Video tutorial: foundation paper piecing for beginners: whirlwind block
Video tutorial: foundation paper piecing for beginners: whirlwind block

Foundation paper piecing tutorial for beginers.
Whirlwind block. Place your ruler on the pattern and measure
each piece. It is important that when you cut the fabric
the whole area is covered. Always add at least one quarter inch allowance
around it. If you are starting out I would recommend
that you add a little bit more. Use a piece of cardboard to fold in along
each line. This will help you later on to trim off excess fabric as you stitch your
pieces. Now turn your pattern over. You will see the
lines that you just folded in. Now place piece number 1 of the fabric on top of piece number
1 in the pattern on the back of the pattern with right side up. Make sure all the piece
is covered. Pin the fabric to the piece of paper.
Double check that the piece covers the whole of area number 1.
Now trim off excess fabric leaving one quarter inch allowance. Fold the paper back, place
the ruler over the paper and cut along the edge leaving 1/4 inch allowance.
Repeat on the other side. Now add piece number 2 on top of piece 1,
right sides facing together align well along the edge, and pin in place.
Now you’re ready to stitch piece 1 and piece 2 together. Turn the pattern over and stitch
along the line. Press well. Now stitch piece number 3. Align piece number
1 and 3 together making sure piece number 3 covers the whole of area 3. Pin both fabrics
together with the paper and turn the pattern over and stitch along the line.
Press the piece well. And now trim all around the pattern.
One down, three more to go.

7 thoughts on “Video tutorial: foundation paper piecing for beginners: whirlwind block”

  1. Maya Juárez says:

    hola teresa te saludois desde mexico muy lindo y gracias por dejar el molde y compartir

  2. Toni Gibbs says:

    Wow! I love the simplicity of this block. Definately one that I will have to make. Could you tell me if the pattern is downlodable?

  3. andrij melenewycz says:

    do you remove the paper when you finish the chevron block?

  4. Theresa C says:

    It was nice to hear from you. I watch your videos frequently, but it was a fun change for you to include dialogue.

  5. helen hernandez says:

    Precious, thank you for sharing your knowledge! 🤗

  6. Gilda Crespo says:

    Gracias Teresita, bello, donde encuentro el molde x favor

  7. Abbey P says:

    Does she have any free paper pieced patterns?

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