What are Smoked Veneers ?
What are Smoked Veneers ?

Nitin ( Contractorbhai.com founder) : What type of Veneers are these in front of us ?What is the difference? Binesh Shah ( Veneer Wholesaler) : This is white oak veneer, one of the best species.This is made from American wood white wood. This is Non Smoked For very long time this was the most preferable veneer. But since last 5 years or so – Smoked ones have become common Smoking is a process in which Veneer is treated with in gas chamber to get new look like burnt wood. But really it is not Burnt The burnt like effect appears into the grains of the veneer. This is done on raw material (Veneer Fletches) after which this raw material is been pressed to make Veneer. You cannot do this on Veneer, its only done on raw material. Smoked process has brought in new colours & feel in Veneer Industry Interior Designers love Smoked Veneers because it allows them to create beautiful designs. Not just Oak Variety of Veneer species are available in Smoked, but Smoked Oak is looks extremely good. Both these Veneers are OAK. Same Tree but different Groups (logs) This is White OAK & that is SMOKED OAK. White Oak got Smoked & you got new Colour. Oak is name of Species. The name of the veneer comes from the name of the wood that has been used. Nitin : So does Smoking Process always makes Veneer Dark ? Final result (shade) of Smoking process is not in our hand. We can try setting temperature and gas limit usage in the smoking process. However we will never know in advance what colour/shade Veneer Flitches (leaves) will finally get. Some get the darker shade and some get the lighter shade, and that the best part about smoked Veneer. If Colour of Smoked Veneer was always same, we would have less variety. Veneer raw material is natural, each log is unique & effect of smoking process on it is unique. Nitin : What is the difference between the price of Smoked & Non Smoked ? Binesh : There is no single answer. Veneer is been sold as per the sq ft. Cost of Smoking gets added per sq ft Mumbai is very competitive market. No other place in India can beat Mumbai rates in Veneer. As a buyer you should find price difference of 20 to 25 rupees. However there are no fix standard rates. Additional process adds cost of production.

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    good info jatin ji. these info are useful for genral customer as well as the professional. thanks and keep doing.

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    which one I recommend laminate or center?????
    pls make a video and explain types of laminate like Pvc lam, acrylic lam, flexible lam, 90 degree and digital laminate.

  3. Vikas Kumar says:

    which one u recommend laminate or veneer???

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