Using a Flamethrower… for Art?
Using a Flamethrower… for Art?

Today we are doing black
and white abstract art, using the ancient
technique of Shou Sugi Ban. Which is basically
lighting things on fire! (hard rock music) (laughing) Awe, more! (flames blowing) Oh my God! Ah, cut it! Oh my God! That’s what it does. I didn’t know it would be that big. (laughing) That’s what she– KATELYN: Science Adjacent
with Evan and Katelyn. Yeah.
Yeah. All right, so Shou Sugi Ban is a finish that you can add to wood by burning it. And it adds weather resistance and resistance to bugs by creating this kind of
protective layer on top. It also looks really cool,
which is why we’re doing it. Oh, my beautiful art. (laughing) Okay so we’re gonna Shou Sugi Ban a whole, big old piece of wood. And then the plan is to carve away parts that we want to show
the normal wood through and it should end up looking like a black and white abstract art. Or it’ll look terrible. Which is kind of the
thing about abstract art, you don’t really know
how it’s gonna turn out until you’re done. EVAN: Yeah, I like the circles. Very nice. (old piano music) KATELYN: First we’ll test a propane torch, which you can find at
your local home store. Next is MAPP Gas, which
is pretty much the same, but a little more powerful. And finally, the big handheld torch. It’s often used for
obliterating your weeds. This one is really, really, really big. All right so I think that
this propane is going to go a little bit too slow. I’m going to have to hold
it on there for too long. And I also have this
little water bottle here. You’re supposed to spray it
down after it’s all burnt so then it doesn’t keep on burning and warp and bend. I’m so excited, I’ve been
waiting for this for so long. (rock music) That’s actually like pretty good. It smells like marshmallows. Why does it smell like marshmallows? KATELYN: Pretty good level of crackle. EVAN: That’s great, that looks great. Okay maybe I was underestimating this guy. KATELYN: Yeah. Look at this too. Look at how crisp that edge is. That’s really nice. Look at how crispy that wood is. EVAN: Yeah! It’s real crispy. EVAN: This easier than I thought. Yeah this actually happened super fast. EVAN: Yes! I am a little worried
that this one’s going to be too intense now. Oh no, it’s going to be awesome. (rock music) Ah! You did go little bit faster on yours. Kind of similar end result. EVAN: Yeah. I mean, it’s cool. It’s really cool.
It’s really cool. Yeah same thing but just a
little bit faster I think. Alrighty. KATELYN: Are you ready for big boy? I’m ready for big boy! Oh my God! (rock music) Toasting it! Ah blow it out! That went fast! KATELYN: And it did the
whole thing at once. Oh my gosh it’s so hot over here. The whole thing is hot. No, the table. Well that’s what I mean, the whole table. Yeah. (laughing) Alrighty, well that was
definitely the fastest. And it’s probably the most uniform. KATELYN: Yeah it probably is
a little bit more uniform, you can see here. EVAN: It’s probably
like a deeper crisp too. KATELYN: See how my edges
aren’t quite as blackened? EVAN: I didn’t even mean to get this edge. (laughing) I think for the big one,
we have to go with this. EVAN: Yeah, yeah. But it’s good to know that you
can achieve a similar look. Yeah, with just a little torch. EVAN: With a little torch, yeah. Yeah, your head’s not been
in frame the entire time. Achoo!
Bless you! Are you ready? I’m ready. (ragtime music) What’s awesome is this is, you know the Elon Musk
Boring Company flamethrower? Isn’t it just one of these? It’s just one of these! We should make a flamethrower. I like your way of thinking. Is it raining? No the-wait. Did a bird poop on me? Oh, I think– Or is this dirty water? Okay. Okay, we should start fast. We should go, we should go. Here, start behind me because I’m going to start shooting it this way. There you go, there you go. All right. You ready? Yeah. (flames blowing) (jazz music) Ah-ha! Oh man, okay! All right, all right,
all right, all right. (snapping) Now ladies! I don’t know why I’m just going like this. (flames blowing) (jazz music) I extinguished it! Yeah, this is troublesome because I get in and then it’s out. Okay, I’ll get this time. Okay. It’s going to be great footage. (flames blowing) Yeah! Whoa! (jazz music) Oh my God, that’s a lot of fire! Woo! Woo, woo, woo! Woo woo woo! I had to stop, it was getting
out of control a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. That was fun though. It’s like crackling, do you hear it? I hear it. Aw man, I loved it when
there was like a halo of flame around it. That was insane. It was a circle! It was so good. It was good. (laughing) When I’m excited I laugh
in strange ways, okay! (laughing) (flames blowing) KATELYN: Ah, that’s so cool! Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah! You got it, you got it! Ah! Woo! Something fiery flew at me. No, it was a leaf, I saw it hit you. Okay, okay, that’s pretty good. I think I’ll switch to
the little guys for now. (flames blowing) (jazz music) Does it pass inspection? I mean, we’d have to get
the supervisor out here. Okay, we’re going to let this cool down, dry off. EVAN: And then we are
going to stabilize it with some resin. (record scratch) KATELYN: Okay, so carrying this in, we realized something. I mean, this is a fairly common
issue with Shou Sugi Ban, the technique. Sometimes the boards warp a little bit. When you are a little too intense with the heat. Oh my God! And if you don’t spray it soon enough, and lots of other factors. Plus, this is such a wide board, made up of mini little boards. If your project doesn’t
need your final piece to be perfectly flat. But we need it to be really,
really flat for the CNC. KATELYN: I feel like
you’re threatening it. Everything was going really
well except for it cupping. We could glue a few of
these and clamp it down, and when that wood glue solidifies, then it will be nice and flat,
and these will hold it flat. Or we could try burning the other side, and then evening it out. KATELYN: Yeah, but what
if that doesn’t work? Then… Oh then we’re really in trouble. KATELYN: Yeah. So this would probably be the safer way. KATELYN: Okay. Stop threatening the wood. It’s our own doing. (crashing) (angry cat meow) You know, I was thinking man, for once, everything is going so smoothly. Nothing was going wrong. That never happens. (laughing) Don’t die please. You know what, we always find a way. I know that we always find a way. Oh, I was going to go old
school with the glue spreading. I was just going to dump it out like this. Oh that’s a lot! And then just kind of
spread it in by hand. We have brushes and rollers! Okay. Should I use one of your gloves? I didn’t come prepared, I didn’t know we were
doing it like cavemen! Why are you doing-that’s so much glue! I don’t want people to say that we’re not using enough glue. I don’t think anyone’s going to say that. This is so bad, and your
glove is so big on me. It’s just taking the glove off my hand! (laughing) I’m already done. Look at that, a whole big board, glued up, perfectly, perfect levels, in no time flat. (coughing) Take a deep breath. You okay? Yeah. Okay, let’s keep going. Oh! All right, let’s get this glue up going. Oh, be careful! It looks flat, it looks great. It looks pretty flat. EVAN: Aw yeah, that’s flat. KATELYN: That’s so much nicer. Even there too. All right, so I’m 90 percent
sure that this is good to go. Yes! All right so, we probably
could just slap this down on the CNC and get carving, but just in case, I want to strengthen everything
with penetrating epoxy. Now this will work its way into the wood, and strengthen it so that
we don’t get any chip out or flakes and lose any of
this beautiful detail in those crackly bits. KATELYN: Okay, let’s do it. (laughing) Ah! Perfect. Just like I planned. KATELYN: Are you 90 percent sure? 90 percent sure. KATELYN: Part two! Is that going to be enough? I think so. I’m kind of worried this big old brush, I’m just going to stick it in there, and all of it’s just going
to absorb into the brush. KATELYN: You’re just going
to penetrate the brush! It’s called penetrating epoxy! Not that type of channel! All right ready?
Ready? Yeah. (electronic swing music) Ooh. Makes it look even richer. KATELYN: It kind of evens
out those lighter spots. Look at that. Yeah. Super thirsty. Obviously, because I burned it. It’s getting a little bit fumy. (electronic swing music) So glorious! Okay so we thought that while that dried, it would be a great time to
do the art for this piece. And we were thinking abstract art. Like something mature people
would hang up in their house, like modern or minimalist. And it started kind of boring and generic, then I started experimenting
with some weirder stuff, which sounds weird. But I still wasn’t feeling it, then I just decided to
draw our supervisor looking through her catio, and
I noticed she kind of looked like she was in a spacesuit, so I just went with it and
now we have a cat in space. And I love her. All right, I think it’s ready, there’s no more charcoal coming off. I am so excited to see
Katelyn’s design come to life. And what better way to do that, than with a CNC? It’s so futuristic and space like! KATELYN: Yeah, and we’re just going to carve a really, really thin layer. So it should be relatively fast too. Relatively. (electronic music) (machine whirring) First star is done! KATELYN: Yeah! (record scratch) What’s up? It’s never a good thing
when you call mid-CNC run. I think I messed up. KATELYN: What the heck? EVAN: I moved one of
the lines incorrectly or something like that. KATELYN: Oh no, did it start
carving through her face? It carved a little bit through her face. Just a little bit! Just a little bit. I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll fix it. Poor Jooba! You know it’s abstract art. EVAN: It’s abstract! That line represents
the line straight from my cat to my soul. (scary music) EVAN: And we can fix it, look at this, look at this. And just move it back down here. That’s where it’s supposed to be. KATELYN: You got to line
it up with the other lines. Let us try that again. (electronic swing music) All right, I had probably a bad idea, but it could be funny. I think I’m going to try to prank Katelyn. I’m not good at pranks. Wish me luck. Hey Katelyn, something messed up out here. Surprise, it’s perfect! (laughing) You’re evil!
Pranked! You’re evil! EVAN: Was it funny? Well, I mean no. It looks really good. EVAN: It looks really good. She has an evil eye, one
of her eyes is in a knot. Yeah, well she’s an evil
supurrvisor, overlord. EVAN: Okay, so I had a good idea. What if we finish all
of the outside in gloss, but finish her in matte? So she’ll stand out, so the
space will stand out as space, and she’ll be a little floating astronaut. I don’t know, I kind of like it matte. EVAN: Kind of like the whole thing matte? Yeah. I thought my space idea was pretty cool. Are you ready? EVAN: Yeah, sorry. Can’t trust you anymore. (laughing) So because that penetrating
epoxy is glossy, and it only soaked in all
the way in some places, we’re going to add a matte varnish on top, because I think that would look nicer. (quirky music) Hey guys, well we really
liked how it turned out, but now it’s time to see
if the ultimate critic, supurrvisor, and muse of
our art approves of it. Joobie, what do you think? She rejected it. I think she’s rejecting me. Oh, okay.
She’s done with you! We liked this piece of art so much, we want to wear it on
our bodies all the time. No, we’re not getting tattoos, something a little less extreme, we ordered shirts. We made shirts of these. Yeah, and if you guys want
some too we have them at And then we can all be space cat twins. Okay thanks, bye! [Evan and Katelyn] And
now, a quick preview of our gaming channel. Don’t look at me! EVAN: You need to clear this place, you need to clear a space here. Clear a space, clear a space, clear a space! I like that you still
actually don’t have pants. What the? Look at that, look at that! Oh, so fancy! You look adorb! We got a Miley Cyrus this thing. I came in like a wrecking ball! (laughing)

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