Wow, That’s Cute!  DIY Decor Pink Peony Spring Wreath w/ Stand
Wow, That’s Cute! DIY Decor Pink Peony Spring Wreath w/ Stand

Welcome to Designed to the Nines… I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel on today’s episode we are going to be making a pink peony wreath just in
time for spring and if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a DIY wreath stand, we’re going to be making one of those too for our spring themed wreath
so if that sounds good to you stay tuned so let’s get started with our first
project we are going to be making a pink peony wreath and I am making this peony
wreath based on my love for peonies and I’ve had people correct me and say it’s
peonies and so I think it just depends on where you live or where you’re from
so some may say peony and some may say peony whether you say peony or peony
then this tutorials for you… so last spring I made a pink peony arrangement you can
kind of see it right back here even though I’ve added a few extra flowers
since then it was one of my favorite projects last year and you guys enjoyed
it too so I thought that for this spring we would do a pink peony wreath and as
you can see I’ve got quite an assortment and I’m going to kind of go over this in
just a second this is just a grapevine wreath that I had on hand from another
wreath that I kind of just took apart and I’m going to be reusing you can pick
them up for about 3 or 4 bucks you can find them pretty much anywhere what I
wanted to do is have kind of an assortment of color and size within the
pink peony range I found this Bush a pink peonies at
Michaels and it was 50% off and I think that made it about six dollars for the
bunch or around there and it’s this really light pastel pink which is really
beautiful but I wanted a little hint of like bubblegum and hot pink in it so I
also picked these up at Walmart something fell somewhere story of my life so back to what I was saying I found these bubblegum and hot pink
peonirs and I thought they were really pretty at Walmart
and there are $3 a stem and you get the big one with a littler one on the stem
and I thought that could bring out some nice dimension through using different
colors and then also at Michael’s I got this little bunch now this one’s kind of
a little bit more expensive so this would be optional for you and this is
$14.99 but I got it 50% off so it was $7.50 for this small bunch but I liked
that this bunch was smaller and that will add a little bit of the size
variation within our wreath which I think will look really interesting and
it was kind of in the middle of these two so definitely not as light as this
one but more in like that true bubblegum pink and we’ll probably use some of the
leaves off of the stems as well for the peonies but I also picked up this
variegated stem at Michaels and I just thought this really had a
spring flare to it I love variegated greenery and I thought
this would be a nice touch on our wreath let’s get started… if you haven’t already
discovered the surebonder glue guns I highly recommend them they are just so
awesome they’re cordless so that makes them easy to work with and then I also
pair them with gorilla hot glue which is awesome and it just works so well
they are not sponsoring this post but I have put an affiliate link in the
description box below if you’re interested in learning more about them I
use the mini size but I also own the standard size so depending on the size
of your project you can adjust accordingly so we just start out by
placing our peonies on the wreath for the most part I try to use a couple of
inches of the wire stem that way I can push it down into the grapevine wreath
and put a little dab of hot glue on each stem so that they kind of stay in place
if you’re doing this for outdoors you really want to do this step if you’re
doing it indoors you don’t need to because it’s not going to be moved
around if you’re doing it outdoors you’re kind of opening and closing the
door and you want it to stick into place to give it more interest I try mixing up
the sizes and the colors and the direction that I
put the peonies in at so some I’ll put in at one direction and then I’ll place
it on a different angle going another direction and this just will give it
more interest and also we want to kind of spread out some of those colors so if
we’ve got some of the hot pinks you want to put them in different locations and
kind of spread it out throughout the wreath this is pretty much the same with
the greenery as well since we got two different types of peonies there were
two colors of peony leaves so we try to break those up and of course we also add
in our variegated greenery which I just absolutely love what that brings to this
wreath when it was all said and done I had a couple of holes so I had to take a
quick trip to Michael’s and they were out of single stem peonies and I’m
guessing it was because they were having a buy one get two free sale… which is
awesome but I did find some pink cabbage roses that pretty much look identical to
the peonies so I got those and added them in and you really can’t tell the
difference at all when it’s all said and done I’m totally
obsessed with this wreath I cannot stop staring at it it screams spring to me
and I am really looking forward to having it as a part of my spring decor now that we have a gorgeous pink peony
wreath I thought it would be fun to make a wreath stand now I might put my wreath
out on my front door I haven’t decided yet
but I wanted the option to display some wreaths indoors sometimes you just want
to store your wreath inside where you can admire it all day and this might be
one of those times because I really like how our wreath turned out so I decided
that I needed a stand to display my wreath on and we are going to do this in
very inexpensively and I’m going to be using stuff that I had on hand leftover
from other projects and then I picked up a couple of very inexpensive things
first I was able to find this spindle and it’s an outdoor spindle for an
outdoor deck and sometimes those can be pretty rough but this is actually not
rough at all really so this is a dollar 98 and I
picked it up at Lowe’s it’s a little too long so we’re going to cut it down now
I’m gonna be using my miter saw just because it’s quicker it gives a really
nice cut and I have it on hand but before I bought my electric saw I used
to do everything with a miter box similar to this so if you don’t have a
miter saw you can totally pick one of these up I’ll provide a link below in my
description box but I got this off of Amazon for $12 it comes in really handy
especially for things like this you will get a little bit of an arm workout but
can’t go wrong with that it can get a lot of these type of projects done very
inexpensively so let’s go build our stand right on cue my safety glasses
went missing but we still need to protect our eyes so I’m looking stylish
in my sunglasses and this will get the job done we’ve got our spindle that was
a dollar ninety eight such a steal and I’ve got my hook which wasn’t that great
of a deal at 298 I felt like I could have gotten better but when you need
something you need something so I spent the two dollars and ninety eight cents
but look around you probably can find a better deal on the hook than that so
we’re gonna set it right at the base here and then I’m gonna make a mark
right at the top here and that’s where we’re gonna cut and you can see that that made a really
nice cut we’re gonna hang on to this because you never know what you’re gonna
need it for and then we’re going to cut off three inches from the bottom just so
we have it the right size now we want to build a base so this is
going to be the bottom part and then I have a whole assortment of scrap pieces
of wood that we’re going to use to kind of assemble this this is why I hang on
to it scraps that are about this size because you can use them for little
things like this my original plan was to use a Dollar Tree sign that I had on
hand but I decided that this was going to be a kind of a pain to deal with
especially when we’re going to be painting I thought it would possibly
peel back a little bit easier and it didn’t and I just don’t want to mess
around with it especially since I remembered that I had this scrap piece
of wood and so I’m just going to go ahead and use this instead and I think
that we can get the exact same look without having to mess with it and with
the added benefit of it being much heavier you can see that I’ve actually
marked where all the centers are and all we’re going to do is take our drill and
pre-drill make sure it’s all lined up because this is going to be the bottom
and I don’t want it to wobble I’m going to just take my countersinking bit and
countersink this so that way the head of the screw will
go in all the way and then it won’t wobble with my wood pieces in a pyramid
shape and pre-drilled holes I take a three inch screw and screw it all the
way through all of the pieces and drive it right into the bottom of the spindle
for added support I put in a couple of finishing nails but you really don’t
have to do this part just make sure the screw is really tight originally I do
the same process for the top pieces but this time only using two smaller pieces
because I originally planned on using a leftover finial from a broken curtain
rod and I was just going to glue that on top with some e6000 but then I decided
it was just a little bit too big and I found the most beautiful knob with
rhinestones at Hobby Lobby and since the knob already had a screw in it I put in
a couple of finishing nails on top and then to the new knob and screwed it down
into that original hole and then of course I attach the hook that we will
use to hang the wreath on and to finish it all out I taped off the knob to
protect the rhinestones and I spray the whole thing with two coats of Rustoleum’s oil rubbed bronze spray paint I am obsessed with my peony wreath I’m
also obsessed with my DIY wreath stand so cute I mean a $2.00 spindle and scrap
wood so this was a pretty simple project to put together the wreath is beautiful
the peonies are beautiful if you love this pink peony wreath of then here’s
another episode that I think you’ll like as well and to all my DIY Niners thank
you so much for watching we’ll see you soon bye1

78 thoughts on “Wow, That’s Cute! DIY Decor Pink Peony Spring Wreath w/ Stand”

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  3. Elaine Howard says:

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