Weaving Art Into the Fabric of Cities
Weaving Art Into the Fabric of Cities

(bright music) – I see my work as woven
into the fabric of cities. These soft fibers move and
adapt to wind and light and rain, and they are a way of being; they are about interconnectedness. I’m Janet Echelman, I’m an artist. I bring sculpture and form and
light into the public realm, so that we can literally change the spaces that we live in, in cities. My sculpture has traveled
to five continents. It takes an incredible team to create one of these sculptures. I am working with computer
scientists and artisans, and aeronautical and structural engineers all over the world. This part is hanging the
way we want it to hang, down there. My studio is where we incubate ideas. Some of my newest work I’m
using data sets from science, whether it’s human action or
an earthquake and tsunami, to reveal our relationship with the world; and then I just start sketching, whether it’s with a pen or paintbrush. Then we start to model
it in three dimensions in the computer, and we
also make physical models. They begin as raw fiber that
is braided into twine and rope, put on to bobbins, and
loomed using machines, and the ropes are spliced by hand. To take the work and
install it in the city is a whole ‘nother set of artistry. The peace comes together as a single sewn garment for the city. My work is about the
dynamic nature of life, and it’s always unfolding. During the day the colors of the sculpture change slightly as sunlight changes. At night I’m projecting colored light that is very slowly, gradually changing. It’s never the same piece, and you and the person
you come to see it with might have completely
different experiences. The work invites people to engage with it.

66 thoughts on “Weaving Art Into the Fabric of Cities”

  1. Kahlil Hernández says:

    They look like the Auroras

  2. Patsanee Sirinay says:

    second comment!!!!!

  3. Benjamslikestrains says:

    looks like aurora borealis

  4. mendess says:

    That's amazing.

  5. faaiq farooq says:

    I have seen this particular story somewhere. Don't remember where.

  6. nerf bros says:

    Any one want some breakfast?

  7. julio kautsar says:

    Every episode…
    Every week…
    I learn something new
    Thankyou GBS

  8. Granola Buiscuit says:


  9. Robin Surya says:

    Truly Inspiring.

  10. Markianooo says:

    her english is sooooo slow

  11. RezaCatto says:

    Man thats cool, if only spider can make this type of things i wont be scared of it anymore :v
    Edit: nvm spiders don't have coloured web strings

  12. danu ramadhan says:

    Halooo nama ku danu

  13. Anouk says:

    You guys should check out Benjamin Shine !! He makes sculptures out of tulle and it’s really beautiful and mesmerizing !!

  14. InvertedBox says:


  15. Olwydd says:

    Homeless people must love those for catching birds and bats for food.

  16. Peter Alves says:


  17. Gengis khan't says:


    Mildly adequate?

  18. JeroenErp says:

    She need to clean her fucking glasses, it is gross af.

  19. Arístides FM says:

    As An Architect — Designer This Is Inspiring Art 😍🙌(: !

  20. Ben Kuijers says:

    Does it kill many birds?

  21. Miyuru Weerarathna says:

    It's really stunning and has the Wow factor. But won't this interfere with birds and bats?

  22. Kreation Projekt says:

    It's so surreal

  23. M.Sohaib Butt says:


  24. Syafiq Affendy says:

    batcave spotted @0:37

  25. Jr Boi says:

    I literally can do this in my sleep….

  26. MinionStudios says:

    How to turn massive fish nets into art

  27. TheGranti7a says:

    How do these massively complex constructions involving so many, operate without causing harm to urban wildlife? Public art DOES seem to LACK the COMPLETE consideration of consequences once in-place. I see it repeatedly, from electrical works integrated into new construction that are difficult to repair, to intricate mobiles that are costly to keep clean, and stop functioning because they can ONLY perform when they ARE exquisitely sparkling… Why do we humans continue to function in so very many areas and industries only pell mell without considering consequences to the intermediate and longterm future? "Money is time" must cease dominating our work ethic thinking so narrowly, because that model has too many costly post-transactional consequences in so many circumstances!

  28. pavan gopinath says:

    Superb piece of art…..💗💗💗

  29. buathesin says:

    I wonder how it look like under water

  30. Tim O'Connell says:

    New VFX project found

  31. carpo719 says:

    Looks beautiful….though I would imagine birds find them a nightmare

  32. sambhunath majumder says:


  33. Nick C says:

    My city has one of these (or a copy cat version), it’s really really cool 🙂

  34. MemeMasterJackal _ says:

    Pretty cool.

  35. Hey Ya! says:

    This is absolutely spectacular . For indoor spaces this seems good but when outside isn’t this a threat to birds ?, I hope thinking about that sad of this also .

  36. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    They should install some sonic device to repel birds. Would be a nightmare to get them out of those nets. But otherwise, pretty mobiles.

  37. StarStruckFilms101 says:

    This must kill a staggering amount of birds…

  38. - Shooting Starlight - says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I want to see one of these so badly!

  39. Fahad Ahmed says:

    Hey look its pretty and nice colors, my artistic interpretation level

  40. Gaming & ENT says:


  41. Gaming & ENT says:


  42. EngleBertZombie says:

    IMO, you cant call yourself an artist unless you do at least 50% to 100% of the work. otherwise your just the idea man. PS: don't over fluff your work, it makes you sound like you did not do much to make it special, an artist should mostly hate their own work because of the time and effort wasted to make it.

  43. Ed Krassenstein says:

    they do look cool, but she's a little self important imo. it's like she's reusing the one good idea she had over and over and over again. I can't blame her for that, but it'd be cool to see her kick it up like 10 notches.

  44. Pheonix19581 says:

    She is so fucking annoying holy shit

  45. deepak avilable says:

    Terribly awkward.

  46. Tim Glenn says:

    Nice public art, but she's overcomplicating how light shines on a net, kinda snobbish

  47. Ilsunny Lo says:

    There is not even a concept. How is this even art?

  48. i blocked ads to watch this video says:

    @ 0:27
    God, she sounds so pretentious… i want to smack her.

  49. Gathering No Moss says:

    OMG, is anything out of her mouth NOT an overused cliche? Besides, it's all perishable shit that will be in the landfill shortly where fortunately, it will no longer be a hazard to wildlife.

  50. John Smith says:

    no offence but she's kinda arrogant

  51. Ainsley Harriott says:

    How do they make money for this? Grants?

  52. Kyrell Mays says:

    Now that's art!

  53. StopdaViolenceWP says:

    Looks really cool

  54. Chloe Nichols says:

    These are beautiful, yeah, but definitely my first thought was "what about the birds???" If only there was a way to have it both ways!

  55. its niallermikey says:

    Everything is cool but it will be more cooler if they use plastic as the string.

    Because i've seen people can make clothes from plastic by shredding it and making it into string and wools.

    Just thought it will be great if they use this innovation, because for that big sculpture? That's a lot of plastic saved!

    (Of course they might be some disadvantage, but everything have it pros and cons right? )

    have a great day!

  56. Ctrl Cult Del says:

    Please come to Australia and make one!

  57. manythingwrong says:

    can anyone tell me .. how do these people make money? it require shit loads of money to make such thing. who pays for art. .

  58. Taylor Spark says:

    Just beautiful… amazing 🌹

  59. Angelica Tan says:

    It's amazing but I just hope she would address it as "our artwork" instead of "my artwork". It might be her idea and design, but without the other people who work with her, it wouldn't be installed anyhow. Just sayin' tho

  60. Paulo Breva says:

    All I see is a giant bird trap. Poor birds.

  61. SandRa Lee says:

    It's a neat idea, for indoors. Yes, what about birds becoming entangled in them? 🙁

  62. Lau Thiam Kok says:

    Isn't bad for environment, especially birds? Isn't going to trap birds in the city? Birds have less space in cities, this is going to take away more space from them. I don't think it is a good idea. It is evil.

  63. Devon Rusinek says:

    I live in a city that gets alot of snow. Will this hold up?

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