Types of Oriental Rugs for Your Home: Bokhara Rugs | RugKnots
Types of Oriental Rugs for Your Home: Bokhara Rugs | RugKnots

One of our most popular and classical oriental
rugs, the Bokara, gives any room character. The design pattern is what separates this
rug from other types of rugs. Known for its distinct design and symmetrical
layout, Bokara rugs are traditional and well suited for formal settings. The oval designs or gulls are what makes this
rug unique. The gulls are usually arranged in rows inside
a border filled with smaller gulls. Traditional Bokaras are red, but we offer
them in many other colors. This type of rug generally has a dense knot
count of 9/14. The density of the knot count is what gives
the Bokara its quality and elaborate design. Bokara rugs are made of a mixture of wool
and silk. The silk provides the soft feel and slight
sheen. The type of dye used gives the rug its impressive
and elegant color and design feel. We offer 9/14 quality Bokara rugs that come
in different sizes and colors. Thank you for choosing Rugknots.

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    In this video, we introduce our one of a kind hand-knotted Oriental rugs called Bokhara. The 9/14 quality (126 kpsi) rugs are created using traditional patterns and colors and are made from 100% natural hand-spun wool and silk. Visit http://www.rugknots.com/Traditional-Bokhara-Rugs-s/146.htm to view our Bokhara Collection.

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