UNH Housing Tips: Wall Space and Damage-Free Decorating
UNH Housing Tips: Wall Space and Damage-Free Decorating

Hi guys. It’s Kayleigh from
the UNH Social Team. Today we’re going to
talk about different ways that you can utilize wall
space in your UNH dorm. I think the best ways to
use wall space are using command hooks and magnet tape. So we’re going to go over
those two ways today. Command hooks can be great
for decorating your walls. The tricks to
using command hooks is to pick out the
right kind for the thing that you’re hanging. They have command strips
that will hang flat on things like posters. And they also have hooks to
hang up your purses, jewelry, or pennants. Start by measuring
on the wall where you’d like to place your hooks. When you find the place,
just take the back off of the command strip,
and place it on the wall. Next, take the front strip
off, and place your hook. Make sure you let it sit
there for at least 30 minutes. After you let your
command hooks set, you’re ready to
hang your banner. You can even use command
hooks to go from this to this. Another great way to hang
decorations in your dorm and get organized
is magnet tape. I like to hang all my
pictures with magnet tape. So what I do is just
put some magnet strips on the back of my
picture frames, and place a strip of
magnet tape sticky side up on the back of the fame. And the next step is super easy. You just stick it
where you want it. And there you go. You can also use
strips of magnet tape to organize things
like your phone cords. Check out some more of these
tips and tricks for your dorm room, and you’ll have your
room looking great in not time. And don’t forget to check
out more social media content at www.unh.edu/social. See you next time.

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