Now we go in a bit, yes in
the past back because that is such a style of the car. That belongs to a good friend of yours? Exactly. And now you have it here, actually as you did in the past because the car is already
relatively much done. So I do not know a car currently in the area, where more is done. Yes. Is just Golf4. My first car was too a Golf 4. And that was also his first car and he is already building forever around. First he has with his big brother, he has heard first. There was already airbrush on it, there it was possible and something you just stop
not gone anymore. Yes. It’s really awesome, so to say, I do not want to say start times but where I’m with the cars came in contact, even so, yes so with 16/17/18/19 / 20. There was that’s almost standard that people
Have built years on cars. That means you have such a car over five / six / seven years
and have a part every year changed, brought something new, made something new and when you look at it today, so a half-life of a car is either like a lease, three years, or sometimes even shorter. After one / two / three years, the cars are actually repelled and the changes are,
I do not want to say minimal but often not as blatant as it used to be. That then
really such a car of the Start time, after six years, so completely rebuilt there stands. There are still people who completely rebuild their cars, smash them up
and really change but I find, in recent years. No one is taking a new car anymore. René, have a look on the roof Details, because they have worked with foil and so made a relief of it. Oh blatant. You see that against the light really cool here. Yes here. But also this red one Inner space. He has something. So completely red, looks great. Definitely an eyecatcher. What about the sunlight now?
with the red dashboard? I’ll sit down. There you have to you ask the owner. Because that’s always the problem when you’re so colorful Has dashboards, so covered with leather. Also
at original manufacturers, that then, if you’re unlucky, with the sunlight in the windshield reflects and then you already have such a light mirror in here. But such a red it’s nice That’s the way it is. Is also cool again, because he this span or this low point, he has overcome where now the Golf 5 hangs in it. The Golf, Christian R32, costs a lot of money. Yeah right. And now the V6 slowly go up or a Jubi GTI, you can not already buy more for a narrow course. He is nice and round. We used to have everything gecleaned. Door handles away, sides, front evil eye. I had one too. Front evil eye, front 18 “, rear 20” chrome rims
it. Yes that’s true. He is now back in one other direction goes. The strips all turn again, narrow rim, no small rim and nice behind
wide. Yes, but that’s right In the past, everything was done away with. But I agree with you, the fiver is really straight in just such a bottom. And the four is really on the rise. Is also of the form again, is stop, sometimes things need a bit of time. And that is blatant, that we have already noted, the moment the cars are in the valley and cheap, nobody wants to have them and a few years later you are angry, just shit now, that thing is yes
but quite cool, look at the prices and think that’s almost priceless. How would you say, so for the future, become such long-term conversions again
come or will something come again? With old cars but in any case with new cars. Most are leased. Yes. Look, me I have seen, they have offered
Golf 7 GTI for 129, – EUR Leasing per month to four Years. That is. I go, I must honestly say, personally so that me at the older cars, just like the XS Classic, that is more my thing, because I find, if you have such an old car, me
I already had the W124, you can also do that leave. Get it out, if you’re upset. This is really such a car for the pure emotion. Then you have just a Daily, like me at the moment Touran and you just drive the
you beat every day and you’re done. Because I have to honestly say if you have such a car for daily,
At some point it does not make fun and you come. He drives, but I believe every day.
Honestly? Yes. So daily is already blatant. But I think he does not go far. He is a city driver. Yes. It is, above all here, so the
Heaven still with the stuff. What I think is cool are the hardlines. That’s nice
cool. Cleanly installed. If I think, then mine first Carnight in nap. In the Kaufpark Nickern these boot conversions. With GFK where any hands come from within. Boar, what’s there in the trunk have tinkered. Yes, that was a different time back then. But nice that Let’s see it again. We have already made such an A1 with the company Holm Wirthgen, so in Direction S1 went. I have to say honestly
so with that, so the red with these white ones OZ rims, I like really good. So who he stands here, I think that’s really cool. Just like that, which is still the A1 extremely good, is the rear. If you do that with the predecessor compares. The predecessor, I am never there
so 100% warm but at the, that is really nice and sharp
drawn and from the front he is so really aggressive aggressive. If you look, he’ll see, he looks cool already. The front is cool. What did you put in here with the vehicle, Jens? There is a KW Clubsport in it, with hardness adjustment. So it’s for the Racetrack thought. Yes. That means you can say how many millimeters you screwed down now have? What would you appreciate? Can I
really do not say but he has now still pretty thread. So we could
go even deeper in the front but that’s it really maxed out for that.
Hot. But it looks great when it’s deep. Or? I think it’s standard very high
held. I think he sees from the beginning like a little RS4 like the new one. So it’s true that Audi already has something awesome at thought. Definitely. I
think the OZ that you put on it, the Fit the car like ass on bucket. They always remind me that way extremely blatant to the rally sport and
that fits to this A1 really extremely good. But the OZ is not finished. Or? No. That is, if I now the OZ for the car, I have to come to you. Exactly. And then you can do that to me? Exactly. Very very cool. So the wheels are once in 18 “for the vehicles but as soon as you go to 19 “, there are not those in the bolt circle.” Yes. they have to be reworked a bit
become. Are now 8.5×19 “with a 225 tires. Fit perfectly. And
then I can order that from her and do you get something like that? About us, exactly. We do it completely Paragraph 21 entries and that is not a problem with it. Because load capacity make the loose of the Vehicle, the tire too and thereby. I
must really say, visually seen, this looks real, if you look at it from the sidelines. So you had the BBS on it. Or? Exactly. We are left side OZ and right side BBS driven for half a year. Exactly, I must honestly say, the OZ side I had always liked worlds better. Me personally but we wanted just show the customer both and it
but also gave customers who the BBS side liked better. Yes. But is racing and is like made the wheel. So Audi could have taken it in series, then. Definitely. But now has a larger engine as we had that? Exactly. How a lot of horsepower does he have now? 200. Is a 2 liter TFSI. So the biggest thing is. You should have been Nico Face must see. That’s cool. 200? Yes, you can go on a test drive later if you want. Turning a round is not a problem. Nico? So a small cut out into the countryside? Yes, nice. Oh man, so a coincidence. That we get a car here again. So, Jens drove us the good piece out. Now you can see it outside again, from the front, that’s cool. Or
Nico? It’s awesome. So and the camera was out before and the Nico did
Here excited because that’s fake. You would have to / You can do it right and I think that
That’s why Fake, I do not really know I think there will not be anything so hot here. That if that’s it now open here, as the right vent, you have no coolers or anything here that’s why they’ll shut it up. I have to say honestly, personally it does not bother me, I think it’s cool from the looks, whether this is fake or not, interested
not me here. The thing is cool. And now here again, so from the outside, really with the
white rims, with the OZ and the rear, cool. So I have to be honest say that would be such a car, what I am
really personally in everyday life also like would drive. Looks really cool, so. Jump in. I would say we shoot a little one Round. Exactly. Here you notice immediately, the Jens did not save here, everything clicked. So we now have the 200hp here and also
here is “please refuel”. Oh dear Jens, you’re almost like that
Tim. But that would be something like, for example, this silver, do you think the chic? We had talked about that before. No. Not so right? No, if it were black, perhaps. Yes. Then it would at least einpflegen but first, I think you have another structure and another
Color and that’s what I find interrupting that the whole look. I think I have that
high gloss black. complete glossy black, because you have here
glossy black, that would be so here go on, would be a bit like that
mix with the monitor and over there end up a bit like that again. So I think I would be there high gloss black. I would have darkened it too. Yes, otherwise as I said, me Immediately feel comfortable in the A1. you
Everything here has air conditioning concerns and I think just this monitor,
he’s a bit of a driver directed. I think it’s really cool, because you
has the feeling so with the digital display and this one
Display here that you have it all have a relatively good grip. That means you
can adjust everything relatively cool here and Turning to the driver, that’s just like the old BMW’s, e30, e36. There it was so everything turned to the driver. I think
that’s cool. Yes. It’s like a little one Control center, easily around you
built. Well, I would say, Nico, let’s do a little trip here. Watch out, behind us are children. I just do not know where they are. But, only you … I think the bike fits very well with the car. Yes, it looks really pretty. But just 42 list, is already blatant. Well, but you have to stop, so I think it is for a small car a lot, as I said, even if I like it a lot. I think he will be back in a few years Second-hand market also essential
affordable. I would personally Never order a new car unless it’s just a lease or a lease Special offer in financing, what
yes sometimes with new cars. One has the advantage of the new car, you can configure it yourself but often I find the cars too
in the annual car or three-year car area, as I configured it too
would have. So I rarely have extra wishes. Inside, I like to be black, though
we did not like smaller things Can you change that and from the
You also find exterior color always everything on the market. Well, nowadays everything is fast foiled. Yes. So I say, such a car color
would probably not be a criterion for me more, not to take a car if it fits inside. Where I always have a hot paint think better than a foil. Foil can
it’s cool to do it maybe to the original paint too
protect, but I think a really cool paint, a really cool paint, I still think that’s better. Can you still remember the times when the Paintings, especially for red cars,
where that was faded? Where you after ten years or so then such a dull one had pink? Exactly, definitely. And with some things, when it’s really old and kicked off properly, so a patina is cool too. Yes, but so so at. If it is red, I agree with you. That really looked like scabies. But sometimes you have it too get really horny reprocessed. Yes, kar. I also know people, Golf 2 red, was never really really
popular in my day and there one who has the almost completely processed and that looked really cool. I have I’m the first time so little in
red in love. At my Polo back then it was just like that
so, I had on the hood completely gross problems, because that was dull and then always have, maybe so twice in half a year, I have stop
polished, polished and that worked. The it was better for a while, so. Ah yes, blatant. Do I have to say honestly, I think 200 hp on the A1, I think … but he is fine. Karl, you can not expect any extreme horsepower here but me have to say honestly, 200 hp for the car are quite sufficient. I mean, for what do you get such a little runabout? For
the city, a bit of driving and these new engines, they are very lively. Yes, it goes well. Can not you complain. This is not a racing car, but for a small car, it attracts well. So, conclusion? Conclusion Audi A1, still cool, beautiful Car what Audi has set up here. I’m excited. So from the whole compact car, I have to say
this is my favorite, at the moment. I am but not the new Mini yet
hazards. But if I go to the VW Group stay, A1 or Polo, I have to say honestly, I like the A1 best. So I think the cool, sometimes apart from the price. But you have to wait and see how it will be on the Used car market then look like but I think so, what Audi made here has, is really cool. I am myself
Right now, I have to keep going burp. If it smells a bit, it’s me. What I ask myself is if you have one now simple equipment, what hereby
is? But I think the display should always be his. Or? I could not imagine
that now. Well that could be at most in size differ that it may be smaller. But this is built in here because you have yes, the whole radio control and everything in it. Radio Baltic Sea. I would say that we are going to run one again small lap around the A1, because he is so beautiful and, right, let’s go.

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