Yvonne Coomber Art; Discover the Magic Behind the UK’s Favourite Flower Paintings
Yvonne Coomber Art; Discover the Magic Behind the UK’s Favourite Flower Paintings

When I was a child I think I dreamt of being an artist it always felt like an occupation where you could be completely yourself In my early 20’s I travelled a lot and I spent a few years travelling with a horse drawn community completely off-grid All those experiences and colours and influences feed into my practice now undoubtedly If I wasnít an artist now; I have such profound love of flowers, I think I would love to be a florist I would definitely being wanting to do something really connected with nature. I do find something really very very special about September; the gathering of all the things that youíve planted, so youíve kind of put all your dreams out and then in the autumn time thereís a reward for that. The first thing that I do is go to my little shed and choose the canvas that I’m going to paint on and I never ever paint unless I kind of feel really full of something that I want to pour onto my canvas. All the colours that I use are created by me; I never use colours straight from the paint tube, all of them are like a chemical journey. I line up the pots of paint up with different consistencies; I get baskets of rags and paint brushes and pallet knives and then I get stuck in. Literally pour myself and my dreams, my hopes and fears and a whole lot unto the canvas and it feels like living entity, it feels that I put all of me. I absolutely love living in Totnes, there’s many self-built projects; there’s Totnes pound. It’s sort of like it’s really trying to create another way of living that’s deeply based on community. It’s really great for me to be showing my work in my hometown and lots of people are coming from far and wide. I’m very excited about how the business is growing. I’m really excited about all the possibilities and I have a really, really fabulous team to support me. It’s very important to me that I respond to each comment, because I just really value my very lovely and very loyal following. If I was going to give any advice to young and aspiring artists, it will be really apply yourself and be completely dedicated and with that I think actually anything in the world is possible.

32 thoughts on “Yvonne Coomber Art; Discover the Magic Behind the UK’s Favourite Flower Paintings”

  1. Disco Beads says:

    Loving the glittery pictures! Just like our beads!

  2. Christine Finnerty says:

    saf kof zxccat '

  3. ComfortInScents says:


  4. Donna Marchese says:

    Loved your video along with your stunning artwork. You speak from your soul and I truly admire that. Your a true inspiration!

  5. Matt Johnson says:

    I've had my first graders, for the last three years, make paintings like Ms. Coomber. They always love how they turn out. Thank you for posting this video. I think it will really help them get to "see" the artist and her amazing work.

  6. xsarahlouise90 says:


  7. nicola hocking says:

    Such a lovely video. Was so nice to see you and how much you love your work. I also love September, firstly it's my birth month and secondly I absolutely love all the colours nature shows us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us.xx

  8. Helen Thurston says:

    Love your use of colour – such happy uplifting artworks x

  9. pastelsgirl says:

    Uplifting video. I've got to know you better as an artist and as a person; it made me understand more about your painting process and recognize where you draw your inspiration from. Thank you for sharing your artistic voyage with us.

  10. Lorraine Bryan says:

    So lovely to see the wonderful women behind these lovely pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Claire Meredith says:

    I adore your paintings, Yvonne. They remind me so much of growing up in Devon and many happy summer days spent in the South Hams. 🙂

  12. Alison Rose says:

    What a lovely video!! Want want want that chair in your gallery, how beautiful!!!!

  13. Suzanne Mckinnon says:

    plesse play feddy wap trap queen

  14. Susanna Berry says:

    Lovely to see this. I love September too…. the warmth of some sun, but the promise of more Autumnal weather… Autumn is my favourite season.

  15. Melanie Wingfield says:

    You are my inspiration, you are my Joy, thank you so much for bringing art into my life, I am 56 years young and excited about embracing creativity and running with it🌈❤️💕🌈❤️💕🌈❤️💕🌈

  16. norrishclan says:

    You are such inspiration Yvonne, your paintings, the colours you are using, you as a person, just beautiful. ❤️💕

  17. Simone Lee says:

    super pretty love your artwork so much

  18. Me says:

    Love your home and love, love, love your art! 😍I just love all the beautiful colors in your paintings! Glad I found you! YouTube finally showed a wonderful ad/commercial and I clicked on it and found you! Sad that you don't post many videos though, but maybe you will??? One can only hope! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home, town, and art with us all! New subbie here! 💕💕💕

  19. marie plotkin says:

    I love your paintings because they all look so happy! The brilliant non-muted colors are what attracted me to your art while I was searching for ideas. I'm a portrait artist and did very few flowers, still life, etc. but you inspired me to try a wonderful pop of color painting that is fun and fast. I'm going to try one today! thanks for the inspiration Yvonne!

  20. Kamila Sanchez says:


  21. Flower says:

    Your work is what should line hospital walls they make you feel happy and hopefully rather than depressing blue and gray. 💕💛🧡💚

  22. Hiimaplle Appeals says:

    I thought the tool in she was using to paint was a dildo lol 😂

  23. collette caraway says:

    How wonderful, to do your passion AND get paid for that!!!

  24. scott warwick says:

    This is not art…a two year old could do better.Infantile, zero talent.

  25. moondove blueskys says:

    Love your work , im drawn to the colors along with the untouched nature of wild flowers in a meadow. Thank you for sharing x

  26. naomi Jayne says:

    Beautiful and inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing

  27. amme30 says:

    I love your paintings, flowers and growing things is so inspiring.

  28. Cathy C says:

    Finally I get to see the face behind these beautiful paintings!

  29. Understanding Insanity says:

    you are stunning <3

  30. Lisa Park says:

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Chloe Peacock says:

    Beautiful…I think Painting outdoors in nature is the best 🌻

  32. Kristen K says:

    What a beautiful person! 💕

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