Woodworking process by Tuomas Kuure, art furniture.
Woodworking process by Tuomas Kuure, art furniture.

Hi, I’m Tuomas Kuure, 30 year Finnish boy. Depending on the day I’m making art
furniture or furniture art here in bilbao. Wood was presented to me as a material
for making things at the age of nine. As a youngster I was mainly throwing
logs to the fire -more logs than many- but finally it led me to learning more about woodworking. I have learned that I like it when the
cutter mills the wood. How I feel the force of a machine or a tool changing the mass of the material. It’s interesting to try tell when the
form is made in terms of the structure or vice versa. Apparent failures by the maker or the
material not only serve as an inspiration but sometimes they give the very soul of the piece. After working in modern day workshops
in Helsinki London and Hamburg, I knew that other
materials are for perfection and decided to work wood for finding the various aesthetic qualities of it. Finally the piece is a world you can dive into. Moment of an unidentified object, captured for investigation.

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