What if the Moon was a Disco Ball?
What if the Moon was a Disco Ball?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. If we turned the Moon into a giant disco ball, day and night would not be a disco party. Instead of diffusely
reflecting sunlight onto all of us, a mirror-tiled moon would reflect specularly. You would be lucky to momentarily catch a single reflected beam of sunlight. Now, with the help visuals by Nick from
Yeti Dynamics, who you should subscribe to immediately, let’s see what would occur
if a disco ball moon actually happened. Here’s the Earth with an imaginary
screen behind it, so we can track the path of reflections from a disco ball Moon. It’s 3,012 mirror
tiles are ten kilometres thick and between 100 and 150 kilometres across. And, as you can see, the beams of sunlight they reflect would only intersect with Earth briefly and rarely – a few every month or so would
race past at more than 20,000 kilometers a second. From the surface of Earth, they’d just be
tiny flashes in the sky 0.1 percent as bright as the regular Sun and would last a fraction of a second.
The Earth, Sun and Moon just aren’t an ideal locations for disco ball effects. But, if our disco ball moon was closer and orbited earth not 384,000 kilometers away but less than 450, as far as the
International Space Station does, it would be torn apart by gravitational title forces. Shoot. Also, the Moon doesn’t really rotate from our perspective like a fun disco ball. It liberates, but it’s starting to look
like instead of an awesome lunar party decoration, a disco ball moon would just be a lunar party pooper. So, for the sake of investigation, let’s
allow this disco ball Moon to not be torn apart and allow it to spin in the sky. Now we’re talking. Occasionally we would get glittery
reflections of a dimmer image of the Sun. From the surface of Earth, this is what we would see. You know, being able to see Earth reflected is almost cooler. It’s like being a bacterium on a giant’s face who’s looking into a mirror. You can see the giant, but not yourself. It kinda makes you feel small. But it would be a great way to take planetary selfies. So, let’s watch a mirror the width of the
Moon orbit as close as the ISS does. From the surface of Earth, it would look like this. The strobe lights around the edge, by
the way, are ten kilometres across. Pretty cool. Now finally, let’s take a look at the
Moon as a rotating disco ball from low orbit. The Moon is not a disco ball and likely never will be. It’s just a diffuse source of illumination. But it’s illuminating in a different way to imagine
what would occur if that actually happened. Woah. And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. Mammy Belle says:

    By far my favourite video on youtube…x <3

  2. Negative F says:

    Don't you ask yourself where these questions come from?

  3. Lukas Radzanowski says:

    What if the tiles were only a few centimetres across?

  4. Mikestion says:

    2:14 is fucking scary, man

  5. Nick Vasseur says:

    New Theory:
    The Earth is round but it rolls around on a black mat with a light on the ceiling determining night and day

  6. The_Fall says:

    Asking the real questions.

  7. Boozle812 says:

    Bold of you to assume the tiles aren't a centimeter across but there's a lot of them

  8. The_Dancing_Llama says:


  9. Dah V1per says:

    always asking the important questions

  10. the1knobs says:

    2:15 gave me anxiety

  11. bowl of soup says:


  12. JonatasAdoM says:

    That's no disco ball, it's a space station.

  13. VEX •_• says:

    Why do I learn so much but can’t explain it from this channel sometimes

  14. VEX •_• says:


  15. PanCebulka says:

    Holy shit thats trippy

  16. Regular-sized man says:

    The mirror looks like a portal to an alternate dimension and the disco ball just gives me anxiety

  17. Arshaam Kabeer says:

    At least it will prove the earth round

    These are the number of mirrors on the ball

  18. TheMaster says:

    in the thumbnail the moon is bigger than earth lel

  19. LudicrousEducation says:


  20. Jarrett Cronk says:

    We would be able to jump really high while the moon was passing over.

  21. edthejester says:

    Now I want an orbiting moon-sized mirror. I would love to hear what the flat earthers would come up with to explain it away.

  22. CarJack says:

    Michael go to bed

  23. The 711Devin says:

    I wasn’t expecting the whole earth to be reflected, probably cause I’m not using my brain that much rn

  24. It's okay to be white says:

    If the moon was a disco ball we'd be stuck in the 80s..forever

  25. Squidcraft 101 says:

    I was absolutely awestruck when the disco moon from the surface was shown, almost wishing reality was like that…

  26. bilgisayar camı says:

    awesome video I hope you get 10000000000000000 subs

  27. George Schlaline says:

    Holy crap Another moon video

  28. Thinking Rational says:

    ℹ️ 🇼🅰️🅽🇹 🆃🇴 🅶⭕ 🆃🇴 🇹🅷🇪 Ⓜ️⭕⭕🅽

  29. Jorge of Albion says:

    The mirrors need to be much smaller.

  30. Pritu Sharma says:

    Me trying to sleep at 1 am
    YouTube: Wanna see a giant disco ball orbiting earth?

  31. Numaan Ahmed says:

    Maybe we will find these things in area 51

  32. 사브리나-Sabrina says:

    He basically answers questions that nobody has asked in the first place

  33. CaramelTV says:

    2:19 that looks like the most awesome desktop screensaver ever

  34. Dog says:

    I can now boogie in zero gravity

  35. Firefalcon41 says:

    Starts slowly doing the disco and doing it faster the closer it get

  36. Ravindra Haridas says:

    Somebody make a petition for covering the moon with large mirrors & bringing it closer to the earth.

  37. Robot says:

    We need to do this to stop flat earthers

  38. no u says:

    We should do this

  39. Klatcha Bobby says:

    Petition to cover the moon in mirrors? Sign me up.

  40. • Weeb • says:

    Man… if we had a disco moon in the oldern days, ther3 wouldnt be deaths and arugements about if the earth is flat or not.

  41. XY ZW says:

    if this was real flat earthers wouldn't exist, so lets make Nasa Or Elon send a giant mirror into space.

  42. Seth Carley says:

    2:20 is freaky

  43. Aqua Leviathan says:

    I would love to see the mirror everyday, it looks amazing

  44. Kyle Foster says:

    Is the moon a star?

  45. The none uknown says:

    Disco moon is so cool and also pretty funny

  46. Mackenzie Fay says:

    Hey at least we would prove the flat earthers wrong

  47. Carlos Madrid says:

    partying all night

  48. Jeff Petteys says:

    That disco ball moon gave me mad anxiety… no thanks

  49. Rapha RL says:


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    80s people: time to dance baby

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    Now who thinks the earth is still flat? 🤔

  55. MajorYard says:

    the mirror is like a giant portal opening in the sky
    it really mixes well with the backround music

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  72. Ginge5ify says:

    To be able to look up every night and just see the reflection of the earth as a whole, would be breathtaking.

  73. Felix Barker says:

    That's so cool!! I mean it would probably be a little frightening because it looks like it's going to hit you but that looks amazing. Wow

  74. SirMan McDude says:

    Meanwhile I'm going through all of the possibilities for using that for navigational purposes…

    Take into account where the mirror is in relation to you and exactly when the shadow goes over you and you get the beginnings of a rudimentary mapping system…

  75. Tobias Andreassen says:

    Shower thoughts be like

  76. Roman says:

    just seeing our planet is overwhelming 🙂

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    WHat If WE WeRE Cow'S UtTEr?

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    Not a single sole
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  83. SomeDawidGuy says:

    "The moon is not a disco ball, and likely never will be" (5:26)

    IQ 500

  84. A Gregory says:

    I actually shit myself when that moon raised over the horizon!

  85. Phenyo Kerebotswe says:

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  98. Odin Angie says:

    If this where real there would be no flat earthers! Yay!

  99. S T A L K E R #SavetheLotus says:


  100. Soplesz says:

    Thats nto actually what we would see, because the ball is so close you cannot see half of the earth, only a small bit

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