Today I’ll show you a few creative ways
to use Christmas lights in your video and photo projects. Christmas and other
festive lights are budget-friendly since most of you might already have them and
you can get them with a huge discount after the season. The first way to use them is as a practical light in the background. By practical I mean showing
the light source inside the frame but instead showing the light source
clearly using a higher aperture makes the light source blurry and bigger in
the background. This gives the nice BOKEH look like
the one I have here. I also used a similar technique in my previous video with a fishnet type of festive light in the background. Another factor in this
technique is to have enough distance between the light and the subject. The second way they used light is to have them on the foreground this makes the
light sources appear larger brighter spots these can be used as creative
transitions when camera movement is applied. When shooting close-ups you can
get interesting reflections in the subjects eyes and from other reflective
surfaces as well. The third way to use them are as hidden light sources. A smaller LED string with a battery pack is a very handy and lightweight to use
in several situations like between the smaller objects, edges or you can even
tape them in the interior roof of your car. Keep in mind that this technique is
handy in darker and moody scenes since the light output ain’t that great. Have you used any festive lights in your projects? Let me know in the comments
below. See you in the next video.


  1. Frame Upgrade says:

    Lenses with smaller F-stop gives better BOKEH results – but keep in mind that the area of focus will be more narrow the smaller the F-stop gets. Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅🏽 -Joonas

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