Woman SMASHES OBJECTS with BREASTS! | Got Talent Global
Woman SMASHES OBJECTS with BREASTS! | Got Talent Global

Whoooo… Busty Heart *background music *audience clapping* *background music* Ha Ha Ha… *background music* No.. No..No.. Stay right there…. Ohhhh….. Oh my God! Gilbert Rozon Dave Watch more.

100 thoughts on “Woman SMASHES OBJECTS with BREASTS! | Got Talent Global”

  1. Waseem Mansehra says:


  2. Hosein Namdari says:

    ریدم تو این فرهنگ وتمدن آشغالتون به خدا اگه شما خوارکسده های انگلیسی وآمریکایی آخوند رو تو کشور ما نمیکردید ما الان حدااقلش چیزی از امریکا وژاپن کم نداشتیم .

  3. عاشقه روحي says:

    اااخ يمه صدري كام يوجعني من يمي

  4. Hana Hana Hana Hana says:


  5. John Low says:

    Did she go to final

  6. Time traveller says:

    Nice performamce…next time without cloth ok

  7. siddorio mackulay says:

    Brest hammer I'm feeling sick now 😵thinking what's inside in those Mellon's 🤔😏😏concrete😂😂😂

  8. Cyrus Josh says:

    Wat about her husband..

  9. Masdaffa says:


  10. Masdaffa says:

    2:02 watafak that guy :v

  11. نہسيم الۅرد says:

    صدرها اكبر م̷ـــِْن راسي 😂😂😂😂

  12. انثى من فولاذ says:

    هذا صدرها من جانت شابه حاقنته سليكون وسلكون بمرور الوقت محجر بصدرها

  13. Eagle -pubg mobile says:

    Aathadi aatha yemma perusu

  14. Annelise S2 says:


  15. Jelani Armstrong says:

    0:13 girl really wanted a closer look on those things

  16. EpicNitro_AAP says:

    0:31 your welcome

  17. Rosemary Vien says:

    If those were real that would hurt like hell.

  18. shashank sharma says:

    ohhhh ufffff Iron breast

  19. ShadowSpecs95 says:

    Etra is that you??

  20. Laura Mertarchyan says:


  21. why u sad i don't know nan molla says:


  22. Viet Girl says:

    Lol the camera man though!

  23. alepiu saja says:

    There must be dumbells inside there.. doesn't she feel pain from doing it?😨

  24. Tanya Casas says:

    The girls be like OMG thats horrible boys be like how the hell would that hurt well men you don't know the PAIN

  25. Dilshad C N says:

    She freezed the whole milk in it without giving to any one 😂

  26. Kerri Livesay says:

    Me too!!! I lovhttps://youtu.be/jFgQ2hsdsAEe you Busty!!!

  27. William Thomas says:

    Her nipple was exposed/ 0:31

  28. William Thomas says:

    It's disturbing, but funny

  29. Akash Singh says:

    The beginning of X-men era .

  30. Jay Flippen says:

    If they really wanted this thing to be cable-tv appropriate, then they would probably have Busty Heart wear some pasties (nipple and areola covers).

  31. Razorr Gecko Shot10 says:


  32. Kiss711 says:

    Wtf am I watching, this is something else lol

  33. Pink Panda Time says:

    This is not funny..

  34. RPG FLAMEZ says:

    this shouldnt have been put on tv

  35. GardV4 says:

    She should be assassin.

  36. Sherry Rodriguez says:

    There hanging that's nasty

  37. caras2004 says:

    Truly weapons of mass destruction

  38. Sélène n says:

    Encore nous les français 😭

  39. cindy cecil says:

    I can’t even break a pencil.

  40. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    pause at 2:03 😂😂 that guy looks like he has blue balls

  41. Crystal Wolff says:

    2:02 look at that dudes face 😂

  42. Springyboys studios -w- says:


  43. Weapon X says:

    I am seriously afraid.

  44. Golden Wings says:

    I'M scared

  45. Golden Wings says:

    I'M scared

  46. Diana Wages says:


  47. Wet Toast says:

    They look lopsided

  48. GANDHAR DESSAI says:

    She left Aladdin's job as virgin soldier.

  49. JustThemAverageTeenageGirls Maya&Rose says:

    Her right boob fell out the top n she didn't have a nipple. Pretty sure they were fake x

  50. Αργυρώ Καλογριά says:

    I think she did the exact performance in Greece got talent years ago…

  51. M4c4r0n! says:

    weird flex but ok

  52. Ultimate5hark S05 says:


  53. Shyam Pawar says:

    Kya baat hai

  54. John Madril says:

    Shes a girl in THE DICTATOR movie

  55. Debz Ada says:

    Saggy hangers

  56. Damin Mance says:

    That's not a talent😑

  57. Hazel Jade Abian says:

    That would hurt so much

  58. Mr. S says:

    That's real!……..

    …can i touch it😉

  59. Emily Murray says:

    So are these real ?or fake implants . I guess fake because it would hurt too bad if it were natural ?

  60. Anrei says:

    I'm just wondering why she's on France's got talent when she's not French and doesn't speak it lol

  61. _jeff _ says:

    3:49 lol nice

  62. _jeff _ says:

    she got a big bra dang also thats kinda weird what talents there are these days

  63. Devendra Patil says:

    I think she is there in dictator

  64. True Believer says:

    The boobstar,……

  65. XhvxkzcklmhvSFG. ljxfukvhjbk Cjbx says:


  66. Tongo1x says:

    I got shoved today and the person hit me there, AND IT HURTS (me in mind:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

  67. httyd lover says:

    Mine are hearting after this video

  68. Dracul Hemming says:


  69. Diana f says:

    That's an American for you !!! Lol
    we do dumb stuff !!

  70. Diana f says:

    They are heavy !

  71. cardboardorigami says:

    What a desperate clown.

  72. Jarelyn •3• says:

    We are on the wrong side of YT

  73. Gourab Biswas says:

    Was she on the dictatorship movie…

  74. Shannon Wright says:

    This is one of the grossest things I've ever seen! She is disgusting!

  75. Beckkrazy says:

    y en a un plus gros que l'autre.
    one of them is bigger than the other.

  76. Alexander Wood says:

    Why am I here

  77. Darlin' Zurc says:

    Que merda foi essa que eu acabei de ver? 😮😮😮😮

  78. Dino Flores says:

    2:03 haha

  79. ava cola says:

    IT FELL OUT AT 0:32

  80. Cedarius Yates says:

    3:58 He tried it😂😂

  81. Envenomist says:

    Now I want to see a man smashing objects with his balls

  82. Big Milk says:


  83. ؟؟؟؟؟ Dooha says:

    ههههههههههه خرب عمي😂😂😂

  84. Kili Yayes says:

    Dynimate is my fav song

  85. Tania Vargas says:

    Me: READS SMASHES *smashes her phone to the floor

  86. peachy owo says:

    That must hurt

  87. Kent Peterson says:

    Wonder if thier real

  88. Isaac The Demon Slayer says:

    This is the content I signed up to Youtube for!

  89. Genesis G 90 says:

    2:01 lfmao that dude

  90. Jasmine Donut says:

    Did I see something pop out😳

  91. Darwin Martin says:

    She can break a human skull with those

  92. Vaishu Reddy says:

    What is the use of this video???

  93. Brayden Argana says:

    maybe the objects are just like plastic

  94. Felix Bedard says:

    Gilbert qui a des accusation pour comportent sexuel au QC XD il peux bient avoir sont petit style de snobe

  95. ybbor mybbor says:

    this must have taken a lot of hard work and practise

  96. Anonymous alien says:

    Who else remembered the boob smashing scene from the movie 'The Dictator' ?

  97. Mostafa البصراوي says:

    ادري هااي صدر لو حديد

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