‘You’re Burning Your Own Furniture!!’ – Bar Rescue, Season 4
‘You’re Burning Your Own Furniture!!’ – Bar Rescue, Season 4

You need to fight
for your family. –This is absurd!
– ( laughter ) I want you to get him, and I want to talk
to him and you alone. Okay?
Let’s go get him. Elise is sitting
andcryingnext to me, and they’re playing
like children.I’m gonna go in
and stop this.
So I’m only gonna talk
to Todd tonight,
get his attitude straight,and then I can talk
to Scott tomorrow.
Hey, you need
to come with me. All right. It’s unbelievable
what I’ve seen here tonight. It’s like a bunch
of children. – Todd.
– Hey. – Jon Taffer.
– Todd Chester. She is watching you
do these burnouts and applaud, and we’re watching you act
like a ( bleep) child, Todd. – You’re smiling.
– No, I’m not– – You have a ( bleep ) attitude.
– No, no, no, no, no. Listen to me.
Listen to me! You’re losing $6,000
a ( bleep ) month, right? – Yeah.
– So what the ( bleep )
are you doing? Do you think that
you can make money by burning
your own furniture? What did that table cost? $160 that you’re not gonna
give to your kids! Jon!
Shut up and listen to me! No, you listen to me.
You’re ( bleep ) your family. Because you– look at me,
you’re a ( bleep ) idiot! – Really?
– Yes! Because you’re ( bleep )
the girl who loves you! – ( bleeping )
– Hey! – Todd!
– Say it to my
( bleeping ) face!

66 thoughts on “‘You’re Burning Your Own Furniture!!’ – Bar Rescue, Season 4”

  1. Charles Harwood says:

    He gunna walk out on this one

  2. 보모 says:

    Say it to your face?
    He did you drunk

  3. Miguel Salas says:

    You're the best Jon. Thanks Bro

  4. STEVE P says:

    Jon could press charges on him for that , that's assault, and there are several witnesses.

  5. Devin Hughes says:

    I can't believe think this show is real look where I come from this show is staged

  6. FManAngryAmerican says:

    Has there ever been an episode where the owner weren't complete dumbasses? I mean some owners who knew what they were doing but they struggling for some other reason.

  7. MrShobar says:

    Unfortunately, bars are the preferred small business opportunity for the alcoholic. They can drink and still claim to be earning a living.

  8. Mike Hawk says:

    if that was my relative or dad I would punch his teeth out for acting like that

  9. seth seth says:

    Todd needs to found in a ditch four months later.

  10. gillian owens says:

    I finally sorry for hes wife he should not working at all

  11. Mad Murdock says:

    Bikers are not good for business

  12. Joe S says:

    Baseball caps were a nice touch. ⚾

  13. Zach Monteiro ___ says:

    I don’t know how John kept his cool cuz I woulda beat that guy into a bloody pulp

  14. Panta Rei 83 says:

    He stands two feet away and calls him an idiot and the guys response is say it to my face… you cant script that stupidity

  15. Aaron man says:

    This is the kind of shit you see in northern Minnesota..

  16. The Boneduster says:

    Anyone afraid that Todd is gonna go home and beat his wife for ratting him out?

  17. C G says:

    Get rid of the douchbag todd he is GARBAGE

  18. Amara Dumbuya says:

    Todd past out in the bushes

  19. Arnold Strong Numero Uno says:

    He told John say to my face as John literally just said it to his face. What an idiot.

  20. Alex Kelsey says:

    Taffer went a little to far here. I don’t know what he thought he was going to accomplish by calling Todd a “fucking idiot”.

  21. CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER says:

    Mia's soo damn cute wuth them glasses and baseball cap

  22. DanTheMan says:

    John Taffer… gets in people face screaming, insulting and calling people names for 4 yours… the first time someone wants to go for his fighting words… he is suddenly standing behind 4 people…. My hero.

  23. Matt Lohr says:

    A running Bar Rescue theme…
    Taffer: (to shitty bar owner's face) You're an idiot!
    Shitty Bar Owner: Why don't you say that to my face?

  24. Chris rockk says:

    I live right by there

  25. John Morris says:

    what episode is this?

  26. Chris Neufeld says:

    1:13 How dare he tell Jon Taffer to shut up!

  27. duke silver says:

    He about broke johns hand lol

  28. Blake Melkey says:

    He did say it to your face lol

  29. aldebaran2025 says:

    Bikers are bunch lazy,criminals assholes… no wonder America is fucked up.. just like trump

  30. Tom Tobin says:

    I've never met a biker that I liked.

  31. Alex Arias says:

    ANOTHER guy who wanted to get physical and pick a fight with Jon Taffer.
    How were there?

  32. Jonny Myrick says:


    umm…he kinda did already…idiot.

  33. Chris rockk says:

    Sro is shit

  34. Brian Glass says:

    “Say it to my face!”
    Hey stupid, he just did!

  35. Mieka Ash says:

    “Say it to my face” pretty sure he just did…

  36. Lynne DelHomme Crisp says:

    What a jerk

  37. jjj sss says:

    his bar is probably closed by now, so yea whos the idiot,

  38. David Fahey says:

    Staged bullshit that's all that is…😝…

  39. The Manager says:

    John Taffer has people.

  40. tvercetti1 says:

    Hope she divorced his ass.

  41. pure survival says:

    Trash always looks the same…

  42. Stephen Hicks says:

    Ahhhh there you go, thats why Taffer is such a gobshite, he has a bunch of securitty to run and hide behind, What a tough guy.

  43. idonthaveacoolname1 says:

    Where do they find all these fucking drunk retards? Do all drunk retards start bars?

  44. Juniper Piper says:

    Taffer is fucking brave to scream in the faces of drunk people. Working in a bar you learn quick to keep everyone calm. Calm City

  45. Nicholas Ehrhart says:

    Like I said that's a lot of frustration because burning your own furniture is not gonna help you make money that is a waste

  46. FlexyMama says:

    Say that to my F-ing face! Ummm…he did!

  47. streakersjt says:

    Literally says it directly to his face….

    "Say it to my FACE!"

  48. Christopher Mathern says:

    If you want to tell at Jon Taffer – you're gonna have a bad time.

  49. Brock Mcg says:

    Fake tough guy lmao.

  50. Elise B. says:

    We have the same name Elise❤️

  51. nate johnson says:

    :43 John Chester lol

  52. Mixed Man says:

    Why talk to this fool while he was drunk?

  53. Damian Moll says:

    1:29 terminator fatality mk11 reference

  54. Mr. Logic Pants says:

    That bar owner was totally wasted. Its no way to run a business. Even drug dealers will tell you that they don't use their own supply. I feel bad for his partner and his wife, that is f**ked up.

  55. A Jordan says:

    Wasting such an opportunity to have a great life… Alcohol and drugs ruin lives!!! Hope he gets the help he needs. And that his marriage survives.

  56. Bo Jackson says:

    I absolutely love how every time an owner gives John shit he just screams how much debt they are in hahaha what a demoralizing comeback

  57. Dark Diaz says:

    Jon taffer ain't afraid of shit

  58. Danny Johnson says:

    1:17 my dude purring?

  59. Rory Rooster says:

    Todd's a grade A asshole. I've known a million wanna be tough guy Harley riders like him. Dime a dozen

  60. sophia watkins says:

    Boulder Lodge Bar & Grill has kept the name of their bar since the Bar Rescue makeover and seem happy with the makeover with sales up about 35 percent. There are only a few reviews of the bar and those reviews are pretty average. The bar seems to still welcome bikers despite Bar Rescue portraying bikers as being a problem for the bar.

    UPDATE 9/2017 – The bar went back to the name SRO in September 2017 (Link) and no longer goes by Boulder Lodge. The official name is Back to the SRO Bar & Grill

    UPDATE 1/2018 – The property of Back to the SRO is listed for sale for $1 million.

  61. Lucky138able says:

    I would never invest, support or stand behind anything biker related. Horrible for business!

  62. The greatest show On earth says:

    The wife is kinda pretty kinda

  63. Kaycee Whitham says:

    Famous drunk words!
    " no, no, no, no, no!"

  64. Haley Sivi says:

    I think she should leave him if he won't quit drinking and being a dam ass

  65. Dimpkimp says:

    1:13 video game death noise

  66. Jon Mccracken says:

    Some ppl can't handle the truth

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