Very Large Pinnable Cutting Mat
Very Large Pinnable Cutting Mat

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my name is Laura. Today, let’s cover my big cutting mat. The mat is a very large mat. The measurements are 56″ by 33″, but the mat itself is 59½” by 36″. When looking for a mat this size it is called a large pinnable mat. It’s not considered a cutting mat; it’s considered a pinnable mat. The mat is a lot more lightweight than a cutting mat that you would use with a rotary cutter. Because of the light weight, it can be rolled and stored, and it will lay back flat. When you first unroll it you’re going to find that the corners are going to want to sit up, but over a couple of hours they will lay down flat. When I first take my mat out of the roll I will lay it so that the curve is going down and leave it overnight. Flip it to the right side in the morning and it will stay flat. The surface is non-slip. The mat has great numbers along the side. It also has markings that give you your yards. So if I lay my fabric down I can see where my ¼ yard mark is, my ½ yard, my ¾ yard, 1 yard, and so on. So just by laying the fabric down I’m going to be able to see exactly what my marks are. I also have some great 45° marks and some 30° marks. This is a great mat to protect your work surface. I use a lot of pins as I’m sewing, especially in garment-making, so those pins can mark whatever surface you’re on and this protects it. It’s a great protective surface even if you’re using glues or an X-acto knife because you’re not going to mark your countertops. You can cut on this mat with a rotary cutter, however, the surface is a little bit softer. It’s not considered self-healing. When you have a mat that’s designed for a rotary cutter it’s a lot heavier material. Matter of fact, the material’s totally different and it’s designed so you can make those cuts over and over again and it heals itself. This is a softer mat so it doesn’t heal as well. However, it’s great for the occasional cut when you’re needing to do something on a long surface. I often take my rotary cutting mat and leave it right over top of this mat. If you accidentally come off the mat as you’re cutting, you won’t have to worry about cutting your surface or damaging your blade. The mats that are designed for rotary cutters cannot be rolled, but this particular big mat can be rolled, which makes it a great mat if you need to go from room to room or place to place, because you can roll this up and bring it with you. When you’re looking for this mat in the store you’re going to find it rolled up. You’ll find it rolled in a tall box. I’ve seen it numerous places in different stores. Some are right by the cash register. Others keep them right by the patterns or the cutting mats. This particular mat is the Studio Collection
PInnable Mat from H. A. Kidd. In Canada you can buy it in Fabricland, and in the States and other places you’re going to be able to find them in larger stores where you buy your fabric. You can also buy them online. What you’re looking for is a large pinnable mat. The prices of these mats do range depending on the thickness of the mat, the company that makes the mat, and of course the company who’s selling the mat. If you’re buying it online you might have to pay a little bit extra for the shipping because it is a very big crate. If you’re looking for one of these mats and you don’t find them in your larger stores, ask, because a lot of times they’re in an area where we just don’t notice them. Thank you for all of the questions about my mat. I hope I covered all of the answers. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

29 thoughts on “Very Large Pinnable Cutting Mat”

  1. Marie Acuna says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have on my table too. 🤗

  2. HM HM says:

    Please from where can I buy it?

  3. Suzi SaintJames says:

    Next time you store it try rolling it inside out. That way you won't have to flip it when you leave it over night? Let me know how it works out. With lots of love 💜 from sunny 🌞 Arizona 🌵

  4. Denise Mcintosh says:

    I really like my mat. I have the same one.

  5. Kay Perry says:

    Love it. I desperately need one.

  6. D.W. Read says:

    Why is it called pinnable? If you stuck a pin in it, wouldn't that damage your work surface?

  7. Vera Fernandes says:

    I have this mat, had for over 10 years; wonderful!

  8. mauriceia sousa veras says:

    Meu sonho

  9. Linda Onash says:

    $75.00 plus shipping at Amazon

  10. Jennie Lynn Schlageter says:

    I have it!

  11. Sima Soltani says:

    It’s very good mat.

  12. Gloria Schleh says:

    I have the mat and it's fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Happy sewing.☺️

  13. Bianca Maria B M M says:

    Ciao laura da Padova Italia

  14. Elizabeth McKay says:

    Great mat! I use my very old (45yrs) Singer cardboard folding mat for cutting out dressmaking patterns, to protect my dining table. Never seen your notion here in UK, but will ask some of the public sewers I know, like the Great British Sewing Bee ones and pattern designers. Thanks Laura! I enjoy hearing your 🇨🇦 accent, mine is now mixed with Scottish until I'm with fellow Canadians!! 👋

  15. Sasslette says:

    I'd love one however I don't have the room or table for it 🙁

  16. Laura Fifer says:

    My husband is very protective of our furniture and i tend to be a little forgetful so i have one covering my sewing table and another put away for the kitchen table, when im home alone i stray into the kitchen. 🤫
    BTW, Laura if i may ask what state are you in?
    Im in Hawaii, so i get things like that through amazon, we dont have craft stores other then a tiny and crazy expensive Ben Franklins.
    Love all that you teach.
    Mahalo 🌺🌺🌺

  17. Bianca Maria B M M says:

    I vould like to be as you.
    It will be my dream.

  18. Kaye Ainsworth says:

    Sick of seeing this type of program/ tutorial

  19. Helen Louise says:

    Well, your video disputed what I had read somewhere else about not rolling my large pinnable mat. Since you explained here that it's perfectly alright to roll that big thing for storage I want you to know this has made me very happy. Mine is currently laying out flat on my sewing room floor so I don't harm it by rolling! I love my mat but it has been a nuisance to move around and keep flat. No more!!!

  20. Tanya99503 says:

    thanks for clearing that up for newbys, not everyone has a sewing friend that can guide them through every step or question, so self learning is many of us do and being thorough makes it stick. Thanks for taking the time Laura, I know I have choices of who/what to watch if it pertains to what I want to learn.

  21. valee val says:

    I see these at JoAnn's. If they go on sale maybe I will buy one of them. Thanks

  22. Kaye Ainsworth says:

    I'm entitled to speak my piece that's why it's called a public comment

  23. Kaye Ainsworth says:

    Probably should have said I've enjoyed the tutorials on actually sewing a quilt

  24. Sue Nuckles says:

    I've never seen one & I didn't know they existed.I don't have a space big enough for a mat that size, but it was interesting. I've learned a lot from you. Thank you!

  25. Rose Marcheso-Hansen says:

    I did not get an explanation for what mat is used for. Why would I want one? Is it a surface are to pin patches? Other?

  26. Ann Pylinski says:

    I love your tutorials. Keep them coming. I used to have one of these mats but don’t anymore. I do have an unrelated question. Are those sewing machine covers on machines behind you in the video toward the end? If so do you have a tutorial on how to make them. Thanks.

  27. Libra says:

    Thank you so much Laura for explaining the difference between this and the other mats that are out there. I've seen this at Joann and I'm going to buy one since now I know the exact use of it. Thanks for making things easier while explaining the correct use of it. Please do share more informative videos like that. Thanks again😊.

  28. MH User says:

    Thanks for the detailed information!!

  29. Charlotte Mc says:

    Where did you get it from?

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