Welcome to Innovative Openings!
Welcome to Innovative Openings!

I found innovative opening when we
were building our home about 18 months ago. We live in a glass house. We have a house
of windows. Innovative Openings had the right shade for every window. People
when they’re first starting their window covering process, they can be overwhelmed
and they don’t really know where to start and there’s a whole lot of options
that are available. We can come in with solutions that are much more
user-friendly and detail-oriented for functionality they’re looking for. The
customer service is really exceptional. The showroom is great. They have great examples of everything
you need. Most importantly they know their products. We’re constantly looking at what’s
available in the market and what we could offer to our customers. We really focus on giving the
customer something that will last for years. If there should have been any problems
or delays or a screw missing or whatever it wouldn’t have been a problem because
it’s here. It’s nice that it’s local. Of course if you
can go local why wouldn’t you? Our customers come back because we have the
whole package. With our own installation team and service
department they know that they can come back to us years in the future and we’re
still going to take care of them.

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