WE2M160 – Replacing Your GE Dryer’s Door Cover Screw AP2042291, 275755, AH267624, EA267624, PS267624

Hi I am Jordan. Today I am going to show you how to replace
the door covers screw on your GE dryer model. The reason you might need to change this part
is if your screw is rusted or worn out. And for this repair you will need a phillips
head screw driver. So this is our dryer model just keep in mind
that your appliance might look different in order to reach our screw we are first going
to have to open up our door. As you can see our screw is located underneath
the top panel. with your phillips head screw driver we are
just going to unscrew the screw. The screw should just come right out. Next Grab your new OEM replacement screw if
you dont have one of these screws already you can find them on our online store. When you place your new screw in. Make sure it lines up with the top of the
panel located right here and then with your Phillips head screw driver just screw the
replacement in. Once you’ve done that close the door and your
repair is complete. If you need to replace any parts for your
appliance you can find an oem replacement part on our website. Thank You for watching your support helps
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