Walking To The Furniture Store In My New Neighborhood (4K) – JAPAN WALKING TOUR 2019
Walking To The Furniture Store In My New Neighborhood (4K) – JAPAN WALKING TOUR 2019

100 thoughts on “Walking To The Furniture Store In My New Neighborhood (4K) – JAPAN WALKING TOUR 2019”

  1. Mari says:

    3:27 Same, I really enjoy the quiet in Japan.

  2. pop art heart says:

    You're really good at this touring thing. Always so calming

  3. Nyanya says:

    This kind of video reminds me of Japanese tv show called hanging around with no plans with Ariyoshi. Love it

  4. Maurice W says:

    How did you get a visa without a job? Are your parents Japanese, get your koseki and get your Japanese citizenship.

  5. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Will you be teaching English in Japan?

  6. danturbo316 says:

    I've been trying but failing to crack 70 km for the weekends.
    Best of luck mate!

  7. Liztopher says:

    If you haven't tried it yet, the warm coffee-flavoured soy milk drink box from the convenience store is SO GOOD 🙂

  8. Egle pacheco pelayo says:

    corry may how were u able to find an apartment in such a short amount of time incredible I know of a mexican magician also youtuber named Riken who must move out of the place where he is right now and cannot find any place to live pls suggest how u did it. thanks bless u.

  9. nutchan0731 says:

    32:33 big stone one is muen-botoke grave

    Nameless deceased

  10. MickG says:

    Ho Lee Chit!!! LOL!!! A Lot Cleaner And Quieter Than Other Asian Suburbs!!! Next, A Walking Tour Of The Tokyo Slums???

  11. Aracelis DeJesus says:

    Happy for you that you are already settle in Japan and I enjoy watching your videos 😃

  12. GH Ramsey says:

    Is that traffic signal at https://youtu.be/-zIUyM3l5KY?t=1087 and the crosswalk signal a moment later really flickering that fast? Or did the camera lens do that?

  13. GH Ramsey says:

    Given Toyota, Mitsubishi etc all make hybrids do they have a lot of hybrids or full electric cars vs gas/desiel? The cars seems to make wind noise but the motors are dead quiet. That seems like it may contribute to how the car noise diminishes only one block from the main throughfare.

  14. Linda Castano says:

    Good luck Cory.

  15. Ysm says:

    cool. but ugly buildings everywhere. also it sucks people don't seem to sit outside and interact with each other. japan is clean but ugly . however i love narrow streets

  16. Michelle says:

    Love how peaceful it is!! 😌😌😌

  17. Christine Kim says:

    It so quiet and clean therein Japan, the Japanese really take pride in their homes. Everyone's yard is perfectly manicured. I think this move is the best thing for you. Vietnam is great, but Japan is more peaceful and subdued. I can't for your videos, are you going to do an apartment tour?

  18. Nam Dang says:

    How long have you been making video on Youtube? I know this Vietnamese guy from Vietnam and I think he 's only been making video call " Cuoc song Sai Gon" Basically means, Life in Sai Gon for about a few years and now he has about 120k subcribers. He had 100k subs like 3-4 months ago. I think maybe he is making new video everyday and all of his videos were short.

  19. Ben Godfrey says:

    Yes! about time! 🙂

  20. Nicole Dirzanowski says:

    How did the shopping go? Were you able to get what you needed?

  21. Egle pacheco pelayo says:

    thank u cory may that is of great help God bless u. II will inform my friend.

  22. tutor zhinang says:

    I've been to the Tokyo before, what was really surprised me is where are those people? it was so unbelievable quiet on the streets. and the cars were cute and small with low emission. Walk among those streets were definitely enjoyable and relaxing.

  23. laura reid says:


  24. vonlipi says:

    I love the walking videos! Thank you for this Cory! much happiness to you in Japan!

  25. laura reid says:

    Did you do a video on a rooftop apartment that you lived at that I might have seen a few years ago?

  26. Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen says:

    Wow you changed you’re name on YouTube.

  27. Lizzie A. says:

    What is with gravel lot parks? Why so many brick retaining walls?

  28. Jazzy Gurl says:

    I LUV your walking tours of wherever you are living – especially when you go thru the side streets….the quiet is beautiful – and since you asked, I would love to see a walking tour of a Zen garden or a Japanese garden – I don't consider land with gravel to be a park….grass and trees and foliage is more what I think of as a park but I know a Zen garden would have rocks and gravel…anyway – keep doing these! I watch transfixed! ♥

  29. tkpriest says:

    This looks absolutely amazing. I think that your spirit will heal there. It sounds so new age, but you show happiness on your face more. Look forward to more videos

  30. Hoa Ha says:

    Good luck to you. I'm glad you're back to youtube and Japan.

  31. taste in haste by Saira Gulalai says:

    Its not fair cory,v had an hr walk to the furniture store n u didnt let us inside,i wonder wats inside tat store….bt anywys a nice video,so soothing n qt…the streets n roads wer super clean

  32. Navnit Patel says:

    I am From India, Really Happy to see , i am from small village , and have my own sugarcane farm, My village name is 'KUDSAD" , u can see by search this world in youtube, Thanks lot for share video, plz share more videos from small village , village life of Japan.

  33. Robert Azriel says:

    Hi. I like your video. Been in japan april 2018. One thing i really like about japan is its very clean and safe to walk even at night. I stayed at asakusa. Thanks for your walking japan tour.😊

  34. Neonanny911 says:

    What a calming effect Japan has! Huge difference from Vietnam. You really do seem exponentially happier…almost freed. Way to take charge of your destiny, Cory. Namaste!!!

  35. GINA NGUYEN says:


  36. dion node says:

    It's strange indeed. Few people in the street, it's totally silence. Where are these people ? Everybody knows that's demography problem in Japan, but still, there are some 120 million inhabitant right ?

  37. Greg P says:

    Interesting , like the sights . Were you born in Japan ? Or are you a military "brat" ? I am new to your channel so I have many questions . What do you do for work normally ? You mentioned living in the US,Vietnam, and another country . What type of jobs did you hold there ? Are you with a spouse / girl/boy friend ? Do you have family in Japan ? If not where ? That is more than enough questions for now . Looking forward to more views of Japanese neighborhoods an society . See you later .

  38. GINA NGUYEN says:

    Hi Cory ,I haven’t been in Japan yet ,but I would love to go there someday soon. Do you think can I rent one month there? I don’t know if they have sort time rental? Please let me know if you can and thank you very much! Have a great day!

  39. thomas says:

    No cars on the road but, If this was here you see running nose kid playing on the street. Constant traffic loud muffler teen gas it ,big truck beaping and reversing. Guys on the porch drinking beer. Dog barking outside as you walk bye.

  40. Linda Rudes says:

    I love walking tours of Japan! Looks like most people were at work. Can you use normal lens so we can see how narrow streets really are? Can you bring camrra into stores? Look forward to next video.

  41. caitlynwho says:

    Lol oh ok here’s that announcement I missed #late

  42. caitlynwho says:

    You should meet up with Tabi Eats!

  43. D Stew says:

    I love Japan because it seems so quiet, people seem so respectful of each other’s privacy….would love to live there.

  44. Donna Howell says:

    Was hoping for visiting the second hand store itself. It is a nice video.

  45. Sandra Borg says:

    No people

  46. GINA NGUYEN says:

    Awesome! Thank you

  47. B says:

    what was that purple vine-like blossom tree,you stopped and touched and said it was,"beautiful"?

  48. Linda Ramos says:

    Hi Cory, I loved your video. I always see the business district, but never see how people really live in Japan. Very nice neighborhood and beautiful homes. I'm curious to know why the parks have concrete and not grass? Take care from Pasadena, Texas

  49. Russ Singh says:

    Wow, you're neighborhood is truly beautiful. I hope to live somewhere like that someday!

  50. T Hartwig says:

    What a nice walk! Would you read out some of the signs next walk?

  51. T Hartwig says:

    Question: why are the parks mostly empty gravel lots? Please correct me if I am mistaken. Thanks for the video!

  52. Clinton Edwards says:

    Very nice video, so different from Hanoi, so quiet, so calm.

  53. Michiel says:

    So happy you're uploading again. I've missed you a lot! Hope things are going better. Seems like a really nice neighborhood to live in, nice and quiet! 🙂

  54. HershNoeie says:

    OMG, first you are in Japan which is super amazing! Wish we could live there. Secondly it is a walking tour??? You are literally the King of Walking Tours. Awesome video overall!

  55. itty bitty kitty Hello kitty says:

    amazing how clean and how people don't lock up their bikes… how wonderful is that? wow! the sounds beautiful nature. Don't they frown upon eating in public or is this incorrect?

  56. LeLifeVids says:

    How are you able to move country to country and live without income. id be so scared. You should make a video explaining how you do so because many people like me are interested in. like what jobs you qualify for and how hard it is to get an apartment, the process, and everything! it would be so awesome. BTW we talk sometimes on IG i'm ledannyyy! 😀

  57. Steven Tang says:

    Love watching your walking videos

  58. Wayden says:

    You should do a walk through some Japanese countryside! It always looks beautiful out there

  59. Brother Jake's Reconnaissance says:

    Since the end of the war Japan tried so hard to do things like Americans do. How ironic that now it is the US that must start to do things like the Japanese do.

  60. Sherri Scrogham says:

    Love your videos!

  61. Nura IE says:

    your channel is so sooo interesting! i always wondering how S.Korea and Japan normal life is now i'm not that curious! thank you:)

  62. Carmine Ventura JR says:

    Cool video
    Of Japan . Just dont like all the compression artifact – if thats a Gopro, im glad I didnt buy one .

  63. Karee Damm says:


  64. hare krishna says:

    I admire your optimism and kindness. I was getting Bob Rossian vibes watching this. I can tell you have a good soul!

  65. Bill Shanks says:

    I always had a feeling that litter is abnormal – This shows it to be true

  66. Meo Gia says:

    why did you pick Matsudo City? Have you been here before?

  67. アンジェロREO says:

    How cool is it to walk with a shiba inu along that neighborhood. I like how you reacted to that cigarette butt (⌒▽⌒)

  68. Slimenian says:

    Instead of studying I watched the whole video xD, Idk it was soo chill and nice.

  69. Λimeé says:

    Is this neighborhood in Tokyo??? Looks really nice!!!

  70. umesh narayanan says:

    Too much perfection!!! Japanese society is something amazing that one has to experience and learn from. All said and done, I cannot imagine living in this kind of silence being an Indian.

  71. B W says:

    Backstreet explorations are why I started watching your channel. They’re utterly fascinating! Your calm, soothing voice makes these videos extremely relaxing as well. I’m sure my blood pressure drops significantly after viewing, lol. Thanks for sharing this rare glimpse into back alleys and small neighborhoods that we would, otherwise, never see firsthand or within other travel productions. 🙂

  72. Danielle Pearson says:

    I love watching these real-time videos you make! it feels like im there . wishing you the best while living in japan

  73. Hertz Nazaire says:

    I can't tell if you are going down hill or up hill at times because it does not seem like flat land maybe because of the lens.

  74. 1p4142136 says:

    Cool! I love Japanese food 👍🥰


    Why no sidewalks?

  76. 130June says:

    I love the architecture and the vehicles are interesting too.  Videos about furniture and other items for sale, supermarket foods etc would be good for future viewing.

  77. blue sky says:

    Go to the zoo. How about the public library and show the difference .

  78. C-ROSS SUMMERS says:

    wow you mentioned you lived in MARYLAND, i live in MARYLAND, Baltimore cITY i AM planning to move out of MARYLAND hopefully this year or next year..

  79. Damin Mance says:

    🇺🇸I couldn't handle having not hearing a human voice it would drive me nuts!😔

  80. DaNNy Wu says:

    Room tour!

  81. Carlos Kim says:

    You moved permanently? As in, I'm going to live in Japan indefinitely?

  82. h.l. says:

    so I believe are you got a both citizenships US and Japanese ?

  83. Berrie Bloo says:

    Such an amazing neighborhood !!! If i ever have the money i'm gonna build myself a house just like those you showed us <3 Gosh i'd love to live in Japan , seems so clean and peaceful

  84. Sern Huynh says:

    When you're saying "Let's do DNA test on it", I immediately think of Asperger Syndrome 🙂 I love your walking Videos. Thank you.

  85. Florence BD says:

    those flowers at 43:16 are DREAMY!!! Thanks for taking us with you on your walk. Did you end up finding the appliances you were looking for? I love thrift shops!

  86. Ee Sun Chwa says:

    Nice neighborhood, Cory! Love the serenity and I appreciate the "quietness" of these small alleys in Japan.. 😁👍 thanks for bringing us walking around again! 😁😍

  87. lion poor says:

    dont comparison between Japan and all the countries of the world because Japan is a culture of science, cleanliness, respect, look at the streets, how clean

  88. lion poor says:

    The world's are 30 or more years behind from Japan

  89. Anja Kjeldgaard says:

    Im new here. I just watched your apartment tour in vietnam and now Im here 😉 are you going to make tour of your apartment in Japan? Great video!

  90. Suzi Q says:

    One of my favorite videos ever! Going on a tour of normal life in Japan neighborhoods, your gentle personality, the second hand stores, the vending machines…I love it all! Thank you so much! ❤

  91. Vishal Rajput says:

    I am new to your channel but i liked all videos till now….whichever i have watched…great work making people feels like we are walking and feels like we are traveling….

  92. Hung Ta says:

    Keep doing your good job bro

  93. Always Blake says:

    Just discovered this channel and just subscribed. Cory has a wonderful way of letting the viewer in on all his experiences. Great job!

  94. Al Stokes Veteran Film Maker says:

    Greetings from cold and blustery England,
    i read somewhere a few years ago that the population of Tokyo is 57-million. Where were they all the day you were filming? (just kidding) Excellent video as usual. Your running commentary is wonderfully laid back and informative.
    May I make a subject suggestion, please? Although this may be hard to walk due to geography … is a long time since was over that way. A walking tour of the Tokyo water front.

    Best wishes, Al

  95. Fla Zala says:

    I’ve seen a moped 🏍 parked no lock safe 🔒 if that was in UK it would have going in plenty of seconds ,

  96. Boofie Cat says:

    Another great video, just like being there. Look forward to watching more 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  97. Linda Tijsma says:

    You have the most kind voice thanks for sharing all your travels. .get a scooter no car

  98. Tim Willis says:

    You live so very close to my mother-in-law, Futawamokudai off of the Shin-Keisei line. We were just there for the holidays in January. I miss it so very much.

  99. Voxterx says:

    japan is such a beautiful country

  100. markyhabs says:

    actually was looking forward to seeing the deals you can get in the store lol

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