oh while Pam welcome to another adventure in which boy home are My friend James here from the fans know the other night when we were in here. We heard the girl scream And a girl say mommy now we went running out of here like a bunch of chickens I know a lot of you guys would too. This is another reason why we are coming back because we are not sure someones in here that’s trapped and needs our help So we’re going to go back investigate. Hope you’re ready Like that first term is on Road Make sure none is not mold What danglies? Awesome idea put the head. Oh my gosh. Why are we coming back here, bro? Look at it again I mean perfect I gave it a or the frame Yeah, I really don’t like this tunnel Reach the second Manhole. Oh There’s a lot of water here, bro. Oh, it’s morning yesterday. Yeah They’re digging for you But the nice thing about this one, you could grab onto this right here. Oh, oh It smells like poop oh We’re going to hold out on you buddy. All right. Let’s go The heck was that dick somebody’s coming bro. I? Can’t say I remember this manhole, but it supposed to be the third one says hi, and it’s on the left side oh I do remember this I remember thinking to myself like I’m going to put my camera there dude. Is that blood looks? like Blood Yeah Isn’t this where we were like running I? Found our little friend gimme Cares He’s in the same place that we left a mr.. D. Don’t be shy Don’t be shy can I catch you oh yeah, you cam on A petrol april This is a very last manhole which was number four and the reason why I know this is the last one is because I remember this dirt pile here and all we had to do is walk right on it, so this one’s easy wonder how many more manholes are Please, Olivia : oh We need it But what was that? Their help oh my gosh Who’s down here? Say something If there’s somebody walking why the hell do you laughing? Not sure where that goes to where we were you know what if that laugh is coming from here Maybe somebody above-ground anybody there both parties somebody laugh Michael Thomas Got really really hot. That’s it my checker all the thirty can’t really creepy in here guys if you ever find us if you ever find it although You gotta be living out in the bush up again all through this is there’s more water in here g later hey with this Dude are falling like bags packed bags Like what if that’s a bag of lean Never saw that yesterday. No, I think we’re yeah So what is what is it’s a bag of cocaine or something I’ve heard if some of these tunnels go all the way to Mexico It’s possible man Probably, what if we get at the end of the tunnel we end up in Mexico? Yeah Border Patrol be all over I have the best network which in my opinion is Verizon And you can see we have no service Nothing, so some bad habits us down here. We’re screwed. Oh camera how clear here birthday Michelson never lived through this Tunnel Was this I don’t know I guess he was somebody who died down here It look There’s another manhole. This is number five. We didn’t go this far. Bro. You definitely did not go this although this was covered We definitely did not come this far Look, I see something up there. Oh It’s a doll. Yeah, we definitely didn’t come this far It was a good thing. It’s like we do the he’ll attempt you got here for What do you did? For this freaking slater. Well it was supposed to be a glove this tunnel that we seem that we heard last night Oh, we don’t know for sure. I mean, we definitely heard it. Why it’s so good. You don’t know anybody here Hello brother this Tunnel just keeps going Just leave that they were only muscle it I Probably got first rang out for touching it This Michelson guide that if you read up on this puddle. I guess you died from a collapse in here I’m wondering if this is where you died because we’ve seen that back behind us and they have this Patchwork here, I mean as you can see it does not match The rest of the Tonal 911 or can’t dude What do you think spider wait a minute bye-bye james what why was that? All right missing spot where he died? This tunnel looks like crap bro. It looks like the whole thing collapsed out on point There’s no graffiti in this part nothing at all. Well, my light is dying look This is like my powerful light too. Oh, I just ran into a spider web My headlamp just died right now I’m fully charged My camera battery already had to change the battery twice I have four batteries of so don’t think that you’re going to miss out on anything My only light source though is change light I do have my cell phone and of course this camera life right here that works pretty good, so Yeah, I don’t think no one has ever been this far in this tunnel We’ve been out here like two and a half hours walking And we’ve been jogging We drop a little bit walk a little bit great exercise and periods of cardio stuff like that I Hear water, I think we’re going to run into the mark six mile Let’s go Like I can’t even see anything way up there like it’s like Super dark Like what if we run into like a bear like hibernating or something my feet Don’t tell me that here’s another dream. I found like some Satanic stuff in here Are you serious? From the only batteries no, I’m gonna bring my backpack separating batteries before gene We so did not come prepared look at this, okay. This is six manhole What does that say gets? smaller I May like teach a child there, you know Gigi chong is You could go on YouTube and check out some teach on videos up and smoke is my favorite teacher child movie bro, stay closely collage again stuck in a dark back there right behind you What the was that was that you dude? No, I heard something back there Someone following us. Oh You heard that freakin knock? Just grateful one no, no after I said if someone following us it was an Op like it I Said you know yeah, it was much louder than that. It almost sound like it was coming from one of those manholes Bro, this is scary Bro. Come on Maybe it gets a little bit bigger. It would be like stop Wow, that was suck, bro. I don’t want to get stuck in here though Oh gee what very dark. I can’t, huh Did you say that all no? No it? Just turned off sometimes it does that when the battery is getting low? Wow, ah do you? Not use it does it grow do my life describe back on A Camera like that Turn it on you. I can’t turn it on it’s not doing anything look real crime I’m pushing the Frickin thought in oh You know it’s cool though. I can see your selfie screen like Well that doesn’t really help too much for this big life in general only light source I have right here is my cell phone and sure So we need to find the other side of this tunnel asaP if not, we’re going to be here in the door So yeah, that’s any fun Yo this looks pretty trivia right here It’s like my light like shining like with the water or something see that almost looks like they’re for water Floatin It’s like an aquarium glass or something in the tunnel, but it’s a reflection of the water see that oh No, no, I’m trying to turn it back on show. Oh Brutal please don’t I You try this camera like oh, look it’s a long oh Come on, Paul. Can’t help me do my lips Frickin Dead At least I probably more likes of you there will external abilities College got to walk for a little bit Well, I heard traffic a little bit ago. I Can almost see a little bit if I put the selfie screen in front of us just walk? Why you just in case? Bro, this is so scary dude ready Okay, dude only want to go in front my gosh. The hair loss role. Why don’t you bring your cell phone? Or wish you did? What the hell was that? what does water charming But I cannot leave out dark it is in here wow No From home because broke draw an extra leaders which help groans are you so? Cool, dude. I’m see. I’m holding I hear that back to Hawaii is preparing me – do you really do what the heck? What the hose? Is now what just for my finger, bro chill Bro, I swear the widths of the right behind you dude dude. I’m not even kidding you did you see that oh? oh Pick me out. There’s no one’s eyes. Oh my gosh. They’re so freaking dark in here. Oh I can see you. I do see you because because you’re a socialite who’s that? somebody here Okay Posting a bration take every consideration. Take a break Damn soon here I’m not sure. How long is good work here, but you know we definitely seen something binding seen some by James um This is like our only light source right here And it’s barely working. I guess what if you could forever disease. Well like why do we do? I’m on my very last battery on my camera. I mean I have like two bars left on this camera well, we had to take a break here, so Freaking both of my cheese. Oh I Can drop it but you you just a later minute. I’m out of the water a little bro We’re in the laser animal is in the water dude right away. It’s me Tony time you two drops are only light source you saw Dude, it’s like out of a freakin movie this word for God Do the thing is so hot can you drop it in the water? Through what the hell came out. Can you please come rescue me? I want my mommy


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    New merch is available too: https://shop.skyou.com/collections/omargoshtv

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