Video-Why Sanford Biggers likes to collaborate with artTECA

[Music] Hi I’m Stanford Biggers and welcome to my New York Harlem studio. What you see here are a bunch of works in progress that I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I worked in many different media including painting sculpture video installation and performance a few years ago I started a series of works on paper and antique quilts that I call the Odex Series. These were initially inspired by stories of quilts that have been used on the underground railroad as sign post. As the scaping slaves were traveling from south to north that usually indicated that the safe house was open or that it might be under surveillance and to keep moving. The quilts even included directions or some type of code of how to maneuver up north. So I’ve taken several antique pre 1900’s quilts and drawn, painted, tarred, spray-paint, oil-stick, embroidery, you name it; to create another layer of code on top of the code that was initially there. The interesting thing about the quilts is that I often don’t depict any figures on them at all figures are already implied because of course the original was used to wrap bodies. I’ve always done collaborative pieces and I look at this project with artTECA as another collaboration. Transferring some of my ideas into a different medium. [Music]

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