Types of MOM’s During EXAMS .. | #Students #Sketch #Roleplay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand
Types of MOM’s During EXAMS .. | #Students #Sketch #Roleplay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

has result come?? Nobody’s result has come yet as their Exams are going on and what’s the Target this time? 1,50,000 LIKES So do it fast Seventy days… you’ve only seventy days might be most important days of your life either you study well or not These days you’ll remember forever So I won’t tell you how to study only would like to tell you Go and study hard in these seventy days because in the coming life Either will happen good or not Either will remain or not Either you’ll pass or fail in your board exams but nobody can snatch these seventy days from you Nobody! Nobody!! Board Exams!! but we are in 9th Class Breaking News Look at this girl If you too wanted that she has pass the board exams then you need to keep her away from all the distractions… Now…. Now distractions are there so do study well do your studies study… No one is here… lets listen to my favourite song do study now I’ll make you eat everything you want to eat Dosa!!! No not Dosa… Stuffed Tinda ok I make it for you now you just score 100 marks its too much I’ll buy a Samsung phone for you No Mumma I want Apple.. I’ll dance on Taki Taki song My result has come and here’s is your Gift have your mother ever did this to you?? then hit a LIKE to this video now… I told you Apple’s Phone not an apple I’ll not allowed you to go in the park without doing Homework and I am telling you don’t score less than 70% marks otherwise.. this much are needed at least to sit in any Company’s Interview didn’t started Thermodynamics yet when you’ll be start preparing??? you’ll fail if multiple choice questions are there? isn’t it?? if that questions come?? so could you score at least boundary marks should I tell her to do cheating?? she don’t even smart enough to do cheating surely she’ll fail I’ll not go on result day as I feel insulted in front of others you make me feel insulted you won’t be get married even in the village say something… done with Periodic table, Pythagorus theorem…… and what you’ve finished in Computer? now only chemical bonding etc…. were left and what you’ll do even after completing this!!! that you did….. as have to become that only right you’re studying late night my dear child show me what’s is this its Syllabus you have English Exam let me help you meaning of first Stanza did you had fast have you bring that Babaji ki booty??? your child is so dumb nothing happens only with fasting Anyway you always roaming around with your degree why don’t you help in her studies sometime you help her its Ok Mom you too are not literate I too will become a housewife like you first you’ll do a job whether I am a literate or an iiliterate but I’ll make you literate don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE to this video have you enjoyed this video? If you relate to this video let us know in the comments below & we together will meet you in our next video till then turn that red SuBSCRIBE button to Grey and press that bell icon nearby it to get the notifications about our new uploads

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