P1: chimney, exactly! but I do not know where that was.
P2: From the basement was the! Portugal 2016th The sweat runs at 42 degrees across the forehead. We found it Villa Maria built the 1920s. The condition is bad but not collapse Endangered In this little documentation we show you videos and pictures of the beautiful property. The cellar. Apparently these were times been working spaces. There were storerooms, shower rooms and a large fireplace, nothing special. Much garbage and filth. Behind the building, there were storerooms They were all empty. In one was a stone oven, something they used in this region to make bread. The building is filled with many details The tiles on the facade Marble columns on the terrace and stucco on the ceiling. Each time look, you see something new! About this staircase leads to the building In building there was a bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. The bedroom of Maria is very pretty! As graffiti is written there: Everything falls apart but I stand forever! Hopefully. . .

6 thoughts on “VILA MARIA 1920 – REMASTERED BONUS”

  1. C L says:

    Villa Maria is beautiful!

  2. Urbex & Nature Documentations says:

    Yeah, schließe ich mich an. Cooles Objekt 🙂

  3. DRAUSSEN sein says:

    TOP!!! :))

  4. JayBe Outdoor TV says:

    Echt schöne Location!! Und das Video ist klasse mit dem Farbeffekt, passt super. Ist der Sprecher eine Computerstimme? LG vom Jay Be

  5. UrbexLuca ✗ Urban Exploration says:

    Geiles Video 🙂

  6. R & G Team Dülmen says:

    Moin, das hat mir jetzt sehr gut gefallen, nicht nur das Video, sondern auch der Ort. Die Details die teilweise noch gut erhalten sind, lassen eine Reise in die Vergangenheit zu……
    Man kommt fast ans träumen. Danke fürs zeigen und aus dem Münsterland liebe Grüße Rita & Günter

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