When Your BF Has A Female BFF
When Your BF Has A Female BFF

(pop music) – I want to suck your blood. – (laughs) No, stop. – In an environmentally sustainable way. – Hey. – [Will] Hey, Kelsey.
Allie came over for dinner. – Hi, Allie! William, can I talk to you for a second, in the other room, right now? – Yeah, sure. – I’ll just finish cooking. – Okay, cool. (flute music) – [Kelsey] So, Allie’s over for dinner? – She’s my best friend, and I want you guys to be best friends. – Why? – Because you don’t really
have any female friends. – I don’t want any female friends. – [Will] You’re really
aggressive to women, you’re like a frat boy. – She’s a snob. – She is not a snob. – Will, do you remember when we got those brie sandwiches and the becherovka? What was the name of that driver who was telling us about France? – Klaus! – (laughs) That’s right. – [Will and Allie] No strami! – Memories. – We did a semester abroad together in Prague, our junior year. – That sounds magical. – Yeah, it was. – I think it was probably
my favorite trip. – I thought our trip to
Vegas was your favorite trip. – Favorite overseas trip. – He’s always been so indecisive. – Oh, I don’t think so. – Well, you probably just don’t know him that well, yet. – Tell me, how are the men in your life? How is that going? – I’m single. – I am so sorry. – [Allie] Oh, why are you sorry? I don’t care. – Because your ovaries
are probably drying up? – No, I mean, I don’t really want kids, and also, I think I’m a
lot younger than you, so. – Look at that, we are out of wine. William, will you help me
get some more wine, please? – There’s actually two
bottles on the table, buddy. – [Kelsey] I can’t
believe you would make me put up with this! – Oh, put up with this? What about your friend Charles? – What about Charles? – [Will] Oh, Creepy Charles? The guy who wears
transition lens year round? – [Kelsey] He’s not actually creepy, that’s just a nickname, and he’s not in love with me. – [Will] It is not a
nickname, it’s a way of life! – So, you’re saying
that you’re only hanging with Allie, because she wants to bang you. – [Kelsey] You’re hooking up! – [Will] No! – [Kelsey] Yes! – [Will] No, that’s a
ridiculous assumption. – She wants to fuck your face, and I’m not going to allow it. – Will, I get what you’re saying, but do you actually think Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate? – I don’t think Bernie
is a viable candidate– – Do you think that men and women can just be friends? – Of course they can. – I was talking to Allie. – You know, there’s actually an article about this in the Atlantic, that I read recently. – (clears throat) A lot of times in male female friendships the guys think that the
girls are into them, so they have a hard time
just being true friends. – Did you hear that? The man always thinks
that the girl is into him. – Oh, if it’s in an
article it must be true. – Sorry, Will doesn’t know how to read. (laughter) – [Allie] Articles are hard for him. – This could’ve been a great evening, but instead of showing me sympathy, what it’s like to be a handsome man, living in 2015, you ruined the evening fighting over me. – What? Will! – Fighting over– – [Allie and Kelsey] Fighting over you? – What’s this then? – No, Will, I cannot
believe that he thought I might be in to him, I mean, we’ve been friends
for ten, twelve years? Like, I would rather (gestures), you know? – Allie’s my friend, you’re my girlfriend, I don’t want to have sex with Allie. – Well, Heaven forbid. – You wanted to have sex with her? Rude. What did you think was
going to happen here? Some sort of three-way situation? – I’m not a fortune teller, I don’t know what’s going to happen. – He would be lucky. – Oh, he is lucky. – Oh, please (clink glasses), please. – He is, you’re amazing. – I know, but does he know? – [Kelsey] Probably not. – This is, this is ridiculous. Okay? – I have to drink to sit at a table with him for 45 minutes. – [Allie] I was drunk
our entire semester in… – You know, sometimes I
feel like I just can’t win. You’re a pretty good
listener, Creepy Charles. (whip cracks) – [Will] What about
the time you caught him replacing your toothbrushes? – [Kelsey] He needed a toothbrush. – He kept them in a Ziploc bag, marked treasures!

100 thoughts on “When Your BF Has A Female BFF”

  1. Ronaldo92379 says:

    Love the hypocricity .. she has no girl friends what basically means that she has boy friends but it is a problem that he has a female bff.

  2. Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas says:

    When your boyfriend is Gay. Should be the title.

  3. Priya Shah says:

    He kept them in a ZIPLOCK BAG marked TREASURES

  4. Usama Khan says:

    Please help me with the song in the beginning, can't seem to find it on YouTube

  5. John Funk says:

    I hate BuzzFeed

  6. markj6700 says:

    Is that Ana from TYT? 😉

  7. Emi Lee says:

    Tbh I think once you're in a relationship your significant other should be your bestfriend

  8. Feenita charles says:

    Guys and girls can be friends. ..but not best friends unless one is secretly crushing on the other or is gay or smg

  9. Chad Doran says:

    The first example she has a right to be mad they were acting like a couple

  10. Gracie Hart says:

    I am the best friend and I can confirm that I really like making my bffs gf jealous. I hug him, joke with him, always hang out with him, post pics with him, be silly with him, always talk about memories and good times we had together, and we even say I love you to each other in a non romantic way. What makes her even more mad, is the fact that we used to date in junior high. Because he's really in love with her and I don't have a crush on him, it's pretty awesome that we're so close.

  11. Rendroc says:

    Good acting for a YT video

  12. Ingrid Garcia says:

    Her teeth r gonna fall outta her mouth their so big

  13. nobay says:

    That dude is gayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  14. lyra blackfyre says:

    worse thing ever

  15. glatmannn says:

    When I saw creepy Charles I almost spit my coffee out on my phone screen.

  16. Greg Dobson says:

    This guy is too gay to be believable as straight.

  17. Aquino says:

    Why is he mad? He got what he wanted! Both girls became friends now! And they actually talk to each other. Man, just play their game a little more and let them think they won or something.

  18. Purified Water says:

    Um okay so the “bff” already had a crush on him. You should have known 😪

  19. momen sa3 says:

    There's nothing called friendship between man and woman it's super hard because the biological stuff so we should just skip it

  20. Modupe Sanda says:

    Creepy Charles, my new favorite internet character 😆

  21. Reabetsoe Motjolopane says:

    lmaooooooooo "you probably just don't know him that well yet" lmaooooo shots

  22. Mob Psycho 100 says:

    Lol can't relate. Never had a gf 😂…..😭😭😭😭😭

  23. F Z says:

    This is so real lol especially the tension turning into the two ganging up on the dude lmfao I’ve been there

  24. Ryan Weible says:

    you know, i have like 4 female friends in the just sub-best friend tier. so this is a concern when starting a relationship.

  25. tam fat says:

    I never fell in love with any of my guy best friends neither did they

  26. Abhay nayak says:

    He kept them in a Ziploc bag 😂😂😂😂

  27. Benjamin r says:

    That guy is gay.

  28. wm ahay says:

    Leave that toxic mess

  29. green lamp says:

    im pretty sure this guy has a BF too

  30. Clorox Bleach says:

    idk why i thought this was college humour

  31. MLBson09 says:

    what is she worried about? the "boyfriend" is clearly a closet homosexual.

  32. Wolf's Den says:

    Alcohol… that's the secret

  33. priya parimi says:

    I tried giving some space to my best friend when he got a gf.
    In beginning of the relationship he was including me and encouraging me to talk to her but i didn't like her much after talking to her so I ended up giving them space and not getting involved in it.(I just hinted to him that I am not that sure about her and asked him to be careful and left it at that.)

    He ended the relationship after 2 years but by then we lost our previous closeness and we shifted from best friends to close friends and now after 5 years we are just friends (he had 1 more gf after that and I repeated the giving space thing. Now we never talk about his relationships).

    If you want to still have a best friend, give space but not so much that u would start drifting apart and be involved even if you don't like the gf.

  34. MrCbj102 says:

    You can tell this was made by women

  35. Susanna Julia says:

    Best friends are "The girl he told you not to worry about" in disguise!

  36. Kim Ray Antonio says:

    isn't charles the guy from collage humor

  37. LokiTetch says:

    i hate that they had to change it to women uniting against the man cause that's more empowering

  38. Samuel Akoi Saschiko says:

    This is okay for female to have bff, but not males. lol

  39. autismpete says:

    If I were single, this video would NOT make me want to be in a relationship. Jealousy is so freaking stupid, and I wouldn't be with a jealous woman. For what, just do I can say I'm in a relationship? Sheeeeeeit…

  40. Juxt_Aposition /99 says:

    Next video: When your gf befriends your female bff

  41. Bobo says:

    I have a bff who is girl and i have a gf, you guys are exaggerating this, u morons, making this so bad disgusting

  42. TrollingFrogs says:

    Correct title…"when two people friend zone each other"

  43. Icee Vice says:

    Lmao to have chemistry like that with the bff the gf just looks like a side hoe

  44. BrotherTree1 says:

    Harsh and hilarious. It's nice to have a lighthearted joke about this lol.

  45. Reaction Warehouse says:

    College Humour Wants to know your location.

  46. Finka Riz says:

    I think bestfriend-ship between boys and girls are impossible. At least one either the boy or the girl is fell in love.

  47. Weebi Sumpremei says:

    "he kept them in a slip lock bag marked treasures!" Lol😂😂😂

  48. VojtaTube says:

    That Czech bit at the biggining, that was hillarious 😀 Czech person speaking here 😀

  49. Cash Back says:

    Video should really be called "Girlfriends who are needlessness jealous of other Women and want to unfairly monopolise Men's Time."

  50. Dan Baum says:

    They left out the part where he cheats

  51. Segatore says:

    No we can't just be just be friends

  52. Walking Corpse says:

    Before I continue watching this, that boyfriend looks and sounds gay. Just saying…

  53. valar says:

    Oh it happens plenty the other way around too. It's just less talked about.

  54. Dipesh Bhatia says:

    Creepy Charles looks like Rahul Gandhi

  55. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Oh alcohol.

  56. Falken Vir says:

    Sorry but any women butting into a Man with a relationship have hidden agenda whether she realized it or not. Girl BFF & Office coworker especially.

  57. Kar3n says:

    I don't think so.

  58. Julianne Wright says:

    This is not the way it went down for Hermione ,Ginny , Harry

  59. misfit danzig says:

    OMG when girls have male friends no big deal …..

  60. Mr. Thanos the predators hunter says:

    For me, BFF means best fake friend..

  61. Princess Lunafreya says:

    My best guy friend wanted to take me out to lunch with his former girlfriend….I had to decline since thats a recipe for disaster.

  62. JCra Z says:

    My boyfriend in 8th grade had a girl friend who he hung out with constantly. I never met her, but he talked about her so much I was convinced he was cheating. I later found out she was in 6th grade and basically forced him to help her with homework…

  63. My Mix says:

    How I feel

  64. Carrie Krout says:

    Plot twist: the girls get together and become the best gay couple everrrr

  65. AmberTopaze says:

    What is worse is "Your crush having a girl Bff."

  66. Magdalena Lukač says:

    This is so lame

  67. Smoll Little Army says:

    I actually wouldn't mind but I feel like something is going on between those two I will say something.

  68. Duh_itz_Kare Bear says:

    Did it bother anyone else that William and ally were matching?

  69. tampa mannings says:

    whooopish 3:34

  70. Nina Williams says:

    The Charles guy tho

  71. Silver Bat says:

    I don't believe in BF/GF best friends when you have a spouse. I'm bi and grew up "a tomboy" and was raised by men….So that might be why I feel like this but IMO…Your spouse should be your best friend. If not, what's the point?

  72. Mojo 12 says:

    …I hate how me imagining being the girlfriend made me ticked off

  73. Naughty Elf says:

    This is how cheating happens. Having a female best friend.

  74. NamJesus says:

    Nope nope nope disagree disagree, I have a male BFF and if he ever got a BF I would respect it 100% and I would let them have their own space but the fact he would get himself a GF doesn't mean he can't spend some time with his BFF -_-

  75. Chelo Cordero says:

    "im a lesbian, karen. he smells like ketchup anyways."

  76. Richard T K Hunt says:

    I don’t even have either I so want this

  77. Shady Mohamed says:

    " I want you to be best friends "
    " Why ? "
    " To make a MFF threesome , indeed "

  78. robert jackson says:

    an ex had a problem with me having a female friend
    i told her that her wife did not have a problem with me being her friend
    why did she

  79. Anastasia Jane says:

    My boyfriend has a girl best friend and tbh I kinda have a crush on her too but I’ve known her for longer than he’s known her and I’ve known her longer than him lol

  80. Wendy Echeverria says:

    Oooh no I always feel bad when I accidentally get into my boy bestfriend's plans. I just like "eeek,sorry, ehehehehe."

  81. Vi Ki says:


  82. Dubstep Ninja says:

    Marry a woman who can accept that you have a female bestfriend
    Think about it
    Why would be she be jealous of someone that his lover has known for a long time
    Yet has never fallen in love with
    Remember trust is the primary ingredient in a relationship
    Just an opinion peace

  83. The Great Gatsby says:

    Lost me at, "is Bernie a viable candidate".

  84. Teringventje says:

    But… eh… this great and all …but are you sure he is into women?

  85. Cari Schumann says:

    My husband's female best friend became my friend and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.When we first started dating I was a little uncomfortable, but now I'm so grateful to have her in my life her and my husband brought me to Christ and it has been a blessing.I love my husband's best friend 🥰

  86. Retardretroguy says:

    Charles is really just misunderstood and socially awkward.

  87. Rigo Jr says:

    Also I think I'm a lot younger than you I'm dead hehe

  88. Fernanda Vidales says:

    its been a week since my ex left me for his best friend,,,I knew something was off but chose to keep it private

  89. Diane Audrey Falculan says:

    I really don't like this. If you have a girlfriend already why would u invite ur girl bff into your house? Specially when the gf and bff aren't that close.

  90. YoutubeFanatic says:

    I feel like I would be the female bff that the gf doesn't have to worry about because I don't like guys like that.

  91. Kirbae says:

    2:01 lmaoo 😂

  92. Mark B. says:

    He is def gay

  93. CATS MANY CATS says:

    My bf doesn't have any female friends because I have pretty strong legs and fists idk

  94. Martin B says:

    0:14 – so apparently this boyfriend just called his girlfriend by her name. No "hey babe", "hey honey", he said "hey kelsey".

    That's good script writing, guys!

  95. Alyssia Villalobos says:

    My girlfriend left me for her guy best friend after calling me saying she wasn’t feeling good and was at home but I was standing right behind her with my brother

  96. Bella Noelle says:

    Bernie 2020

  97. Don't talk about Fight club says:

    BFF has an extra F

  98. CosmicWitch 93 says:

    I am my bfs only BFF, as he is mine. Not bc we made each other, it just happened that way. Us against the world 💕

  99. kxwaii.potato says:

    I actually have a male best friend, so hopefully in the future, this male best friend's girlfriend doesn't hate me 😅

  100. Ms Neo says:

    That BFF girl is me. Why am I always the Harry Potter between a Ron and Hermione?

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