Why does Madison Headrick never feel alone on the red carpet? | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris
Why does Madison Headrick never feel alone on the red carpet? | Get Ready With Me | Vogue Paris

Hi Vogue, I’m getting ready
for the Cannes red carpet, come in with me. I’m getting ready because I’m going to see
the premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Makeup, I want these eyes, lots of mascara,
a matte like light orange. And for hair, we’re going super ’60s,
a little volume at the top. Reese Witherspoon is always
a good inspiration. Tonight, I’m wearing Miu Miu,
which I’m so excited about. I think the dress is so so so beautiful,
it’s super chic, super elegant. Nothing fit as well as the blue dress. I think it was like meant to be. What I like most about the festival
is basically the craziness. Everyone’s running around,
everyone’s super creative. I love seeing all the girls on the carpet
pulling out some serious looks. And it’s always fun to see hair
and makeup and styling and everyone coming together
to create all different looks every day. It’s really amazing. Maybe it’s the dress. It’s perfect. Thank you. To get ready for today, I did a facial with Mimi,
who’s the best facialist ever. I love her and she does really amazing gold masks and it really helps the skin
to make it look super glowy and it really makes the makeup
and everything look extra bright. My phone case is
a customized picture of my dog. She’s the cutest thing in the world.
She misses me, we Facetime every day. Her name is Francis. Her Instagram is @imso_francy. We even had a birthday party for her. These are her cakes, doggie cakes of course. Shoes Yes! Yes! I love these. These are going to match the diamonds
that are around my waist. What do I eat for breakfast?
I mean, I eat the same thing every morning. I’m like such a creature of habit. But first thing I had was celery juice,
which I always talk about, but I’m obsessed. And then I don’t eat or drink anything after
for 20 minutes, and then after 20 minutes,
I had a cappuccino this morning with almond milk, I had two eggs and a side of avocado. Will this be able to stay? They have to be pinned. Usually, on the red carpet,
there’s no one walking in front of you or anything. You’re the only one on the carpet. But with premiere red carpets… last night was actually my first one. It was really intimidating, like really scary, because it’s so many people
and so many photographers. So, the whole time
I’m like just focusing on my face, I’m like “pose, pose, pose”. People there are screaming the craziest things
so you look at them. So, I just try to make sure that I’m not smiling,
but I look happy.  What do you think, Sandra? I didn’t see a wide shot. I think this one. I think we should do this one, right Sandra? Yeah. Do I feel lonely on the red carpet? I feel the exact opposite,
just because there are so many people and there’s so much going on. For an example, yesterday’s premiere carpet, I had my stylist, Sandra Amador,
texting me and she was like: “make sure you don’t put two hands
on your waist, only one, one hand down, it’s better for the shape of the dress”. So, even though I’m actually by myself, I still have many people in my ear helping me,
guide me through the carpet. The car is here? Okay, I got to go Vogue. Thanks so much for getting ready with me
and I’ll see you on the carpet.

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  1. Aleahsa Wells says:

    Goddess beauty queen

  2. Noelle Kern says:

    So much inspiration, love from Charleston!

  3. Tyler Ray says:

    She is a classic beauty – channeling Lauren Hutton and Charlotte Rampling here.

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