other workshops where you have to go
away and sleep at a hotel this is like the best kept secret for people who live
in Philadelphia I’ve enjoyed bumping up against the
teacher and the other students who have some information as well I really enjoy
being around other young people again too. It’s great to be
with young people who are on the cusp of really new
new discoveries themselves I enjoy that I think I think it’s such a great
opportunity and it’s so convenient it’s so affordable as I said it’s the
best-kept secret to local Philadelphia artists to really take advantage of the opportunity here. Go for it!

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