Why You Should Buy a Custom Rug | RugKnots
Why You Should Buy a Custom Rug | RugKnots

This is a story about a custom oriental
rug order and you out of all the relationships we cultivate during our
lifetime the bond of friendship is one of the
most valuable if you think about it making a lifetime friend is analogous to
weaving an exquisite oriental rug the process is long but the reward is great
we dye the wool fibers we dry them each fiber is carefully dyed and color
matched to ensure an everlasting quality we spin them and we begin to weave them
each knot is tied by hand to create beauty for a new acquaintance and like
our friends each design and motif is unique there are no two exactly alike these essential qualities become the
foundation for our friendship with every client every bride-to-be every interior
designer we create a handknotted custom rug for from a simple color swatch to the request of specific modern or ancient motifs the Rugknots artisans work days
and night to create a custom order average custom rug orders take from three
to four months to hand knot hand wash and ship to you our family has been
creating custom rugs in unique hand dyed colors for over three generations

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