Vintage Mop Head Christmas Decor Angel Doll – Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY
Vintage Mop Head Christmas Decor Angel Doll – Dollar Tree Farmhouse DIY

in this video I’m going to show you how
I made these two cute little mop head angels so if you want to learn how to
make them well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
Midnight Crafter and tonight I have a vintage craft for you some of you may
remember doing these when you were kids and I would love if you still have
pictures or if you have one if you would share it with us on the Facebook group
Midnight Crafter Glue Dots. I had a request from one of my lovely Glue Dots
to create a mop head angel so I didn’t know how to do that I started doing a
little research and I ran across a really sweet adorable young man doing a
video of this and I have to say I enjoyed the heck out of it he was so fun
and so comical because he was really having a hard time doing it and begging
for someone to please make another video so his name is John Zaprawa. I hope
I’m pronouncing it correctly and John I’m doing it I took it on and I’m taking
over for you and making these adorable little mop head angels so I’m gonna give
you two versions one is the regular version and the other one is the Dollar
Tree version so we can make it even more economical though it’s already a very
economical project as is before we get to that project though I would really
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also if you’re enjoying my channel give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment
and let me know I’m kind of on a bit of an angel kick lately so my last few
videos or several of my videos have been angels but I also know that there are
several of you that collect them so I hope you will enjoy this before we go
though do go down to that description box because there’s a lot of information
down there that sometimes you will ask me but I’ve already put it down there
and also there’s a link for you to enter to win a very cute bling owl key chain
and I do that drawing once a month on the first of the month when I also do a
live chat so I think that’s everything you need to know and I can’t wait to get
to this project show you because you’re gonna love it so
let’s do it first thing we’re gonna do obviously
take the mop out of the package and see what side is what now when I pick this
mop I specifically looked this is the one that I bought and I got it at Home
Depot and I specifically bought this one that’s open-ended some of them are
attached at the bottom you want to make sure that they’re open-ended and just
loose like this it’s kind of coming apart here so first off I’m just gonna
really quick glue that down you may not have to do that because yours may not be
coming apart so hopefully you won’t have to do that but what I want to do is
because the weight of the mop is going to be hanging I don’t want it to hang it
from this end which is kind of a the open end all I’ve done so far aside from
take this out of the package is remove the label off of it it was a big white
label that was sitting right here and I took that off so what we’re going to be
doing I’m gonna make this my back side because it has the part that I just
glued and that’s the side that’s going to be getting covered up so the first
thing we’re gonna do is take two of our strands from the very very top and we’re
gonna be making a loop so crisscross them and bring them back around figure
out how big a loop because this is the loop you’ll be using to hang your angel
from and then what we’re gonna do is just put a line of glue down the center
here and glue those two pieces into place so we have something to hang our
angel from. Glue those all the way down so once you get those two strands glued
into place we’re going to take two more strands from each side from the top and
we’re going to do the same thing without the loop though and glue those down so
we can cover this part here this is going to be the back side of our angel
and we don’t want this to show so it should look like that a nice clean
finished side now this again is the back and we have our loops and then we’re
gonna flip over to the other side here so spread the angel apart here like this
of course these are the pieces we just glued down so those are going to be
hanging down in the Center then the next thing we’re going
to do is we’re going to take three sets of four strands so there’s four and
another four and another four so we’re gonna have 12 strands in all and we’re
gonna braid these and these are going to become our angel’s arms so do a fairly
firm braid and go all the way down and when I say firm I just mean like a
tight braid I don’t know how a firm braid would be but anyway not a loose
one that kind of a tightened a nice tight braid and take it down as far as
you can go to I’m just gonna put a little hot glue temporarily just to kind
of hold it it doesn’t really unravel but just giving it a little extra here so
that I can have my hands-free now you can use at this point you can either use
your red ribbon or some twine depending I’m going to just use some twine because
I can add the ribbon in later if I want to and basically this is just gonna be
for the most part will be hidden it’s just gonna be to keep her hands tied so
they don’t come apart come unbraided tie a nice tight knot in there and we’re
gonna go ahead and do the same thing on the other side once you’ve got both her
arms made you’re gonna go ahead and trim to make sure that these ends are even
she looks like she’s flipping somebody off right now so we have to take care of
that. What kinda angel would that be? Now we’re gonna work on attaching the head
and all I did was took one of the clear ball ornaments that you saw in the
picture of items needed and spray painted it white and you’re gonna find
the part that has the nicest smoothest paint on it so that will be facing
forward so that you can use that for her face I’m gonna take the cap off of this
actually and I’m going to be using the bottom part of one of the pics that I’m
going to use and normally we cut this off anyway so I am gonna cut that off I
probably should get my your cutters for that so I don’t destroy
my scissors and I’m gonna use this piece and glue it inside here to use it as a
support part to glue on here so it’s not just glued by that little top neck part
so I’m going to go ahead and put a good amount of glue on my little piece of
stick here and put it inside of the bowl ornament and I’m putting it as far as
it’ll go so it should be long enough and we’re gonna have a piece like this so it
gives us just that extra little bit to be able to use as a neck and put some
extra glue in there to support that make sure it doesn’t come out and then we’re
gonna be gluing that into place here just like that we’re gonna go ahead and
put our glue a good amount of glue here and get that head glued into place
I’m putting extra glue on top of it just to hold it and it’s going to take a
little bit of time for that to dry but while we’re waiting on that what we’re
actually going to do is use that to put the hands in place so the hands you’re
going to put them up facing up like this and then stick them right to that glue
that extra glue that you have sitting there for the neck as soon as all of
that stuff solidifies a little bit we did have a lot of glue there we do want
to give it a chance to cool off so we don’t have things falling apart on us
we’re then going to kind of work on attaching some hair to her and for the
hair we’re gonna be using the Spanish moss you can do whatever color hair
you’d like if she’s a punk rock angel you can use the green moss I am using
the Spanish moss because I think it’ll look really cute you’re gonna take a
pretty good amount of it because you’re gonna need to cover that ball pretty
well so kind of get this shaped a little bit almost like a nest sort of figure
out how much you want to put on her and play with it and shape it to sort of
even it out a bit so there’s not any holes so you can go in and fill any
holes in afterwards but you could try and pretty much get it situated before
you get it on there and what we’re going to be doing next is figuring out where
you want to place the hair and we’re going to put a bunch of hot glue on her
head… torture! Why do I always torture my poor little angels like this? These poor
little things…. it’s like tar and feathering but we’re hot gluing and
mossing. and then go ahead and press down add more glue as necessary wherever you
need I need a little more over here on the sides and then check all around
she’s got some bedhead going on over here so I’m gonna just adjust a little
bit you can kind of lift up and throw some more glue in there and then press
the moss down on to it whatever you need to do to adjust the hair to look like
you want so I’m going to keep working on her hair a bit I’m gonna probably oops
you know what I lost her loop her hanging loop so I think I might have to
poke that through her hair I was about to glue it down but we’re
gonna have to pull that loop up through there and then glue the hair around okay
almost forgot about that that would have been bad. Can you tell I’m a hairdresser?
I wouldn’t have very many clients if their hair came out looking ratty like
this! All right now some of the fun part that I always love this is always the
fun part now if you’d like to you can bring some of the strings forward to
cover this area you don’t necessarily have to do that because if you have your
pics in place they’re going to be covering most of that so go ahead and
take whatever pics you have of as big of pieces as you’d like or a small of
pieces as you’d like and start gluing those into place and if you want to add
some as I see on my other angels add anything else into it some bells some
charms some words whatever you want to add to it you can go ahead and do that
make sure though before you do any of that stuff that you’ve hit that thumbs
up button and leave me a comment down below letting me know what you think of
these angels and this is such an old old time vintage craft and I thought it
would be kind of fun to bring it back now I’ve kind of placed these and I’m
sort of placing them and gluing them I one I tucked under her arm the other one
I’ve done over her arm kind of play with it as you go along and see what looks
good to you so now that we’ve kind of got that done ribbon glued on you can
make her halo if you would like to I’m gonna use a pipe cleaner I’m just using
a plain white pipe cleaner but you may want to use one of the gold ones or a
silver one depending on what your colors are what your theme is or if you have
something else that’s already kind of ring shaped you can use that I’m just
gonna wrap my pipe cleaner around two times and you want to put some glitter
on it that would be really cute too whatever ideas you can come up with I
know you guys are so incredibly creative out there because you always give me
great ideas and then I’m going to go ahead and just glue that onto her head
kind of sticking up a little bit at an angle I think that will look really cute
and then that way from the front it won’t just be laying flat like a
headband it’ll be sticking up right a little bit like a halo did you guys hit
the thumbs up button yet working hard for you here okay the last thing we’re
gonna be doing is making some wings for her so I’m gonna put her aside for the
moment so we have a little bit of space and what I’m going to be using for the
wings is this burlap ribbon so I can go for a little bit more of a farmhouse
decor angel on this one you can definitely
glam it up by using some really fancy sparkly ribbon and you can also make her
wings as big or as small as you want them to be so I’m gonna do two sets like
this just by simply taking this piece and folding it over on both sides and
then I’m going to hot glue that and I’m gonna do that one more time so we can
have a wider a little bit wider set of wings on her so what I’m going to do to
attach these two pieces together now is take another piece of my twine give
yourself a nice long piece to work with just so you’re not struggling and put
the two wings together or the two pieces I should say together and you’re gonna
give them a good snug not in there and then you can
adjust them afterwards and go ahead and add the hot glue onto the wings and lay
the angel down on it so that that way you can see from the front where you’re
positioning all right I’m gonna make a Dollar Tree version of this to show you
as well and then I’m going to show you this already and display beautifully you
ready so what I’ve done is unscrewed the handle off this Dollar Tree mop and I
did go ahead and take two strands times three so six strands on each side two
two and two and made the braids now this piece up here does not remove so here’s
where it’s gonna be a little different for us and obviously this is a much
shorter mop and it’s quite different it doesn’t have that center so we just
modify a little bit so there’s a couple of options here this piece is very long
so what you can do if you would like is take a wide piece of ribbon like this
and go ahead and cut and you’re going to be tying a big bow around this is really
really wide so I’m gonna actually cut this ribbon in half right along that
center line of this this is the Dollar Tree burlap ribbon with lace I’m
actually going to glue my two pieces together so I’m going to go with
wrapping this with the ribbon as opposed to cutting it I don’t know how easy it
will be to cut I was thinking you could take one of the little sauce from the
Dollar Tree or if you have a regular saw you can just cut off I would say about
half of that and half way down so I’m going to go ahead and tie it with a
ribbon and camouflage that she’s going to have a really long neck so I’m gonna
put some hot glue to hold this ribbon in place around the neck and then go ahead
and tie it into a bow by the way if you haven’t seen my trick for tying bows so
you have the one end that’s up high and the one that’s down low so you whatever
hand you however you time I am right that’s I’m making my right loop first
this is already up high so instead of bringing it around the bottom you’re
gonna bring it around the top to tie your bow that way you end up instead of
your bow being completely lopsided which happens to us so many times this way we
get a nice even bow and it doesn’t sit sideways so now that the bow is tied I’m
going to put her hands up in place here and then I’m going to be attaching the
pick so and I have the embellishments on I have that on and now we’re going to
attach the head so we’re gonna pull again this piece off and unfortunately
this does not fit completely down into the hole here from the mop stick it fits
kind of in there but not all the way down but pretty good so what we’re gonna
do is put some glue on the inside here of the hole kind of more up towards the
top if you can because the ornament doesn’t reach all the way down and then
make sure again you have the good side of your ornament facing forward and then
press that ornament into the hole we’re gonna do this same thing we did with the
hair by taking some of our Spanish moss so I went ahead I put her hair on I’ve
got her halo on and the last thing we’re gonna do is create a hook to hang her
from now because this is a less dense mop than the other ones we’re just going
to use one of the strands from behind take it and create a loop and then just
glue it to itself there we go so we’re just gonna do it just like that I’ll
show you them side-by-side and you can see what you think you

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