‘Vanishing Into Stitches’ – artist Ruth Marshall
‘Vanishing Into Stitches’ – artist Ruth Marshall

Well the animals inspire me first and foremost.
As soon as I started working at the Bronx Zoo, I just completely fell in love with the
animals there and it turned around my whole art practice because I really wanted to say
something meaningful about the animals and about all the conservation issues I was learning
about at the Bronx Zoo. The reaction is really an emotional rollercoaster.
Everyone knows that it is not ok anymore to have tiger skins on a wall. So when people
initially see my work they kind of get a little outraged and they’re like, “what is that doing
there.” Obviously there is not a place for animal skins on a wall anymore. And then if
they allow themselves to come in and collaborate with the work and find out what it is and
then they find out that it’s knitted and the reaction completely turns around. Oh it’s
knitted. Knitting has this whole connotation of comfort and warmth and so the reaction
goes from “what is going on” to “oh it�s knitted” and then there’s this invitation
then for people to really look at the work and really understand it. Then they’re allowed
to like the work. Then they’re allowed to appreciate the beauty of the animals because
the knitting gives them the access to help them understand what is going on. I am a trained artist. I have a BFA and MFA
from Pratt Institute- New York City. I have worked in a lot of different sculptural mediums
and my degrees were in sculpture. I kind of rediscovered a fascination with knitting that
I had as a child. My mom and my aunt taught me how to knit and I rediscovered that love
of kitting. Working at the zoo, I realized that the textural visual aspects of knitting
could be something that I could use to describe the animals. So I changed my medium over to
knitting in around 2004. You can find my work at ruthmarshall.com.
I have my buttons for my social media, facebook, twitter, pinterest page even. It is really
simple to sign up for my newsletter, which is on every page of my website. I send out
regular bulletins about what I am doing and where you can see my work. Deputy Consul General Darren Sharp Welcoming
Guests to the Exhibition Welcome everyone. On behalf of the Australian
Government, welcome to the Monash Room here at the Australian Consulate. It is a fantastic
exhibition space and we are delighted to have this artwork on the walls. We have had some
tremendous art work here and this is certainly right up there. I think the advice I would give to up and
coming artists here in New York City is longevity. It’s really important to kind of stick with
your guns and continue to do what you are passionate about and fight for what you really
want to do. I have lived in New York City for 20 years and I can really be truthful
and say that it’s only been in the last several years that things have really started to happen
for me. You’ve really got to look at things in the long term. So excited to have my work at the Australian
Consulate. This coming August actually marks the 20th anniversary of me arriving in New
York City. I really call America and Australia my home so to kind of celebrate that in a
part of Australia which is the Australian Consulate-General in New York City, which
is like my other home, it’s really super special.

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