Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Front Door Cover (Whirlpool Part # 34001424)
Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Front Door Cover (Whirlpool Part # 34001424)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect Today we are
going to show you how to change the outer door panel on your front load washer and it’s
a really easy job. All of we going to need is a Philips screw driver, a putty knife,
and a small flat blade screw driver. Let me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair we could actually change
that panel on the washer itself, but it’s easier to remove the door and set it on a
work surface and do the repair there. So we are going to take the two Philips screws that
are used on this model, hold that door panel to the frame of the washer, and we just lift
up on that door and hinge assembly, and unlatch it there are three little hooks on the back
of that hinge on this model that hook into three openings on the front panel and we can
take that door assembly and set it on a suitable work surface where we can do the repair. Now
the door on a suitable work surface, we are going to remove all the screws that are exposed
with the exception of the two that hold the latch. Then we are going to carefully lift the inner
door panel away from the outer door panel, and it may be a little bit tight, and if need
be just take a small putty knife or a thin flat blade screw driver and just go into that
gap and pry it apart.. And just set that inner door panel aside and we can then lift the
door glass away and set that aside. Now with the inner door panel and glass removed we
can just remove the hinge and just set that aside, then we need to separate the glass
holder frame from the outer door panel, now there are a series of clips around the perimeter
of that we need to release. So next using a small flat blade screw driver we are going
to get underneath those tabs and release them, use caution doing that so that we don’t
break them just enough force to lift it over the tab on the outer door panel and then continue
around the perimeter releasing all of them in the same manner, when releasing these tabs
use extra caution and just slide the flat portion of your screw driver blade in between
the tab and the outer door just enough pressure to lift it off and then set that aside. We can then discard the old outer door panel
and we are going to lay our new one in position on our table and then we reinstall the outer
door glass, we need to line up the locking tabs and they only line up in a one position
that will allow the raised portion of that outer door glass to fit the inner door glass.
So once we have lined it up straight, we can just snap those clips down into position.
Again just use enough force to engage those tabs without breaking them, and once we have
all of them in position we can put the inner door glass back on and now there are some
notched openings around on the perimeter of that inner door glass that will lineup on
the outer door glass so that it sits straight, we can then put the hinge back in position,
make sure the plastic bushes around the end of those hinge pings and that sits down into
the recess the outer door panel and then reinstall. We can then lay the inner door panel back
into position, carefully lineup the inner door panel and
make sure it sits flush all way around before
we replace any of these screws. You use caution not to over-tighten any of the screws and
just verify that that hinge turns easily and then we are ready to reinstall the door on
the washer. So carefully support he door, line up that hinge with the three opening
on the front panel, inserted into those openings, and make sure that it sits firmly and replace
the two retaining screws, tighten those securely and our repair is complete. I told you, it
was an easy job, thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.

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  1. Min MeowMeow says:

    I'm the second person to view this.my work here is done…

  2. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    You show people how to replace the front door but not mention why to replace it.  Thanks for the video.

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