Vlog – Ms. Yeah’s Chinese Golden Week Holiday
Vlog – Ms. Yeah’s Chinese Golden Week Holiday

Hello everyone, I am Ms. Yeah Today is my fifth day off How are you spending your days? During my days off I do not to work on creations I will record my daily life for you This is my little brother Today is a quite memorable day He will bring his girlfriend home to eat with us To be honest, I have never seen his girlfriend in person But I have seen his girlfriend’s WeChat where she posts her pictures She looks quite sweet so I decided to personally make dinner for her to show our commitment Hi Grandmother I haven’t been back for a long time Very beautiful, grandmother You two are beautiful Look at how handsome your brother has become You are right If you record me this way, won’t I appear very short? To confirm That is quite short Girls from Chengdu are all a bit small moreover, I believe that my lovely viewers also do not mind this aspect, right? (right) What is your girlfriend’s height? 175cm Where does she come from? She originates from Chengdu Meme: Opposite person rolls her eyes to express that she doesn’t want to talk to you What are we going to do? Let’s eat fish just like the kind of fish on the wall I’m afraid you got struck in the head by the god of love Be a bit more clear-headed To be honest, coming to the market is also a experience that gives inspiration Every time when we are making new video, we also visit the market, visit supermarkets Searching for inspiration is quite fun You have to pierce it to check if it is soft Boss, can I pierce it? You may not pierce it Alright, then we will buy it and pierce it at home When choosing eggplants, don’t choose the ones with a green top Eggplants with green tops are quite pitiful They are raised in a greenhouse You have to choose these eggplants with a purple top These are grown under the sun They are a bit more healthy Alright Pretty girl, do I have to kill the fish? Don’t kill, don’t kill I think that the boss who sold fish looks quite handsome He looks a bit like the character from Midnight Diner What do you think? I also think he looks like Japanese samurai. He is Classy Look at your back, straighten up, straighten up, keep a good posture Duo Duo Come back, come back Come back, come back I think that in your lifetime, you all have to experience the feeling of scaling of fish scales This is the first time you cook normally in front of everyone It seems to be the first time Right now, I am picking patchouli for making a crucian fish with patchouli I’m very curious about shy guys you like How do you find a girlfriend? We are very kindred spirits How? How are you ‘tou yuan’? Are your heads very round? *投缘 sounds like 头圆 (round head) Nowadays, when you invite a girl for a date What do you do? Watch movies, take strolls Where do you take strolls? Qing Zhao Road So no class Then where should we play? Murder mystery game Werewolf game (who did you kill last night?) Ghost house version of escape room is also alright Also from time to time tell her some cringe worthy love sentences *(i.e. you must be good at science, because I can see that we have chemistry) This is a brush pot, it has a lot of pens Between all these pens, do you know which pen I like the most? I don’t know I like the baby you are the most * Chinese character for pen (笔 Bǐ) sounds like ‘by’ in ‘baby’ Are you not afraid? Have you watched the video of me roasting/grilling a fish with my hand? I have watched it During the filming of 手心烤鱼 (grilling fish with hand) When I tested it, the whole table burned Even my eyebrows were burned off Afterwards, the doctor said You are fine you can go to work tomorrow Wash the plate The fish is already grilled Now I will give my little brother instructions while he cooks Here, one spoon Put in garlic and ginger Yes, Yes Alright, quick quick. If your girlfriend and I fall into a river, who will you save? I will save my girlfriend OWO Wow, this unthankful wretch put in water, put in water Sis, you can swim, right? When we were little, you swam with me before Then thicken with cornstarch A fish with patchouli without patchouli is one without a soul Cut in long pieces A family with a little brother is so good Cut the egg plants into halves One plate of very easy eggplants is ready This plate look quite nice I remember the place I bought this plate was selling this for 8 RMB Now off to rest for awhile Duo Duo Duo Duo is now already over 10 years old He literally accompanied my brother and I while the two of us grew up How is the cooking going? Almost done (very quick) In the past my little brother was this small Now he is this big I will make Ma Po Tofu My little brother made these pork meatballs (lit. lion’s heads) This bowl, how can a lady eats these per bite? They are so big We have made four dishes with one soup I find it a bit simple and crude Duo Duo, what do you think? Do you think that it will taste good? The lady will arrive soon He went downstairs to pick her up I will serve rice I wish for your bond to grow stronger and stronger The touch of the devil class Disappear, disappear I think that..

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