We Stole FaZe Rug’s Car, is He the Game Master? (Hidden Quadrant Tracking Device Found Lie Detector)
We Stole FaZe Rug’s Car, is He the Game Master? (Hidden Quadrant Tracking Device Found Lie Detector)

100 thoughts on “We Stole FaZe Rug’s Car, is He the Game Master? (Hidden Quadrant Tracking Device Found Lie Detector)”

  1. Jessica Reynolds says:

    That's Faze Rugs house #Rebecca #Matt

  2. Aldo Woodhull says:

    it Fazes rug is house

  3. Aldo Woodhull says:

    Fazes rug is now part of the quadant Rebecca and matt

  4. Aldo Woodhull says:


  5. Aldo Woodhull says:


  6. nicole grant says:

    The tracking device under the car

  7. nicole grant says:


  8. nicole grant says:


  9. lexa and Georgia says:

    Faze rug

  10. Aldo Woodhull says:

    @FAZERUG is The next target

  11. Aldo Woodhull says:

    Faze rug lives in San Diego

  12. Showmick Zaman says:

    That woman was faze rug's mom

  13. Kelly Merner says:

    Faze rug also the house is where they did a stink

  14. Yara Lozano says:

    Faze rug is the next target

  15. Christopher. Villalobos says:

    Faze rug

  16. nadia puad says:

    Where is the next video i cant find it

  17. Niña rhamjhea L. Fabia says:

    Oh is a faze rug house

  18. Jacky Manguiat says:

    Its faze rug's. house

  19. Prathep Krishnan says:

    Faze rug

  20. Rj B says:

    It is faze rug's House

  21. Yugihan says:

    Seems staged oh wait it is

  22. Alpha Gaming says:

    It is FaZe Rug

  23. Alpha Gaming says:

    They aren’t quadrants

  24. Selena Balderas says:

    Mama rug

  25. Anayeli Aguirre says:

    Faze rug is next

  26. Hyper Xole says:

    FaZe Rug

  27. Hyper Xole says:

    MaMa rug

  28. Hazle King says:

    Faze rug

  29. Imagination says:

    okay, we all new phase carpet meant FaZe Rug

  30. Lifeofziggy _ says:

    Faze rug!!!

  31. Latonia Gonder says:


  32. Latonia Gonder says:

    Im a part of the rug rates

  33. Anna Leah says:

    it is YouTube faze rug a k a Brian he live in sN DIEGO

  34. Ajantha Niranjan says:

    That s mama rug son

  35. Jo Podmore says:


  36. Isabela Guitierrez says:

    The house owner is Fazerug!

  37. sairah sherwood says:

    It's faze rugs house he's a YouTuber

  38. Usvah Atif says:

    Faze rugs

  39. Cj Mal says:

    Faze rug

  40. Cj Mal says:

    It's faze rugs car

  41. Gachaverse Girl says:

    That youtuber that is the next target is Faze Rug

    Like if u agree

  42. BearyOmgPlayz says:

    Who gets scared when they play the intense music

    Like = yes
    Comment = no

    Comment sometimes = sometimes

  43. Doggyfan says:

    Phase and carpet equlls faze rug

  44. Bella Flor Estrada says:

    That girl is mama rug for faze rug

  45. Catherine O' Connor says:

    faze rug is target I know I am a couple months late but I have watched all the gamemaster related videos and all her other videos

  46. Sparkle McQueen says:

    Faze rug

  47. Sparkle McQueen says:

    Fazerugs house

  48. Sparkle McQueen says:

    Its faze rug faze and then under the carpet means rug it all makes sence faze rug

  49. Leah Wnuk says:

    Instead of phase carpet I think it is faze rug

  50. Ayomide Anibi says:

    It faze rugs house

  51. Scott Killey says:

    Dudhgiuefiuhffhfhfhfgffgggggggjjjjj I love the new update to iOS and the rest

  52. Pisila Leha says:


  53. Elias A says:

    It’s faze rugs house

  54. The Creative Kid Napoli says:

    Faze rug

  55. Dennis Furr says:

    It is faze rug house

  56. Zury Paul says:

    faze rug

  57. FiYaH Vlog says:

    Your so bad guys

  58. HRJ Eshaq says:

    faze rug house

  59. Sian Summers says:

    faze rug

  60. Maria Limon says:

    Its faze rug

  61. Emmy Me Unicorn Ochoa says:

    That is faze rug mom

  62. Yuridia Rivera says:

    it is faze rug

  63. JUST_JARED25 geronimo says:

    That house is faze rug

  64. Vanity Hector says:

    faz rug

  65. Brian Trainor says:

    Imagine seeing y’all in public. That would be so embarrassing

  66. Sydney Schultz says:

    wait isn't another word for carpet a rug………faze rug

  67. Kirstie Townsend says:


  68. Hasnain Ali says:

    Faze rug house

  69. lucy heartfilia says:

    they're coming after Sophie Dahl fee, you have to tell her now

  70. lucy heartfilia says:

    does the Cologne of my auntie

  71. Angel Paz says:

    No it,s faze rug

  72. Angel Paz says:

    I did its faze rug

  73. Angel Paz says:

    I I spelled it wrong it's FaZe rug

  74. Marcella Franseen says:

    Faze rug

  75. Vanja Lazareva says:

    It's faze rug house

  76. John Francois says:

    Ace family

  77. Nathanael Alvarez says:

    Why are you saying you never seen this house before if you know it is faze rugs

  78. Grabiel Smalls says:

    FaZe Rug

  79. Krish Kumar says:

    Face rugs house

  80. Bad boy Gang says:

    Faze rug




    It was face face is frog face pack

  83. UwU Potato says:

    faze rug Like hes the only person not in los angkes

  84. UwU Potato says:

    Lol who has hidden rooms under carpets LIKE IF AGREE

  85. UwU Potato says:

    OOF who doesn't recognize dat house

  86. UwU Potato says:


  87. UwU Potato says:


  88. UwU Potato says:


  89. Brianna Hadley says:

    Face rug

  90. jackie dejesus says:

    Stop acting

  91. jackie dejesus says:

    Stop assuming it is faze rug

  92. Ivan Santos says:

    It's faze rug house

  93. Benito Sebastian says:

    Faze rug

  94. Yuvarnika Ramesh says:

    Faze rug

  95. Louanna Smith says:

    It is FaZe rug

  96. Kane Preston says:

    It’s faze rugs house

  97. Colette Watkinson says:

    Faze rug

  98. crazy bro says:

    mama rug papa rug faZe rug brandon

  99. Sonia Rodriguez says:

    Faze rug

  100. Anne O'Doherty says:

    Faze rug

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