United — Her Art Here: Bebe O’Neil
United — Her Art Here: Bebe O’Neil

Women pilots, we’re no
longer a novelty anymore. I’m proud of the fact that United Airlines has more women pilots that anyone else. There are women in flight
instruction, flight evaluation, women in management positions, and myself as a Systems Chief Pilot. So a System Chief Pilot here
oversees our 12,600 pilots. We have eight bases with
a Chief Pilot per base and I oversee those eight Chief Pilots. What’s it like to fly a plane? I think it’s a little
art and a little science. The science is all the
physics and the aerodynamics and performance that goes with getting an airplane on and off the ground. The art is about how you
apply different techniques to get the nice landings,
addressing your passengers, your coworkers. Bringing both goals together can be a great orchestra in aviation. The pilot who gets to fly the airplanes with the artwork on the outside is going to be awe inspiring. They will gt to highlight the hard work of this artist who gets selected. It would be a wonderful way to
share in that women’s success as she practices her art,
while I’m practicing mine.

6 thoughts on “United — Her Art Here: Bebe O’Neil”

  1. Bob Cronin says:

    Outstanding Job, Bebe…………We are very proud of you, and all you have accomplished, and your wonderful family…………… Brother Bob

  2. Sky Cowabunga says:

    You have "more women pilots than anywhere else", huh? How many times have they made unscheduled diversions or even turned back to the gate because they "felt uncomfortable" over the most benign things?

  3. Cynthia Shelton says:

    You go Bebe! You Rock!

  4. ExodusStudentMnstry says:

    You know what would be a great way to support women artists, actually paying them real money for their work. "Exposure" and a tiny pot of miles doesn't pay the bills for artists. Does United pay it's women pilots for their work with exposure and miles?

  5. Beth Amann says:

    This is great! Very inspired to enter my submission. How do you pronounce, Bebe?

  6. don buser says:

    On a flight from Orlando to San Francisco on Saturday November 3, 2018, after the flight I discovered that my luggage tag was damaged On Thursday November 8, 2018 on the flight from San Francisco back to Orlando I was trying to get an employee's attention to request some cookies. When tapping her shoulder, instead of her asking me what I needed, she tapped me on the shoulder back mockingly. If she didn't like that I tapped her on the shoulder, she could have asked me not to do it and then addressed what I needed. She should have addressed what I needed regardless. The employee did not give her name. She was short in stature, had short black hair, and wore @t top it off, unlike other airlines, United has assigned seating so I, therefore was not able to get a window seat. Avoid this airline if possible. Still think united airlines is great check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrDWY6C1178&t=6s

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