Van Helsing (2004) – I Am Count Dracula Scene (4/10) | Movieclips
Van Helsing (2004) – I Am Count Dracula Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

Is this your silver stake? How long has it been?
300, 400 years? You don’t remember, do you? Exactly what is it
I should be remembering? You are the great Van Helsing. Trained by monks and mullahs
from Tibet to Istanbul. Protected by Rome herself. But, like me, hunted by all others. The Knights of the Holy Order
know all about you. It’s no surprise
you would know about me. Yes, but it’s much more than this. We have such history,
you and I, Gabriel. DRACULA: Have you ever wondered why
you have such horrible nightmares? Horrific scenes
of ancient battles past. How do you know me? – Velkan.
– Anna. No. Don’t unstrap me. Don’t unstrap me! No, you must not! No! Stop! Stop it.
I’m getting you out of here. Velkan, it’s all right.
I’m taking you home. So would you like me
to refresh your memory a little? A few details from your sordid past. Perhaps that is a conversation
for another time. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia. Born 1422. Murdered 1462.

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  1. Armando Sanchez says:


  2. Luigi Miguel says:

    2:14 Did you say "Dragulia."

  3. _iam nii_ says:

    Dracula tóc trắng mới đẹp :>>>

  4. Luigi Miguel says:

    1:51 Why funny?!?!

  5. Nacho The Cat says:

    Twilight you better watch out there's a new Vampire & Werewolf in town..

  6. Jack Solidus says:

    Wow , even the title is wrong…
    It's not Count Dracula , it's Count Vladislaus Dragulia , I remember the first time I watched this , and it still is in my memory.

  7. Shamik Bhattacharya says:

    What an attitude…. Dracula rocked

  8. Just a guy says:

    Is this Slavoj Zizek before he became a philosopher and so on and so forth?

  9. Armando Sanchez says:


  10. swnerd -23 says:

    If Orochimaru were ever depicted in a life action film, this is what I'd wager he'd look like.

  11. Snails40 says:

    I love how he screams while the cross melts, and then catches his breath and calmly introduces himself.
    Such class.

  12. WeylandYutaniInc91 says:

    I really like his performance as Dracula, I feel he had some real theatricality to his performance.

  13. The Executer says:

    I watched it 25+ times

  14. MLBets says:

    One of the best Draculas ever…

  15. jonjon says:

    Dracula, was very great

  16. baldy hardnut says:

    Good villain but he talk too much could have killed van Helsing multiple times but blabbles on giving van Helsing time to think about how to beat him…

  17. Celestial Phantom says:

    I'm batman!..

  18. Hikaru Midomiya says:

    mh… I prefer gary Oldman, by VERY FAR !

  19. Alexander Afxendiou says:

    A big reason why Dracula can't be killed like normal Vampires Is two very big reasons
    1 Dracula is a Vampire with a eternal indestructible complete soul most vampires don't have souls Dracula is a incarnated being from the spiritual realms meaning a Incarnation of the real Lucifer who is not the devil

    2 Dracula is a hybrid of the highest class meaning hybrids have all the abilities powers strengths of both but non of the weaknesses so any method used to kill a regular vampire won't work on a incarnation of the real Lucifer in this case Dracula

  20. pinheiro pin says:

    In_Grésso! Héring_

  21. MuMu124 says:

    Allow myself to introduce..myself

  22. ultragarrison says:

    He look like Undertaker

  23. Masindi says:

    "I feel no love, no pain, no fear, no joy, I am hollow…. and I will live forever…". Count Dracula

  24. Kas Al says:

    Gabriel sounds like Captain Jack's sparrow

  25. José Anderson says:

    Now imagine if this movie was a trilogy instead, in my opinion, the reason this movie wasnt so good per se, was because they rushed everything into one movie, just a shame, cuz the idea, actors and design were on a different level that most fantasy movies.

  26. jelena damjanovic says:

    Constantinople not Istanbul!

  27. Emperor Constantine 1. says:

    How van helsing behaves, is how I usually see a smart Witch Hunter working in Warhammer Fantasy battles!

  28. Steel Wings says:

    Dracula vs a Cross… dracula wins.

  29. Tam Tam says:

    His identity is still a mystery, The Count recognized him from 400 years before, is he immortal?

  30. OracleOci says:

    Look at him, stalking around so beautifully! Was always disappointed he didn't get to monologue some more backstory 🙁

  31. Md Monir says:

    Ful movie HD miss you

  32. Shelter says:

    Дааа, оригинальная озвучка такое себе…. Слышали бы вы русскую, сразу почувствовали бы разницу) Она просто божественна, особенно Дракула.

  33. seeyouagain911 says:

    As a kid, I thought this scene was scary but now watching it, I cant help but laugh. It is funny when he said born in 1422, murdered in 1462! Lol! I guess I am not a kid anymore.

  34. CELL JUNIOR says:

    This is the only movie where you see both draculla and werewolf and also Frankenstein.such a awesome movie.

  35. Kev 420 says:

    A lot of people don’t like this version of Dracula but I think this actor did a great job! Very theatrical, and that’s exactly what I’d expect Dracula to be.

  36. Cyberdemon Mike says:

    I honestly don't understand the hate towards this movie.

  37. the Sententious Vaunter says:

    @1:51 Atheists when they encounter a Christian in a political debate on social media.

  38. Χρόνος Chronos Keeper Time says:

    Adam/Frankenstein's Monster

  39. Shubham Kumar says:

    Each bit of this clip is so good. He is completely in his role as Dracula, portraying his pasture, movements and that little evil laugh he did must have improvised so on point.

  40. 012Lulu says:

    Show Anna death

  41. Mariah Francois says:

    I was 4yo when this come my dad use to let me watch these kinda movies 😂

  42. William Craig says:

    Roxburgh shouts and growls way too much. Bela Lugosi could be ten times more elegant and menacing than this, without ever having to raise his voice.

  43. Quirky Honor says:

    So… at 1:24 his right arm was free. Why didn't he just get up and leave when he had complaints earlier? Oh, wait. Maybe it was mind control, but then why are the straps necessary in the first place?

    I don't understand!

  44. Irony Cat says:

    Why is Dracula Italian?

  45. Epic Gilgamesh says:

    1:50 The same effect would happen if you were to do that to shadman

  46. Solus Darkcoat says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Van Helsing is the archangel Gabriel, who chose to fight amongst/for mankind by becoming human, because he was not allowed to do so as an angel. Dracula and Gabriel fought side by side till Gabriel realised Dracula's corruption and killed him, only for Dracula to later come back as a vampire.
    Now, don't quote me on that, cuz I actually don't remember if any of that is true or just fanfiction I read somewhere.

  47. OsamaBinLooney says:

    "is this Your, silver stake?" always cracks me up LOL

  48. mikhailr13 says:

    If he cant see himself in a mirror how does he have such neat hair?

  49. jimbo says:

    The actor who played Dracula is the same one that played the Duke in Moulin Rouge.

  50. super sonic says:

    why didnt you let the count finish his speech!!

  51. stephen pearce says:

    stephen bad powers
    s.p s.p we brad the one

  52. Michael Ingber says:

    If this ancient powerful entity told me a story or a tale in his accent, I’d probably need all the therapy for the rest of my born days.

  53. Lisa maitland says:

    Only a very specific wood, through the heart can kill the vampire. Hollywood claim's anything through there heart will do.. Due to Dracula being curse by god, he was made immortal. Free choice makes the vampire offspring's, and they have the worst curse of all. they have no immunity's, like Dracula has or his powers. Powers that were Cursed upon him by the devil, after he was made immortal by god. = Hollywood forgets this little fact, to make the movie have extra entertaining factors. Best thing to do with Dracula would be to tie him down with chains, and bury him in a coffin. Stakes in his heart wont kill him, nor will the sun light. God wanted him to walk among man, with eternal thoughts on his sin. To suffer forever with the lose of his love. His powers were never Vampire in nature.. Only his strength, slight of hand illusions came with his transformation. The power to Change his looks and shape.. the power to Seduce people… the power to use mans sins/choice to make more vampires… =these were the Curse/gifts the devil bestowed on him as part of his punishment. This is very fitting because even in the Bible, you see this happening. god will punish someone, and then allow the devil to finish it. {this is Dracula's Fate also } 🙁 a curse among men, and a death sentence to who ever excepts his curse into them. =they have no ability's like the father of death. This is what makes Dracula Scary and powerful, not his offspring's.

  54. Jennifer Mondesire says:

    Sean carter

  55. Jennifer Mondesire says:

    Dimensions diamondstein

  56. Jennifer Mondesire says:


  57. Master Bates says:

    He looks just like a young Bono!

  58. MalContent says:

    I think that crucifix turned him on!

  59. Gvh Cgfjncnv says:

    Some people is complaning about the Dracula's English pronunciation but I think his bad pronunciation makes more creepy and realistic. As far as I know he's from Romania and he used to live near Budafest, Hungary long time (because his labo basement is there). So having bad pronunciation is nothing wrong

  60. Erika Matlock says:

    Cross melted because Demons/vampires are cursed from jesus on the cross his death defeated them in the crucifix story that is why it melts when they touch a crucifix

  61. Dalveontay Parks says:

    When I saw this as a kid I thought Dracula was Shawn Michaels from WWE

  62. Xx Xx says:


  63. タドコロックマン says:


  64. ghett0bla5t says:

    Why does Dracula look like Yara Greyjoy?

  65. StringPuppet Maestro says:

    Wrong! Vlad III was born in 1437 and supposedly died in 1476 and Vladislav is the son of Vlad II Dracul who held the throne after traitorous, Hungarian asshats invaded Wallachia in 1442.

  66. Kono Dutch says:

    How long has it been????? You dont remember do you??

  67. Sarvonis says:

    I love how the cross DID actually affect dracula until he melted it.

    Goes to show even if hellsings faith has faltered he's done enough good for god to still protect him.

    It's just that draculas curse also protects him 🙂 even the devil has his champions.

    This is one of the best monster movies ever and more then deserves a sequal.

  68. Lalremruata Colney says:

    I was waiting for the "blah blah blahh"

  69. Anthony Garcia says:

    Wow this movie deserves a redemption since it has mixed reviews. But there should be a sequel to this. Hugh is still young enough to do this film and with a hot new female co star say like Gal Gadot or Jennifer Lawrence,Blake Lively,Eva Green just to name a few. So sweep up Dracula's ashes so he can be resurrected again!

  70. Marxine St.Arline says:

    0:27 both of these guys are Aussies….just thought that was interesting.

  71. Marxine St.Arline says:

    0:29 …not Istanbul, C O N S T A N T I N O P L E .

  72. Icon Of Sin says:

    This is one of the best Draculas along with his original Universal incarnation Bela Lugosi, and Christopher Lee, Frank Langella and Gary Oldman.

  73. DAVEACE says:

    So who was Van Helsing suppose to be?? Was he immortal or something they never explained

  74. Lobo Nada Solitário says:

    This film have the best actor and performace of dracula in my opnion.

  75. Steffan Blanco says:

    His name is supposed to be Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracula

  76. LunarSault23 says:

    This movie did not get enough credit. A great tribute to the legendary horror icons of Universal studios.

  77. Kono Dutch says:

    You don't remember do you?

  78. DAmaterasa says:

    I love this movie and i especially love the way he says his name in this seen. "Count..VLAdislaus..DRAgulia"

  79. menslady125 says:

    Richard Roxburgh's Dracula FTW!!!!!!

  80. is this love says:

    oi where is the sequel ?
    this movie deserve one or two

  81. pein williams says:

    My greetings to Mr Count.

  82. Şapkalı Şövalye says:

    he murdered 1476 -1477 right? why he said 1462? 3 vlad?

  83. zakk bishop says:

    My favorite Dracula

  84. Koolavinine X says:

    Good movie to watch around Halloween that's for sure.

  85. Simon says:

    I love this one and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. These two movies somehow are very similar to me. Love both.

  86. Cihan ÇINAR says:

    I am so sad that I will never get any sequel for Van Helsing or Constantine with the same crew.

    And if they reboot them probably will be worst than these versions just like Hellboy. 😞

  87. FuzzyTaco says:

    He would make a awesome harry dresden

  88. FairTO_Midland _ says:

    Lol Dracula looks like dr. Oz.

  89. segen says:

    so was Van Helsing St.Gabriel?

  90. RD_ Z says:

    The best looking werewolves are in this movie

  91. amit gaikwad says:

    Why does you afraid you van helsing from draculla …





  94. Hansel Maximof says:

    Die monster, you don't belong in this world!

  95. Mordecai says:

    Number 1 movie that i always wanted to have a another series as well.
    i love it.


    i would like to bite the rest my computer told me 94% the whole universe thats these ones and those one and this and that '''''.'.'.'.'..'


    yes i did bite them even a long time ago

  98. Muhammad Jameel says:


  99. Ultrafastidious says:

    How long has it been, 3? 400 years? AH AH AH

  100. Tazrean Rifty says:

    Extraordinary acting by the Dracula. Marvellous.

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