Tyler School of Art Hosts Wearable Art Show
Tyler School of Art Hosts Wearable Art Show

[music intro] There’s something really special about making
art that moves. Whether it’s sculpture or fabric or painting, all art is interacting with the body in one way or another, um, and this is an opportunity for us to see that
come to life in a way that you don’t see in your closed
off studio. Tonight, we are putting on our second annual wearable art show. This year it’s called “Vestments,” as named by the students. We have representation from sculpture, glass, there’s a visual studies class that’s a cosplay
class. And then the other class that’s in our department that’s very much involved is our body art and adornment class. There’s some performance pieces. Things that are completely absurd, and then things that are sort of more traditional, so it’s the whole gamut of what is wearable and what is art. [music] I have six different works, um, based of these different magician illusions that I’ve just really been enamored with, so I recreated those, um, through some woodworking
and sculpture classes, and in my experimental costuming class, I brought them to life as well. One of the works that is going down the runway
tonight is this green table based off this illusion
that I’ve seen many talented magicians do, and I wanted to put it in this context. I’ve been called it “Flower Bed Head.” I worked with my model to get her to fit into this confined space
comfortably and be able to see, and perform the act of walking while having
the torso completely concealed. It’s, honestly, a lot easier than I was hoping. Lyssa did perfect to make the box usable for me and that’s great. New media, especially, and fashion like Lyssa
is making, is something that’s on the verge of being really popular, and I think that Tyler School of Art is doing a great job at promoting things that are going
to A: sellable, and B: consumable in the art
world in the future, and I think that’s a great thing to have. The fibers department here has been amazing because they allow a lot of collaboration, and Tyler, in general, is going towards much more of an interdisciplinary route. Being a junior right now, I’m just trying
to push my limits and make as much work as possible, and figure out ideas on where I want to go
for my thesis, so this was a great exercise to be able to
do that. It’s a wonderful way to end the year. We’ll be doing this now every spring semester, and, I mean, they’re excited and exhausted, but I think they’re also elated to have this
opportunity and to really show the school what they’ve
been working so hard on. [music fades]

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  1. Hillel Hoffmann says:

    Jesse Harrod, program head of Tyler Fibers & Materials Studies, is the BEST.

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