Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro Carpet Shampooer
Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro Carpet Shampooer

the Wertheim se 9500 animal
pro carpet shampooer is a premium carpet shampooer designed to deep clean your
home it is a powerful machine that easily removes stains and dirt from your
carpeted surfaces and upholstery this shampooer has many innovative features
such as edge sweeping brushes for maximum cleaning coverage and a very
handy dry air function which dries the floor with hot air as you clean this
powerful carpet shampooer has dual dirt lifter brushes with 12
cleaning rows which deeply clean your carpet fibers and a unique clean shot
applicator that provides concentrated solutions to directly target stubborn
stains to provide whole house cleaning this Wertheim model includes a pet stain
trapper tool for effectively cleaning up after your furry friends it is ideal for
removing pet hair from furniture during cleaning in addition to this you will
also receive a spraying crevice tool tough stain tool and a turbo tool to
clean your room from top to bottom unlike most other carpet shampooers the
SE 9500 also features a custom clean selector tool to ensure that you
receive the right level of clean for each room and the built-in heater keeps
the clean tank water hot so you the best cleaning results every time the
wertheim SE 9000 pro carpet shampooer is the perfect machine for any
household who wants to keep their floors and furniture looking like new this model is available exclusively at

8 thoughts on “Wertheim SE9500 Animal Pro Carpet Shampooer”

  1. cyri2 says:

    Bullshit, this is machine is actually a Bissell which sell in the USA for $200.  Once again us Aussie get ripped off.

  2. jagodek02 says:

    1:08 – does it seem like the 'dry air function' blow foamy water back on the floor??

  3. Daily Bumps Lover says:

    I have that exact shampooer but it is called bissell and it is $150

  4. Andrew Donald says:

    I got one it is so shit I’m taking it back.

  5. Brandon Vance says:

    Based off the bissell pro heat 2x clean shot

  6. BE THE TRUTH says:

    Loved the 'Fenec Fox' Look Alike in this video
    Cute Doggy
    Seems like a great machine

  7. Yvonne King says:

    I would like a User Manual for my SE9500 Pet Pro shampooer so that I can find out why it does not work very well and why it is so hard to clean – the manual I have is for the Extractor model.
    Some of the problems I have with this machine are: the heater doesn't heat more than just warm; the extractor doesn't suck up much water and the 'easy to clean' statement is totally misleading!

    I haven't yet had the SE9500 for a year so am taking it back to the shop – be interesting to hear what they have to say!

  8. fanofbissell 488 says:


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